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Meaning of Final 'Lost' Credits Revealed

Lost_locke_orange Eagle-eyed viewers of last Sunday's Lost finale noted that the end credits featured pictures of airplane wreckage on the beach.  But what does it mean?

Much like the entire flash-sideways structure of season six, it meant nothing at all.  Less than nothing, actually! ABC inserted the shots of wreckage to 'soften the transition' between the heart-wrenching final shots of Jack drawing his last breath and the braying anchors of ABC news.


ABC clearly didn't consider Lost's hardcore fan base, who scan every frame for a clue to the ultimate meaning of the show. Foolish ABC! The internet will eat you slowly, savouring each delicious bite.

The decision to show wreckage on the beach did not come from producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, who are inexplicably not being bound securely and thrown out of a plane at 40,000 feet for taking the laziest conceivable path out of the multitude of corners into which they'd managed to write themselves.

I would just like to reiterate that the people who came up with the ending of Lost were grown men, not stoned undergrads or weird mole-people who despise humanity.  They should be sentenced to running a remake of Full House.


Image credit: ABC

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I was wondering about those scenes of the wreckage. The wreckage kind of disappeared over the seasons, or the survivors decided to move down the beach away from the wreckage. So it was kind of odd to bring it back. I thought maybe it was some indication that everyone died in the initial crash, so the entire show was some sort of purgatory. Yeesh. Thanks a lot ABC!!!


Interestingly enough, that footage was NOT shown when I watched it in BC through whatever Canadian channel picked it up. I only saw it when my husband watched the ending on the internet so clearly this wasn't consistantly shown.

No wonder there were all those people insisting the entire island drama wasn't real and that everyone actually died in the plane crash.



@Carrie - Same here. CTV cut straight to the ghastly orange face of Lloyd Robertson or whoever.


I didn't see the wreckage, no idea why not (I'm not in Canada), but I STILL thought they all died in the plane crash.

This damn show is over and it's still confusifying me.

Jessie G in AZ

I also took the wreckage as a symbol that everyone had died in that crash...thats EXACTLY what it meant to me...so I couldnt for the life of me figure out why everyone was saying "island life was REAL..man now I am even more confused


Like my good buddy Carrie, I also didn't see the wreckage scene. And really, I'm still too upset to talk about the ending of Lost. I don't think I've been as depressed about an ending since I saw Cold Mountain and cried for a week about the demise of Inman.

Rob O.

The show staggered along, heaving under the weight of its own growing mass of red herrings for at least 3 seasons too many.

We had the island pegged as purgatory back in season 2 and that was ok. But they've mercilessly teased along with 4 more seasons of mostly incomprehensible twists, mindgame poop, & meaningless drivel.

Lindelof & Cuse must be laughing uncontrollably all the way to the bank. So, for me, these guys are in the same category as J.J. Abrams - don't even bother getting sucked into their creations, 'cuz they're just going to jerk you around.


*small voice*

I really liked the ending.

*backs out of room slowly*


Me too, Amalah. You are not alone in the world. It took me a couple of days to stop tearing up when I thought about Sun and Jin remembering, or Jack handing the reins to Hurley.

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