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Rupert Grint is a Wild Target. Terrible Name.

Wild-target-rupert-grint  Like many British Comedies, Wild Target is filled to the brim with English people. And I don't mean normal English-speaking people from Ohio or whatever, I mean the kind with tea and crumpets and monocles and Eliza Doolittles. Now as most people know, the British invented comedy so this one looks especially funny and one of it's stars is Rupert Grint, the man whose name is synonymous with laughing at it.

Wild Target has a new trailer and that's why I'm writing about it. So I'm pretty much proving determinism everyday is my point. The trailer features Emily Blunt, who when last I looked, was really hot AND British so she could pretty much say "I've just returned from violating a large woodland creature with a cactus plant." and I'd be all "Awww... She's adorable!" I'm sure she's a fine actress too. And by "sure" I mean "No, I've never watched The Devil Wears Prada whilst sitting in my pjs in a dark room and eating low fat vanilla ice cream and hoping it wont go RIGHT to my hips, because I am super-manly and was probably out wrastlin' a bear or something that night."

 But it's Rupert Grint who I really want to talk about because his name sounds like a made-up wizard name, and in a fell swoop of irony, he is best known for playing a made-up wizard. "Rupert Grint" sounds like a particularly nasty type of intestinal blockage. Not his voice...his voice is fine. I don't even know how someone's voice could sound like an intestinal blockage. I mean his name. HAHAHAHAA!...It's Grinty! Seriously though, he is probably the one Harry Potter kid who appears to be a talented actor unless you count what's-his-face doing naked theater with a horse. Which I don't. Okay, turns out I didn't have that much to say about Rupert Grint after all. Stupid gingers. Always making me look bad.

The trailer also highlight Bill Nighy, a veteran actor of British cinema who plays outrageous villians usually and I'm not going to try and back that up with facts so don't even ask me, except in Love, Actually where he is a maybe-gay aging rockstar and in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy where he plays Slartibaartfast, the single best character name ever. Also from HHGTTG, which is how you shorten The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy if you live in your Mom's basement (and I totally do...wink!), is Martin Freeman who also also plays the role of a hitman in Wild Target. (*cue "Circle of Life"*)

Okay that's enough nonsense. I think this is long enough to tack on the trailer and then get back to Steel Magnolias Robocop.

. . . . .
Kurt has spent the weekend harvesting organs just as neat as you please.

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I love Bill Nighy and as a huge Harry Potter fan I sincerely hope the trio goes on to have successful careers outside the HP franchise. This looks like a great movie to get over the blues with.

Jen O.

If you eat ice cream standing up, it has zero calories. Scientific fact. Just ask My Mom. Same goes for melted cheese. Any delicious dairy product, really.


Wait! Rupert Everett looks like Rupert Everett again and not Charles Grodin? Yay! Or was this before the surgery? And how can there be TWO people in ONE movie named Rupert? What are the odds?

Also, if a cookie is broken, all the calories leak out.

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