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I Want To See Betty White Do SNL Almost Naked: How About You?

Betty-white-snickersI love Betty White. I think we can all agree that she's the best ever, but I'm not sure how I feel about her wearing sexy things. Don't get me wrong, she's hot, but she's a comedic actress. I just don't see her that way. But according to one website, out of those polled, 95% of people would like to see Betty White dressed in a KYMARO Body Shaper, like the one Lady Gaga wears. Grrrr...

On the Today Show, Betty White would tell us that she's into girdles lately and we might expect to see "a little nudity", and for whatever reason, this started a survey on one website that shows that 95% of Americans agree that Betty White would bring the house down in laughter if she hosted SNL this Saturday while wearing one. 

Lady-gaga-body-shaper Ha Ha! Almost naked old lady! Ok, so it would be pretty funny. And what does this prove? That at least 5% of Americans have absolutely no sense of humor (though I think the number's a little higher than that. Included in that 95% who are for this are just men that like to see old women naked. That's where I would fall.)

Alternatively, Betty White is the shit, naked or not. I think we can all agree on that. Do we really need to see her almost naked? No, but I want to. And if you're like most Americans polled on ubuyez.com, you would also like to see Betty White in a tight, skin-colored, Lady Gaga type outfit such as the KYMARO Body shaper.

It would also be really funny if she was just completely naked. I think we can bump up that 95% to a solid 100% of Americans jumping on the bandwagon.

So what about you? Are you in the 5% that doesn't want to see Betty White showing us her stuff? If you are, you're in the vast minority and clearly something is wrong with you. Let me know.

MayoPie writes nonsense all of the time on his blog.

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Apryl's Antics

Betty White is the reason hot chicks are called "Betty's". I'm certain of this.

Jen O.

I'm up for seeing anyone naked.


I adore Betty White, I really do, but she looks a lot like my grandmother. Like, they could be sisters. So I'm gonna have to be in the minority on this one -- I think it would be hilARious if she did it, but it would be like seeing my grandma half naked, so it would squick me out a bit.

If she didn't look like Grandma? I'd be all over it.

Suzy Q

Is it a coincidentce that an ad for Hourglass Angel jumpsuit/girdle/shaper-thing is under this post? I think not.

Count me as a Yes for nudity. All the time, anywhere, as long as it's not me.

Washington "Spanx Me" Cube

Betty is a name Lesbians adopt: as a magazine, as a singing group, as anything. It's like pink flamingos and rainbow whatever, not a sexy chick name, although...there was Betty Page...and Betty Boop! Still. In this day and age, if you say "Betty" it's usually a gay reference.

I just read a piece on Betty White in this past week's Entertainment Weekly and they had her in a white satin evening gown pool side with oiled young men bringing martinis. That's more fitting in my book. Not a cougar but a White Siberian Tigress. Something rare and treasured.

A friend of mine got her hands on one of her husband's nudie mags a while back, and they had "shots of stars way back when," and there was Betty White ohsonaturale. My friend said, "She had a cute figure. A "bit" pear shaped."

I say dress her most elegantly. Let her mouth be the naughty bits.


Hmmm, I never thought I'd want to see Betty White naked, but thanks to you now I feel it's imperrative. I mean, is Betty a *natural* white or not? Inquiring minds want to know. Are her pubes as puffy and snowy as the hair on top of her head? Thanks... I will now always think about Betty's crotch when I see her. Then I'll think about how it's all your fault. Stop brain washing me.

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