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I'm Applying For Early Acceptance at RuPaul's Drag U

RuPauls-drag-u-logo Ladies (and ladyboys), there simply are no WORDS that adequately convey how excited I am about this show.

I've officially put off writing about it for as long as I can possibly take. I literally SQUEALED out loud when the promo spot aired during the RuPaul's Drag Race finale and then rewound it about four times to make sure that I wasn't dreaming. But alas, it doesn't debut until July, and I get that it's silly to even mention it yet but OH MY GOD, THIS SHOW IS GOING TO RULE MY LIFE.

From Logo's blog:

I’m thinking it’s like Charm School meets The Swan meets a weepy, self-empowering Extreme Makeover meets TRANSform Me meets Too Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar. Which basically means this could be the best things ever in the world.

Um. Yeah? Duh? OF COURSE IT WILL BE.  

The premise is ripped right out of the pages of my diary: drag queens from RuPaul's Drag Race give real (biological) women makeovers and lessons in diva-ness and fabulosity. Pageant realness plus self-esteem and confidence boosters, so you can probably add a little Queer Eye to the list of shows they're drawing inspiration from. Just like Drag Race took the Project Runway and America's Next Top Model formats and managed to both parody and improve them, I'm thinking Drag U is going to take the slightly tired-out makeover show model and inject it with pure unadulterated and over-the-top AWESOME.

Honestly, the list of former Drag Race contestants who are participating makes me want to weep with joy: Jujubee! Tammie Brown! Raven! Shannel! Morgan! ONGINA! NINA FLOWERS! And (hold me, for real) my all-time favorite queen, the adorable and hilarious PANDORA BOXX. 

And of course, our beloved Ru herself. 

(breathes into a paper bag)

Wow, I'm sorry to go completely screechy fangirl on you about this, though I like to think that other fans of Drag Race will understand. If you haven't watched it yet, I'm begging you: watch it online or find it in reruns or On Demand. It's hilarious and campy...and yet sincere and heartfelt, and hella entertaining to boot. 

(Also: SCURVY!)


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YAY! I'm with you: I nearly squealed when I saw this first advertised during Drag Race. And Pandora Boxx is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! She was robbed!


This is the one show that makes me hesitate in my campaign to persuade my husband to dump our cable. Is everything on Hulu now? I don't even know.


Logo is pretty good about putting full episodes of all their shows on their website, incognito. I'm guessing Drag U will be there too.


Did you get to see the Drag Race contestants' series of booze commercials with the dishy bartender? LOVED. Of course I have no idea what product they were advertising because they were all so fabulous I was too dazzled to notice the label.


LOVED Drag Race. Will have to try & catch this.... Was hoping that you would've recapped Drag Race instead of ProjRun. That would've been more interesting I think. :)


HOW CAN I GET ON THIS SHOW? i need serious help, of the type that only pandora and jujubee can provide. i totes have girl crushes (??) on pandora and jujubee.


Sign me up, bitches.


I went to see Henry Rollins spoken word show tour dealie a few months ago, where 2 great things happened:

I was introduced to this show and Anne Coulter was booted out of my city the very same night! Yay!

The show was awesome, too.

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