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Is Your 7-9 Year Old Girl Sexy Enough?


The world's okay, but it would be so much better if we had seven to nine year old girls bootie dancing in lingerie to Beyonce's Single Ladies.

The parents say it's totally innocent and the girls love it. That the girls actually learned the routine from "Alvin and The Chipmunks" and it's not provocative at all. I'll let you be the judge.

I remember being seven. I loved breaking the shit out of things. My favorite things to do were things I wasn't supposed to be doing. Jamming my face with chocolate chip cookies 15 minutes before dinner, sneaking into my sister's room and playing with her hamster (maybe accidentally killing it - sorry, sis). In fact, pretty much anything I was asked not to do was my favorite thing to do. I loved it, basically.

Is this really okay? Seven year old girls in lingerie dancing to "if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it"? What is it? Her almost naked, gyrating body? It. Vagina? Bootay? Seems it is a pretty objectifying term to describe a woman or anything on her, but that's not the point. This song is about a grown woman from a 3 year relationship who is telling her old man not to be mad about her new man wanting it. That's fine and it's a very nice song. I only mention it in this case because SEVEN TO NINE YEAR OLD GIRLS ARE DANCING MOSTLY NAKED TO IT.

I got gloss on my lips, a man on my hips
and we tated up in my Dereon jeans
acting up, drink in my cup
I could care less what you think
I need no permission, did I mention
Don’t pay him any attention
Cuz you had your turn
But now you gonna learn
What it really feels to miss me

So, elementary schoolers, what have we learned today? Well, you can give it up for only so long without a shiny rock, for one. Number two, if your man doesn't give you the commitment you desire, some people might judge you when you go to the club, get smashed and grind your hips on a new man who wants your it.  Don't be surprised if your old boyfriend shows up and gets jealous. Fuck that guy. He had his chance. Drink your drink and apologize to no one. Make him jealous. Make him pay.

It's a catchy tune. And I think we can all agree that he should have put a ring on it, especially if he liked it. But the message of this song is overwhelmingly canceled out by the imagery and we forget the fact that maybe this isn't a song that little girls should be listening to (though I won't go as far to make a case for that), much less dancing in LINGE-FUCKING-RIE to. The funny thing is here, these girls could have been dancing to "My Little Pony's Love Magical Wind Song" and I would have been equally disturbed by this.

What is wrong with these people? Why on earth would you want little girl looking like a backup dancer in a Beyonce' video? You people are insane. I'd like to hit you in the elbow with something heavy and brass. Right in the funny bone. You'll be like, "Ow! What the fuck was that all about?! Why did you hit me on the elbow?" To confuse you. It will hurt really bad and it's a total mind-fuck. Then I'd wrap your forearms in duct tape and pee on them. I have a whole carnival of weird and annoying pain on tap for you.

The exercise would be to give you an experience that would teach you a lesson about parading your little girl in front of the world like a scorned Victoria's Secret model. You probably love your child, you're just not smart. That's not a crime, just unfortunate for them that you're the ones making decisions on their behalf. Or are you? 

Little girls should be Wii bowling and playing with anatomically non-existent dolls. They should be coloring and making macaroni art that sucks and is awesome. They should not be on a stage impersonating provocative, adult dancers to a song about a vengeful party girl shaking her ass and telling her old boyfriend that a new man will be getting it. And you, the parents, should not let this happen, regardless of whether or not your little girls love to do it.  If everyone parented that way, kids would be flying off rooftops everywhere.


"Little Johnny loves flying. That's why we let him do it, officer. Don't worry, we've got a whole jug of paste for him to eat later. He loves paste. It firms up the bones. Then we're going to Google the bad words he heard today with safe search mode turned off. He heard a fifth grader say 'blow job' today. Looks like someone's going to have some splainin' to do tonight, ehh? Am I right? *elbow nudge*"

MayoPie writes nonsense all of the time on his blog.

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Apryl's Antics

I could write my own post in your comment section about my thoughts on this. I'd just like to point out that even the WOMEN in Beyonce's video had more clothes on.


I completely, 110% agree. I watched the video and was appalled. I have a daughter who is almost six and was also dancing in a recital this week - to Tchiakovsky!! In a full leotard, ballet tights, and a tutu!

Never, ever would I have allowed her to do something like that.

And it also makes me sad because those little girls in the video are talented - they have great extension and turns and their talents could be put to much better use.


Having grown up in the world of competitive dance, I have to say, kiddie beauty pageants ain't got NOTHIN on dance studios when it comes to objectifying little girls. Those children have some amazingly advanced dance skills, and I bet they are the most popular girls at their schools. But if the friends I had who stuck with dance are any indication, in 10 years a third of them will be knocked up and maybe 1 in 10 will ever graduate from college. Because early on they learned the most important thing in life was to be sexy; maybe the ONLY important thing.


I was APPALLED when I saw that video, especially since our 5 year old's dance recital was last weekend, also with tights, tutus and the big poofy hair things. It was adorable. Then, to see that BURLESQUE routine is just nauseating, knowing that we have that damn chipmunk movie and one day I might hear Aly singing that song.
However, if you lived in Missouri, I'd let our daughter play with your kids. Provided you had no duct tape.

Bitchin' Amy

Alyssa's comment confirmed my worst fears of what happens to little girls like this. I am so torn about this video because the girls are obviously so talented. Talented, but clearly NOT dancing in an age-appropriate way. So where does that leave them?

And did their coach have a thorough background check at any point?? Whether it was intentional or not, the routine smacks of pedophilia. Disturbing. Yuck.

De in D.C.

No comment on how this dance routine came from a KIDS MOVIE?! Why are movie studios persisting in exposing kids to inappropriate content?


I remember being that 7-9 year old girl and having to wear costumes like that. I was the fat, uncoordinated kid and it made me feel really uncomfortable about my body and wearing skin-tight clothes with my midriff hanging out didn't help with that. What I always wondered was why no one else (other than my mom) seemed to have a problem with it.


Ugh. I seriously wonder about the psychological ramifications of being in a pre-professional, competitive dance world at such a young age (they've already been there for a while). Objectification/sexualization is rampant, plus there are all sorts of body image/eating disorder issues not too far down the road.


Alyssa's exactly right. I remember doing dance moves only slightly less suggestive at age 8 or 9. The costumes were much less sexy, I will say that. And I remember seeing that the song was in a kids' movie and being disgusted at that as well.

On another note- seeing the way these children dance is a little disturbing to me. They are taking classes every day to be that talented at such a young age. That can really take a toll on a growing body if care isn't taken. After seeing how the parents use their judgement, I wonder.


This is just about the most disgusting thing I have ever watched. Those poor, poor baby girls. I'm almost speechless with shock.


Oh. So *that's* how the dance team in high school could get away with gyrating their hips and sliding their hands toward their crotches while lip-syncing to Madonna's "Erotica" and none of the adults would say a word. They'd already been inured to such displays since the girls were in first grade. I always wondered about that.


I have 2 little girls (9 mos and 3 yrs) and I dread this whole weird thing where we let little girls be "sexy." My husband dreads it even more. I distinctly remember my mom making me wear skirts that went to the knee and fell straight down without hugging anything. At the time I thought she was being mean but now I realize she was trying to prevent me from looking like a miniature pole-dancer.


It's worth noting that, in the kids movie, the characters dancing to Beyonce's song were chipmunks. And that they were fully clothed.

I think these girls are amazingly talented. Did they need to be wearing lingerie? Absolutely not. The skimpy outfits don't make it easier for them to dance, but they do make it easier for random strangers to ogle them. Why subject a kid to that?


We're taking our 5 year old out of dance for this very reason. Right now, her class is very innocent: full length princess dresses for ballet and a cute little chicken leotard for tap. However, I saw the 7 year old class all tarted up in fake leather mid-drifts and biker-babe shorts and fishnets and the hip and chest thrusts in their routine and said, "No." The sad thing, my daughter has talent. I know every mother says that but she consistently gets the weekly "star student" award and has been complimented on her form. I wish there was a school closer to home that focused on ballet and non-sexualization of little girls. My husband and I have asked ourselves several times if we're doing the right thing taking her out of the school. I don't need to watch this video to know that we are. The still-photo was enough. The thought of my baby girl doing this kind of dance in front of an audience of 100+ people we don't know (let alone someone posting a video of it on the internet) makes my stomach turn. This fall, we're enrolling her in tai kwon do. Hopefully her "Strong ballet arms" will come in handy when she needs to defend her dancer friends' honor. Dance is such a beautiful art, why sex it up?
Don't get me started on Alvin and the Chipmunks. My 5 year old NEPHEW is in dance, too, and they're dancing to "Right 'round." Yes, the remake that I couldn't even listen to before my nephew had to dance to it. My daughter sings it because she saw it in the movie at gramma's house. We've since forbidden her to sing it but she has no idea why because I'm not about to explain what a blow job is to a 5 year old.


Um, we do fewer shimmys and booty pops in my pole dance classes. If that was my child, she would have been yanked out of that classes when I saw the first rehearsal. And don't even get me started on how inappropriate the costumes were.


Yuck. My thoughts:

1)I remember being seven, and I would have been beyond mortified to do this. Then again, I wasn't watching Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakel. (OT: We refused to let our sons watch that movie after hearing it was set in high school (?) and that Alvin was trying to score with a female Chipmunk. They're just too young to be thinking about such stuff.

2) When I was seven I was singing along to The Sound of Music.

3) These parents are beyond stupid. They deserve a good smack upside the head with a 2x4 and to be forced to read the autopsy report on JonBenet Ramsey. Yeah, yeah, i know, the pageants didn't contribute to her death. What-frakkin'--ever.

4)I am so, so glad i am parenting boys. Seriously.


Quick! Everyone should pull their girls out of dance. RIGHT NOW! Hurry up! You can't waste any time making your statement against the sexualization of our young girls by completely erradicating the art form from their lives. Doubly important if they have any talent whatsoever.

Really people. Your beef is with the costumes. So, the message to the instructor of your child should be no provocative costumes please.

These girls are talented. If one of my girls shows talent like that I will find a way to support our morals AND her passion.

Also, I have seen clips of Beyonce and her cohorts dancing at this age. It's taken a very long time for her to build her amazing career and the work didn't start after her 18th birthday.


"Really people. Your beef is with the costumes. So, the message to the instructor of your child should be no provocative costumes please."


Clearly, not only reading comprehension is poor, so is your eyesight.
What's worse than the costumes are the gyrating body moves, as everyone else has mentioned. So before your get sarcastic, learn to read and watch, and perhaps think.


Personally, the only thing I take issue with is the way they're dressed. If they weren't outfitted like miniature hookers, I don't think I would have even really clued into the perceived sexuality of the moves, because they're just a bunch of little girls, and my brain doesn't work that way.

As it is, watching the video makes me feel a curious mix of revulsion and amazement; those girls can DANCE, y'all!

The dancing would have been just as spectacular if they'd been covered up more.

Somewhere, Pedobear is weeping with joy.

Fawn Amber

No it is NOT about the costumes only, although there is no way in hell I'd let either my 6 or my 16 year old out in public like that. It's about the pelvic thrust, hair toss business. It's provocative and sexual, no matter how else you want to slice and dice it, and it's the reason I pulled my own six year old out of dance a few weeks ago. I got one look at the costumes and said, "No, thanks."

It's really sad, but I've yet to find a dance studio in my town that doesn't have girls tarted up like mini-hookers. Really sad because my daughter has TALENT.


OK, after reading the other comments I have to post again (mine was way up top). I agree with the others - it's not just the costumes! It's the booty-shaking, hip thrusting dance moves at such a young age too. It's just not appropriate.

I danced for a long time as a child - tap, ballet and jazz. At about the age of 7, my parents and I decided to focus on ballet, and I took lessons, eventually en pointe, and danced with a professional company for a while. I won't say that ballet doesn't have its own issues (my feet and ankles are in poor shape now, for example) - but dancing did instill a huge sense of self-esteem and respect for my body. I don't think that's the lesson that these young girls are learning.


Congratulations paedophiles world over - there are parents THAT stupid!

Fairly Odd Mother

I love you for this. It puts into words so much of the GIANT ICK I've been feeling since I saw this. And when you hit them in the elbow, I'll knee them in the groin, ok?

I JUST CANNOT BELIEVE A FATHER WOULD ALLOW HIS LITTLE GIRL TO DO THIS!!!!! Not to be sexist, but what happened to fathers wanting to wrap their little girls in butterfly wings and fairy dust and never ever let her grow up too fast? Ugh this pisses me off on every level imaginable.

(My 7yo is dancing to Ariel from the Little Mermaid and Oliver's Consider Yourself on Sunday. I'll sleep ok after that recital.)


I will give them this--those little girls are good dancers. But whoever taught them that ought to be shot, right after they shoot the person who costumed them.

Rob O.

They say that the good Lord only doles out what he knows you can handle and boy, he knew sure what he was doing when he made me the Dad to a SON. I would just stroke out & keel over if I had to deal with the crap that society barrages parents of little girls with!

There are so many things wrong with this, it makes my head spin!

Jen Wilson

My sister showed me that video the other day and I found it EXTREMELY disturbing. Those little girls are killer talented, but the inappropriateness of their dance moves and the song they're dancing is just too much.

My daughter is 8. NO WAY she is dancing like that until she's at least 43.


When I started watching the beginning of the video, I didn't think that the dance moves were tooooo bad. As it went on they got worse and worse...why would any parent want to watch their little girl dance like that? My husband would flip out if any of his nieces (ages 8 mo to 15 yrs) shook some ass like that.

And the costumes? Look like something a hooker would wear. Not even exaggerating at all. I wouldn't want a high schooler wearing those.

I really hope we have boys...


Fawn Amber:
Keep her in Ballet, they will never put her in costumes like that. Tap, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop ect will all do that at some point, ballet won't. If her local program is, then they aren't really teaching anyone ballet. I stopped dancing over 15 years ago and already then little girls were put in costumes like this in jazz class. This isn't unusual. Where I danced, parents who objected to their daughters outfits were allowed the option of a more covered up costume, which was fine.
Another idea is to contact the closest ballet company and ask them if they have any recommendations of places for your daughter to cultivate her talent. They may even have a small program in your area. Good luck, don't pull your daughter because a video like this, or because of uniforms. Dance taught me a lot, but I was a ballet-only dancer. That competitive show dancing shit is full of nutso.

Amy H

This is just so gross. The costumes. The dance moves. The parents and coach that are so entrenched into the world of competitve dance that they can't see what is wrong with this. The CHEERS coming from the crowd. ALL GROSS.

These girls are clearly talented dancers. It would be wonderful if someone with some sense could coach them in age appropriate routines. I don't see that happening now, though. Now I think these parents probably feel so maligned that they will probably keep condoning this kind of dance as a defense mechanism.


OMG, those girls are still BABIES. Whay, why, WHY do their parents think this is OKAY? And OMG, the crowd cheering them on like that made me sick to my stomach.


They look like little mascots for that hideous Lady Marmalade cover done by Christina Aguilera, Mya and Pink...you know, the one where Aguilera looks like Dee Snider in lingerie?

So totally NOT appropriate for 8-9 yr old girls—or really for any "girls". My daughter is 9 and any dance teacher who proposed she go on stage looking like a cheap French whore and shake her ass like "she at the club" would be a fired dance teacher.

Yes, people, I'm judging. Deal with it.


I danced for 15-16 years growing up and taught for a while. I'm not a parent but I'm still horrified by that, but $10 says they walked with a trophy for that performance.

I didn't start dancing competitively till I was older, but even back then was shocked by what I saw. 7-year-olds in high-heeled tap shoes, 5-year-olds performing with 16-year-olds (so the moves were clearly not designed for them), the more over the top the better. The fact is these girls could be very talented, but just teaching them to gyrate around the stage doesn't really further their talent.

My point is that parents need to speak up. Before you just yank your daughter out of dance - you need to tell her studio/teacher exactly why you're doing so. I doubt you're the only parent with this issue and only by speaking up will things change. I remember being 15 and us having to change our recital number b/c enough parents complained about the song (and by today's standards it really wasn't bad).


When I saw this on the news, the correspondent was giggling and talking about how cute they were. The father and weatherman sitting next to her was looking at her like he wanted to choke her. Unfortunately, he did not.


Thanks for all your comments, everyone. And you're all right, there are simply so  many things wrong here, it's difficult to take one thing and run with it while leaving the other disturbing things behind. The dress, the moves, the song's adult content, the acceleration of these girls' youths, the lessons they're really learning from this that could lead to all sorts of teenage disorders... it goes on and on. How any sane parent could not only allow it, but defend it after the fact, is completely beyond me.

Snarky Amber

This is completely horrendous, obviously, but I'm a little saddened by all the parents above who've said they have pulled their kids out of dance altogether. Why not, instead, band together with other like-minded parents and demand that the studios dress and choreograph the students in an age-appropriate manner?

Dance is a wonderful art form and teaches discipline, fitness and poise when taught responsibly. I think it's up to parents, who pay for those lessons, to work together to change the way things are done rather than depriving their kids of what could otherwise be an enriching and positive activity.

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