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Katee Sackhoff: Destroyer of Dreams

Katee-sackhoff-starbuck Fellow True Blood / Sookie Stackhouse fans, picture this, for a moment: The part of Debbie Pelt, the psychopathic batshit crazy wereanimal ex of Alcide, being played by the always awesometastic Katee Sackhoff. Starbuck the Shape-Shifter, if you will. Isn't that just perfection? Doesn't the mere thought of that casting decision make you feel all warm in the naughty bits? 


Yep. She did. True Blood offered her the part, and she turned it down in favor of some cop drama pilot for ABC called Boston's Finest. (Co-starring ER's Goran Visnjic and Nia Long, who I am pretty sure has been in just about every middling-to-forgettable show on television ever. FACT!) Now, I'm not going to say that this sounds like a terrible idea -- turning down a sure-to-be-amazing part on an established hit show in favor of a generic-sounding pilot -- but seeing as Katee is publicly defending her decision, I'm guessing SOMEONE else must have suggested it:

“I am a huge fan of True Blood,” Sackhoff responds. “It’s a phenomenal show and [exec producer] Alan Ball is a f—ing genius. But I wanted more security than one season of something, so I rolled the dice with [Boston's Finest]. This entire business is about rolling the dice and hoping you made the right decision. I almost didn’t take 24 to do my own series on USA Network, and that worked out. I’m sure [Brit] is going to be fantastic [as Debbie].” 

Sackhoff, who plays a female detective in the ABC procedural, will find out in two weeks if Boston is a go. How is she feeling about its chances? “I have no idea,” she admits. “The one thing I do know is that we have a phenomenal cast and a fantastic script. We have on paper everything we needed to create something fantastic.”

The part of Debbie ultimately went to Brit Morgan, who you probably never heard of. But then again, the last time True Blood went with a "name," we got Evan Rachel Wood as the Queen, who left me fairly cold with her monotonous exposition-heavy delivery. The last time True Blood went with a relative "nobody," we got Deborah Ann Woll as Jessica, who I think we can all agree gives most of the cast a run for their actin' money, because she's absolutely perfect. 


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