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Holy Crap, I'm Going to Have to Learn to Silk Screen

Picture 10An Andy Warhol self-portrait sold for $32.5 million at an auction in New York this weekend - more than twice the expected auction price. The guys at Sotheby's said cha-ching!

A self portrait.

Thirty Two and a half fucking million dolla dolla bills ya'll.

For a vaguely purple self freaking portrait.

How much do you think I can get for this?

Photo 190goonsquadsarah-self-portrait

I will start the bidding at $1.00. Cash. Although I am happy to accept paypal or personal check.

My mom says she will give me $2.00.


Did I mention that this Rothko sold for $31.4 million.


It is called "Red". Probably because it is mostly red. 

That is it. I'm going to art school.

Photo 197 

. . . . .

Goon Squad Sarah is kidding. She has a lot of respect for artists. 


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Andy....yet another awesome 'burgher.

Washington "Goldfingerpaint" Cube

Believe it or not, there was concern after his death (a time when most artists traditionally rise in value; i.e. "they ain't doing anymore") that Warhol's work would devalue--be a temporary cultural blip like Shrek glasses at McDonald's. There are other issues at stake with Warhol's provence. He had so many little wannabee underlings actually doing the work so where does Andy start and Tween "B" take over.

Also ironic he called his workplace "The Factory" cause they really did operate like one and glut the market with "Andy's," much like Salvador Dali.

For the moment (in history, art and otherwise,) I think Warhol's work reminds people of a more colorful, loose era of rapid change in the totality of society.

And Rothko's abstract expressionism has become America's Zen.

What I really liked about this piece? Your artwork. Goon Squad Sarah is going to have to become Sarah Op Pop!


I made out under a Warhol. In a trailer, no less. True story. My high school FWB's grandma lived in a trailer park and had a genuine and ginormous Warhol, in a ginormous silver frame. Took up the whole trailer living room wall.

Not that it's relevant in any way. But how many can say they've made out under a Warhol? ;~)

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I can't say it.

Which one was it?


phew. i was glad you said something redeeming at the end there. don't make me whip out my art history degree, please? historical context plays into its value and then its worth. i will leave it at that.

sigh. i thought you WERE going to art school. as an srtist that excited me. boo. but i get your point. i will go now :)


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I don't think they would let me into art school.

I have zero artistic talent. I mean, I can sing and write, but I cannot draw, paint, sculpt or anything even remotely close to any of those skills. That is a big part of why I respect artists so much - probably also a reason I don't get Warhol's art.


It's obvious I have no appreciation for art - how are two red squares worth $31 MILLION ??

I'd pay a dollar for a GoonSquad original ;-)

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