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Raise Your Hand if You Didn't Watch the "LOST" Finale

Lost-square I know that I run the risk of getting kicked off of the site for admitting this, but I have a confession: I didn't watch the LOST finale.

In fact, I haven't watched an episode of LOST in the last two years.

This also explains why I have not been able to understand a damn word on Twitter since Sunday night.

I tried to care. I thought the first season was damn good television, the second season was ehhhhh and the third season lost me entirely.

Now I feel like I missed out on an important part of Americana. Like that one sketch on Saturday Night Live when they were asking people where they were when they heard that President Kennedy was killed, or the one guy that didn't own "Thriller."

But it is strange, because I know most of the characters. For example, I know that this is a picture of Locke with a knife AND a gun.


But not why he feels that he needs both.

And I recognize this dude.


But I can't remember his name. Maybe Ben?

I don't get the shoe references, I didn't even know there was a character named Juliet until I read Aidan's recap and did they ever explain where Kate found all of those size zero tank tops on the island?

Most of all, I'll miss The Scarecrow and I'll feel strangely disconcerted when I know what is going on on Wednesday mornings again.

The rest of you - speak up. Who else didn't watch LOST?

. . . . .

Goon Squad Sarah doesn't watch American Idol either.

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w00t! Never watched one episode. And it sounds like that's OK.


You are not alone.
I also watched the first season, but then started missing it and couldn't get back into the flow of things.
I have also never, ever, watched an episode of 24. I only watched House once and that was just because Andre Braugher was a guest.

I'm just biding my time until I can read my Entertainment Weekly again.


I can get kicked off first. I've never watched Lost. Ever.


I watched the first season, then the second season lost me. I've seen various episodes this season because my husband still watches, but I had no idea what was going on. And I didn't watch the finale with him.


I watched a few episodes on DVD of Season 1. I could already tell JJ what's-his-name was going to use more and some of the same confusing plot devices and conspiracies he utilized in Alias and Felicity, and there was no way I was going to bother with all of it again. Why didn't the obese guy lose any weight in all of those years on the island? Did they explain that in the finale?


I think I could lose my Pop Culture street cred, but I've never seen Lost. I've also never seen an episode of any of the CSIs or Law & Orders, NCIS, 24, etc. I just started watching Mad Men in season 3.

I also don't watch American Idol - pretty much haven't since the first season.

I do watch Real Housewives of New Jersey though (only one, never seen the other cities), because that's just quality television. ;)


I haven't seen any of it. But I kind of wish I had. Honest question to those of you who did (and either enjoyed it or not): should I start now and watch it all? In other words, is this an important chapter in my cultural literacy that I already failed?


i've never seen an episode of lost & i'm ok with that.


i gave up 3 episodes into the last season. i just didn't care anymore. so you were not the only one :)


*raises hand*

Never seen an episode. I'm kinda proud of that actually.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I like your confidence.

Papa Bradstein

Never got hooked on that crack. Then again, I'm mainstream-impaired, so take that for what it's worth.


**raises BOTH hands**

I didn't see the finale and in fact I never saw an episode. Actually, I take that back, I think I saw the first 10 minutes of episode 1. I wasn't interested.


Because I was a night student for so long i missed most the series. I have worked really hard over the last few years to not learn anything about Lost so that one day I can watch the whole show. Which isn't easy, let me tell you. So no, I didn't see the final episode either.


Because I was a night student for so long i missed most the series. I have worked really hard over the last few years to not learn anything about Lost so that one day I can watch the whole show. Which isn't easy, let me tell you. So no, I didn't see the final episode either.


I didn't watch it. It came out at a time when I didn't have time for a new show and I just never got into it. I'm now fairly obsessed with Parenthood, but I suspect that's different.


I watched the first 2 episodes of season 1 then missed one and couldn't figure out what the hell was going on. Never watched another one. I have intentions of watching the DVDs one day. Thankfully even having heard/read all kinds of stuff about the series over the years I still have no idea what was going on so none of the stuff I've read will act as spoiler...


I heard so many good things about Lost at first, but we didn't catch the start and decided to wait until it came out of DVD. We didn't get around to it for ages, but finally, just a couple of months ago, fired up the first episode, expecting to be sucked into something great.

Instead we were...BORED. What a rip! Where was the genius everyone talks about? It certainly wasn't in the pilot. Either that, or some people are easily amused. I tend to like the critical favorites that don't get the ratings (Arrested Development, Battlestar Galactica, etc.); I like weird, I like esoteric, even. I love foreign films and old, precode, black and whites (even better if they're foreign!) so it isn't that I need my entertainment to be easy. Still, I didn't even make it all the way through the first episode of Lost without wanting to check my email, do a crossword, trim my nails...anything but keep paying attention to the show.

So no, I did not watch the finale. And no, I do not feel at all bad about this fact.


Hand raised. Have never seen one single episode. Looked like an interesting show, but too much of time commitment, like a soap opera, b/c have to keep up with every episode.


I'm with Melinda. By the time I heard it was good, I thought it was too late to join in so I haven't seen any at all. We'll get to it on Netflix...someday.

Same with 24, though a friend gave me seasons 1 and 2 of that on DVD when I was home with the flu and I thoroughly enjoyed. I haven't kept up, though.


I've never watched Lost. Wait--I watched ONE episode once, because we were in a hotel and had regular stations, and i turned to my husband at a commercial break and said, "What the hell?" He said, "They survived a plane crash and are stranded on an island." I said, "Like Gilligan's Island, without the comedy?" He said, "Never mind."


I never watched it either! Might have cut into my Food Network or Mythbusters viewing time ;)


Never watched it. The self-centered side of me wants people to stop talking about it because I don't know what the hell they're even saying. But then, I expect everyone to love and talk about Glee.


The fact that Lost was on opposite Glee was my excuse not to watch Lost, but frankly I wasn't watching it even before I started watching Glee. I hate shows that make me feel jerked around. I don't like that promise that things will be explained if I watch more, but then they never are and more things are added to confuse the show...feh.


Yeah I don't watch it and I never have, so, meh.


I never got into Lost, but I tried to watch the season premiere this year and gave up after the first 5 minutes.
In the vein of keeping up with "Americana," I attempted last night to watch Dancing with the Stars. 10 minutes. I want that time back AND those images out of my head.


I am a confirmed Lostie, and so threw a big party for the finale with all my other geekey Lostie friends. A spectacular, booze induced vening was had by all, and when it all came to an end at 2am, we all agreed the episode was awesome.

In other news, the next day my friend Jason called me to sheepishly confess, "I only remember about eight minutes of last night."

And I was all, "Dude, you remember THAT much?? LUCKY!!"

Stupid party.

Off now to go find it on line....

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