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Kevin Costner Donates Invention To Clean Up BP Oil Spill: Ummm...Yeah.


Just when you thought all hope was lost, Kevin Costner is going to save the world. I'm not even kidding.

I have a vivid imagination. And if you had asked me to come up with a fantastic work of fiction on a Hollywood hero stepping forward to save our oceans, I would have come up with a story similar to this, the only difference being that Selma Hayak would be naked and I would have a flying submarine. An invisible, flying submarine. That made cookies in its reactor. And love. And instead of Costner having gills like in Waterworld, he'd have a sword-face and speak dolphin. We all would.

After the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster, Kevin Costner started a company called Costner Nevada Industries Corporation with his brother (also scientist) Dan Costner. The brothers have come up with (and are donating to the clean-up effort) a machine called " The Ocean Therapy Project", a massive centrifuge designed to separate the water from the oil. BP has ok'd tests and will give the machine a chance.


What does this mean? A lot of things. First, yay Kevin Costner! Cleaning the entire ocean seems a reasonable penance for Waterworld. If your machine works, we'll call it even. Second, the shit has to be pretty bad when Kevin Costner is the only one offering a reasonable solution.

Costner sank $26 million dollars into The Ocean Therapy Project and obtained a license from the Department of Energy in 1993. In 2007, he would tell the London Daily Mail that he'd lost over 40 million dollars on technologies he thought "would help save the world." Now, Costner may have his chance for redemption.

Since April 20th, approximately 210,000 gallons per day of oil have been spilling into the Gulf Of Mexico through the ocean floor. To this point, attempts to stop the leak have been ineffective.

The scope of this tragedy is beyond mind-boggling and far from over. One thing I always hear mentioned in tandem with this disaster is the loss in tourism dollars. Obviously, that's the real tragedy here. And when your children ask what this all means, you can tell them that when the ocean fills with oil, the guy that charges people $150.00 a piece to see sharks eat chum, the jet ski rental hut on the beach, the formerly lucrative crab restaurant on the point... all in danger... The people who live there rely on the ocean to make money. I hope and pray that some way, somehow, we're able to recoup financially from this. Nothing's more tragic than lost revenue.



I understand the very real fragility of an economy based on tourism. I grew up in coastal Florida and frequented the many businesses that are in danger because of this. However, I'm just not thinking about them right now. However cold that may seem, the destruction we're causing the earth makes any mention of money kind of turn my stomach. The pursuit of it is why the ocean is now filled (filling) with oil. This isn't some grand and idealistic stand. This hurts my heart and is so, so sad, and to me, none of it is because of a reduction to someone's bottom line.



MayoPie writes nonsense all of the time on his blog.

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Now, what will be his penance for "The Postman"?


Today, clean up the ocean. Tomorrow, restore stamp costs to 32 cents and we'll talk about it. Though I have to say, "A Perfect World" made up for at least two stinkers, or one "Tin Cup." It depends which formula you use.

Apryl's Antics

Well, crap. I was thinking you were going to tell us that Kevin was going to donate all of the hair he lost during the filming of "Waterworld" and use it to sop up the oil. Just to make up for it, I'm going to say I love me some "Field of Dreams" and an occasional "Dances with Wolves". Go Kevin! You are the Anti-Mel Gibson we've all been waiting for.


I still think he's dumb as a box of rocks, but maybe his brother is smart enough to do something with it.


Kevin Costner will save the ocean! Well if anyone is qualified, it's him. As a resident of South Louisiana, my heart hurts for our coast and wildlife. I too am sorry that my first thought is not going to the loss of revenue. Call me crazy.


Mississippi is the poorest state in the US, and our Gulf coast industries were already ravaged by Katrina. This is also happening as the recession is beginning to fully hit the MS economy. Also, it would suck if I couldn't go to the beach this summer. So I have to say that I am more concerned for our people right now, and the families of the 11 who died in the explosion (which has barely been mentioned in the press).

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