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Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Vive La Puffy Chucky

Real-Housewives-New-Jersey Can I speak for the men of American by saying, "Thank God I'm not married to any of these women?" Why yes. Yes I can. And with that: let's relive the magic and wonder of the Real Housewives of New Jersey: Episode 2!

Before we begin, I've made the executive decision that I can't keep their fucking names straight — which is why henceforth I'm going to refer to them as PROSTITUTIONWHORE! (Danielle), HalfAForehead (Teresa), ThePoodle (Dina), Sharon Osbourne (Caroline), and Mom (Jacqueline). I mean no disrespect to Jacqueline by not coming up with a trashy nickname for her, but to this point she's been (by far) the most levelheaded individual on the show... kind of an everymom (or a superrich Jersey equivalent thereof) who provides some modicum of common sense to the otherwise near-relentless insanity of her peers.

Alright? Alright. Let's begin.

• PROSTITUTIONWHORE! is selling her house, and gives her realtor (and us) a tour. The tour includes a visit to her kitchen, her bedroom, and... uh... a bidet. Wonderful. PROTITUTIONWHORE! on a bidet is exactly the image I want haunting my dreams for the next week. Thanks, Bravo!

• ThePoodle - who hateshateshates PROSTITUTIONWHORE! - expresses pity for her rival, because she needs to sell her house because blahblahblah. This sympathy is unexpected, and therefore we can only conclude it is completely fake.

• Mom and Sharon Osbourne meet with the massively pregnant HalfAForehead for lunch, who mentions within the first minute that her insatiable horndog husband loves her big ass, and then describes how he can't stay off her despite the fact that she's about to explode. Stay klassy, New Jersey. Then... HalfAForehead asks if Mom has heard from PROSTITUTIONWHORE! which, of course, she has. The other two women are horrified by this revelation, and by the betrayal this contact intimates. Sharon Osbourne takes a moment to note that PROSTITUTIONWHORE's children have dead eyes, presumably because she's such a bad mom and constantly exposes them to terrible terrible things. Even for this show, that constitutes a low blow. Poor form, Sharon.

• Which leads way to.... A MAJOR PROSTITUTIONWHORE! REVELATION! Kidnapping! She held a kid for ransom! 10 kilos of cocaine! This, apparently, is the rotten past that PROSTITUTIONWHORE! was trying to hide during the table-flipping fiasco of the Season 1 finale. Mom tries to write it off, saying "It was many, many years ago..." Sharon Osbourne calls bullshit, and then points out "If you hang out with garbage, you start to stink." I hate to say it, but she may not be wrong.

• Back at Chez Sharon Osbourne, her bad children are having a ham fight. I don't mean this in the sense of the Nippon Ham Fighters, but rather in the sense that they're throwing meat at one another. Sharon is not amused. "There's nothing funny about the ham game. No more ham game." 

• Speaking of her bad children... one of the boy's best friends - named Vito, of course - is dating Sharon's daughter. This contributes to some tensions between them and... uh... yeah: I couldn't care less. These kids are spoiled and dull. Let's get back to 10 kilos of cocaine and table-flipping, please.

• Mom's daughter drops by her house and attempts to convince her that - at 18 - she's doing a great job of living on her own. She's not. The daughter comes off as a 100% pure selfish spoiled bitch; Mom, by comparison, comes off as completely sympathetic. Lesson learned: Mom... you're too good for this show.

• PROSTITUTIONWHORE'S! older daughter is being recruited as a model, via someone named Ivan Bart. I think. As PROSTITUTIONWHORE! breathlessly notes, "He only handles people who will become supermodels... Christie Brinkley... I'm super-excited to be going through this with her." The daughter seems relatively nonchalant about all of this, and the younger daughter is rolling her eyes... meanwhile, PROSTITUTIONWHORE! is getting whipped up into a frenzy by the idea of living vicariously through her daughter. Creep factor: 8. 

• Mom talks to ThePoodle about her daughter. ThePoodle suggests "a good old-fashioned Italian beating" to knock some sense into her. Having just seen the daughter, America agrees.

• HalfAForehead takes her 8yo daughter to a modeling agency to audition for fashion week. Or something. I'm a guy and have no fucking clue what any of this stuff is. HalfAForehead seems really excited about it. The 8yo talks about being in pageants in front of hundreds of people and how she likes to do modeling and acting and... Creep factor: 14. Meanwhile: PROSTITUTIONWHORE! breaks in to comment that she doesn't know if the 8yo has "what it takes to be a supermodel." Creep factor: 35.

• PROSTITUTIONWHORE'S very beautiful and much much much too smart older daughter goes to her first modeling shoot and, to be honest, seems much too reasonable to be dealing with all of this silliness. She admits to being a little nervous... meanwhile PROSTITUTIONWHORE! is basically having a vicarious orgasm while she watches. Awkward awkward awkward. Adding even more to the awkward factor is the constant flip-flops between shots of the older daughter's face - who is beautiful in a natural way - and PROSTITUTIONWHORE, who looks entirely plastic. When the famous photographer asks her to jump onstage for few photos with her daughter, she tries to pretend she's surprised... and then, of course, does it and subsequently can't stop talking about how she wouldn't mind getting back into modeling.

• I, for one, am looking forward to PROSTITUTIONWHORE! being nominated for mother of the year. I hope she wins, too, if only so that she can deliver an acceptance speech in which she fails to mention either of her children.

• Another interlude with Sharon Osbourne's boring children. The clock. Ticks. Slowly.

• Back to PROSTITUTIONWHORE, whose daughter's first photo shoot results in a cover shot on some fashion magazine, plus a 5-page spread. The modeling management team talks things over with her, and seem to be a lot less sleazy than I'd expect. Good for them. That said... PROSTITUTIONWHORE! is clear a LOT more into this modeling thing than her daughter. How do you spell "trouble brewing?" Oh, right. Trouble brewing.

• Are you getting the feeling this episode is more about setting up future big things than anything else? I sure do. That's fine; exposition is important.

• A puffy chucky. Thank you, HalfAForehead for... I don't even know what we're talking about, but I'm both amused and uncomfortable. Which, I think, summarizes the importance of this show pretty neatly.

• Do I really have to work tomorrow? I shouldn't be expected to work when I'm up late typing about RHoNJ. This should qualify me for a sick day or something.

• Sneak preview of next week. Fashion week! Dischord! PROSTITUTIONWHORE acting evil!

• Interesting scene between PROSTITUTIONWHORE! and her daughters. It's incredible how much more reasonable and intelligent they are than her. They encourage her to reach out to the other housewives  to invite them (gently) to a luncheon to celebrate her daughter's modeling success. So she does... leading to a very awkward conversation with Mom, who tells her that she can't come because her husband won't let them be friends. Awkwardawkwardawkward.

• Meanwhile, HalfAForehead gets a call that her daughter can be a model at fashion week. She tries to tell her husband about it, and he has no fucking clue what she's talking about. He's also far too busy working the slap chop to listen. Spectacular product placement, Bravo. Well played.

• PROSTITUTIONWHORE! hosts her luncheon, with guests that include her backstabbing, boutique-owning "friend" who totally threw her under the bus during Sharon Osbourne's fundraiser in the previous episode. They all sit around and look rich while paying proper homage to... well, whatever. As her daughter/model says, "This is more about my mom than it's about me." (That's paraphrasing, but close enough.)

• Oh, wait. We're not done. PROSTITUTIONWHORE! points out - to everyone - that she left two seats empty for ThePoodle and Mom, who did not attend. Way to downplay their non-attendance and keep the focus on the positive thing that's happening to your daughter, which this luncheon is supposed to be about. That's some great mothering right there.

This segment offers two telling quotes from PROSTITUTIONWHORE!: "I need friends!" Yes. Yes, you do. Also: "I'm not going to get pooped on any more." Yes. Yes, you will.

• Okay. Show's over. And despite the promising beginning with the bidet... this episode ended up being more depressing than trashy and fun. It's hard to feel good about hating PROSTITUTIONWHORE! - who is a legitimately hissable villain - when you see her with her two daughters, and you end up just feeling bad for everything they're dealing with in having her for a mother.



America. And possibly Canada.

. . . . .
TwoBusy does not own a bidet.

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Who throws a luncheon to celebrate her daughter's magazine cover, yet doesn't invite the daughther or any of daughter's friends? Creep Factor: 1000. Also, storyline about Caroline's daughter dating friend of brother is boring me to tears. I don't believe there is any tension there, just made up for the show.


Every week I think Danielle can't get more crazy and delusional but SHE TOTALLY DOES. Her poor, poor daughters. Christine really is beautiful and I'm glad she really has no interest in her mother's shenanigans. I'd read her tell-all.

Okay, I've been following Dina (@dinamanzo) on Twitter and...I think I like her. She does outreach for gay rights! I mean, that indicates that she care about, like, real things, not just tacky jewelry and shiny dresses. She also kinda seems over the Danielle bashing. Plus, she's kinda snarky.


Thank you for watching this so I don't have to.


Those nicknames are SO much better than their actual names. That is all I will ever be able to think now. Although I kind of want to call "Half A Forehead" "Puffy Chucky" now.


I think watching this show qualifies as a very sound reason to call in sick.

Dammit all to hell, my illusions are shattered. I was sure you had a bidet.


I finally saw this show over the weekend due to me being too lazy to change the channel. Luckily (?) it was the table-flipping episode... Now having witnessed the trainwreck first-hand, I can honestly say that I like your recaps muuuuuuch better than the show.

Keep 'em coming!


@Jellybean: Totally agreed on manufactured friction for the show. "How can we get airtime? I know... you date Vito and I'll get all pissy about it! Then we'll play the ham game!"

@KBO: Dina has... potential. I still think she's shifty and potentially underhanded, but the gay rights outreach clearly puts her several steps up the evolutionary ladder from Teresa & family. Speaking of which: did you ever see the VH1 crazy wedding show with Dina and her then-fiancee? Well worth seeking out, if only to broaden your perspective on her crazy.

@Dawn: The sacrifices I make...

@BaltimoreGal: Hmm. I think I like that. I'll try to remember that for next week.

@Cheryl: I never expected to be in a situation in my life in which someone would say to me, "I was sure you had a bidet." And yet, here we are. Go figure.

@Fridita: You started at the high-water mark for the show... I can only hope (and let's be clear: I'm hopin' real damn hard) that Season 2 offers us something comparable.

Beverly (Fat Dogs Mom)

Oh my gosh, you are hysterical. I watch all the housewives shows and LOVE THEM!! It is like watching a train wreck. You just can't look away. I had a bidet when I lived in Europe. I was a child and did not know what it was for. I asked my parents and they told me it was to wash your feet!

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