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Polanski Issues Statement; MamaPop Responds: "Boo Friggin' Hoo, Roman"

Roman-polanski  After months of silence, child rapist director Roman Polanski issued a statement wherein he says he does not wish for pity, then launches into a diatribe about his Hollywood martyrdom. Hang on, Roman, let me get Amnesty International on the line, k?

The three-page document includes ten instances of the phrase "I can remain silent no longer," or variations thereof. It is eyeroll-inducingly indignant. I won't summarize it, either, because it's all shit we've heard before, from actors who've worked with Polanski, from documentary filmmakers, or in interviews with Roman himself. What I will say is that, for someone who survived the Holocaust, Roman Polanski sure has an overinflated sense of injustice regarding his current plight.

So let's briefly concede the argument as to whether the judge in his case acted on the up and up and focus on the way Polanski's statement kvetches about being under house arrest in his Swiss chalet and having to mortgage his apartment in France to make bail. Call me heartless, but I find it difficult to sympathize when a child rapist gets a forced vacation and then issues a statement about it like he's a political prisoner. 

And, honestly, silent no longer? Who are you kidding, Roman? Whether in interviews or through intermediaries, you have been harping about this shit for years. The fact that every Hollywood actor who's starred in your movies tells the same tale of injustice and political swaggering every time they're asked about you leads me to imagine the broken record dinner party anecdote you've been bandying about for over 30 years. 

Perhaps, had the time he'd served in Chino actually been adequate for the crime he committed, I could muster some sympathy. Perhaps if he'd been rotting away in a ramshackle prison awaiting extradition, I could feel a pang or two in my cold, black heart for his plight.  However, regardless of the potential injustices (from a purely legal standpoint), I feel neither sympathy nor indignation in this particular case, and it isn't just because of the crime that Polanski committed. When your house arrest sounds like my dream vacation—a Swiss chalet, far away from my family, all to myself? WHERE DO I SIGN?—I'm hardly inspired to start a letter writing campaign, and that's even if you're not a child rapist.

I've said it before, but it bears repeating: Roman Polanski, regardless of the veracity of claims made by him and his lawyers, is not a sympathetic creature, and I'm frankly sick of people who take up his plight like he's fucking Nelson Mandela or Mumia Abu-Jamal. Hollywood actors of the world, please use your giant mouthpieces to fight for an actual political prisoner, or maybe a wrongly convicted death row inmate who never received a fair trial, nor had the luxury of a Swiss vacation home in which to await their death.

Polanski's statement

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Yeah, after watching The Pianist recently I actually had a friend say that Polanski "has been through so much" and "what was a 13 yr. old doing at that party anyway?" Well sure, I mean free pass since he suffered such atrocities, right? And seriously, that 13 year old obviously deserved what she got for being at that party, right? Head exploding. He makes me sick. I'm sorry I don't think whatever horrible injustices he suffered in the past excuse him for his actions. If anything, wouldn't that make him MORE sensitive to the suffering of others? This is disgusting that he is going on and on about what he has had to go through when he never truly had to pay for his crimes.


Sing it Sister.

Snarky Amber

The incident did not actually occur at a party, but rather during what was to be a photo shoot for French Vogue. The victim was an aspiring model capitalizing on the opportunity to be photographed by a famous director, with her mother's consent.


This is very well written and convincing.


Hey, Amber, you didn't have to strike out "child rapist" -- he was convicted, so you can bold-face it.

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