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Real Ninja Foil Mugging

Ninja-toy If you were mugged, wouldn't you want to be saved by a pack of ninja? Well, it actually happened.

Over in Australia (source) where, it seems, they have ninja, a German exchange student was attacked.  It was late at night and some guys grabbed him while he walked through a dark alley. They took his stuff. Sounds like every other crime in the world, right?

Except then, while they were fleeing the scene, they encountered ninja. What happened was Nathan Smith, a member of the local ninja dojo, spotted the crime. So he told his sensei and other students and the whole Ninja Senshi Ryu ran out.

In traditional black ninja garb.

"You should have seen their faces when they saw us in ninja gear coming towards them," the school's sensei, Kaylan Soto, told the Herald.

No, shit, right?

Now, to be clear there were the rarer Australian Ninja. They were not turtles. They were not using smoke bombs. None of them had a cape or cowl or Batmobile. No, these were just ninja. In training.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Oh man, can you imagine? you're out to score some cash and you make the grab and the poor fool is down and you got his goods and holy shit there's a pack of ninja coming down the block after you!

Now the thieves did flee the ninja, to be later picked up by police - so it isn't as if the ninja stopped them. I don't know why, really. Maybe they only had lethal stuff on them and it would be hard to explain why these guys had shuriken in their frontal lobes, to the cops.

I'm not sure. What I am sure of, however, is that a crime was just aided by the use of ninja. That actually happened. The world is a bit more awesome today. So look around you, check the shadows and think twice before you commit crimes. There really are ninja - waiting, lurking, smirking.
My question though is this: If you were those thieves and ninja leapt out at you would you run, or give yourself up right there?

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I sparkly pink puffy-heart love ninjas. Great story!

Adam P. Knave

Ninja and puffy-hearts may not go together. You've been warned. *grin*


In my world, they do. And that makes them way more scary. :)

Adam P. Knave

Hee hee hee, fair enough!


The only way this story could be better is if they were the Wee Ninjas pictured at the top of this post.



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