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Three Minute Recap: Friday Night Lights "The Skin of a Lion"

Friday night lights A three minute recap of your favorite shows because sometimes busy parents barely have time to watch any TV, much less the all the shows they love. So if you missed the show and want to catch up, check it out here.

The episode opens with Coach Taylor rallying the boys to do a fundraiser for new uniforms, because they, you know, burned the old uniforms last week. Sadly, the fundraiser and personal efforts of Coach do little but highlight the fact that nobody in East Dillon cares about football and then that tired, worn-down principal of East Dillon High informs Coach Taylor that he's crazy to to think he's going to get money from the school for the uniforms and that, actually, by the way, nobody expected him to take the coaching position in the first place, it's a joke that he's even there!  Kyle Chandler's Eric Taylor is the king of stoicism and you can just see his resolve to get those uniforms solidify right there.

Eric-taylor Next thing you know, the Under Armor (product placement!) rep is in Coach's office and making it very clear that he needs some money before they'll deliver the new uniforms. Like five-grand kind of money. Coach tries to dodge and weave, finally talks the guy down to three thousand, and then writes the check from his personal checking account. I actually gasped when he did it. His wife is gonna kill him!

Meanwhile, Tim Riggins is busy helping out on the field and settling into his new digs in the trailer outside his stripper friend's house.  Only problem is she has a teen-aged daughter who is desperate for attention, rife with daddy issues and looking more in love every time she sees him. He's resisting for now, if only because she's so incredibly annoying, but that looks like it could be a whole basket of trouble later.  

Oh my God, then Coach LIES to Tami about the check! She asks what the missing check in the checkbook was for and he says, "Oh, yeah, it was for the dry cleaners. $45." That is not going to turn out well for him.

And it doesn't. I'm sure it didn't help that Eric tells Tami about the check after a few drinks at the bar, but she was reasonably upset because they don't have the money to cover it.  They go to bed pissed off, but you can tell Coach is feeling guilty about how he has let his job take precedence over his family.  The next day Tami stops by his office and he gives a heartfelt apology to her for lying. Tami says to never do that again and boy-howdy, you know it is not an empty threat. Coach promised he won't and I think he almost cried saying it, but it might've just been the steel in his resolve that was hurting him. These two are the most true depiction of a married partners on TV, their fights are so honest and the same shit that we all fight about it, I love them so much. Connie Britton is brilliant at showing how tough, smart, and sensible Tami is, while making her loving and just the right amount of vulnerable, too. 

Buddy-mccoy Cut from the drama of a real couple dealing with money issues, trust, and  honesty to a swank West Dillon Booster party at the McCoy's McMansion, where the well-heeled assholes are gathered around the pool, drinking and schmoozing.  Buddy is there, but is starting to look a bit like a fish out of water. One of the boosters reveals that McCoy is now gunning for Tami Taylor and won't be happy until "that bitch" is out of the principal's office. Oh NO he di'int!  Buddy, realizing that his Panther honor is being more and more compromised by McCoy's way of running the team and boosters, makes a move to restore his lost sense of pride in his team. He makes an announcement to the crowd that he was the one that got Luke Rafferty off the team by telling Tami Taylor about the mailbox scheme and that he's the one who put that mailbox in the ground twelve years ago, so he can do anything he goddammed wants to with it.  Buddy declares that he doesn't know what they believe in anymore, because it sure isn't the panthers. He then goes on to tell Joe McCoy that since he got there he has been a cancer to him, to his friends, and to the team, and CLEAR EYES, FULL HEARTS, CAN'T LOSE.  Go Buddy!!  Yeah!!

Matt is still interning for that artist that clearly doesn't want an intern. And makes the mistake of dropping by his place with Julie in tow, to drop off a tool or something.  While Matt is inside, the guy comes strolling up to Julie and after finding out she is Matt's girlfirend he says, "So you're the ball & chain dragging Matt down.  I think I married you about 20 years ago, babe."  Nice.  Julie retreats to the car looking like the drunk just hit a very big nerve.  And sure enough, later over dinner with Matt she tells him what the guy said and asks Matt if he feel like she is holding him back.  Considering the fact that he gave up going to Chicago Art Institute to stay in TX until she graduates... uh, yeah, she probably is, OUCH. But Matt, of course, says, NOnono you are the best thing in my life, you are NOT holding me back at all.  Matt then goes  backto confront Sherman about being a jerk, but ends up entranced by a newly finished piece of art that is hanging in the guys workspace, the artist is passed out drunk in the corner, and Matt seems to have some kind of realization or softening while admiring the beauty of the metalwork angel. All I can think is Uh-oh, Julie....

And then there is the new white kid on the team, Luke Rafferty, the former star from West Dillon. The kid seems nice enough, but Coach Taylor is definitely giving him the hard road. Riggins works with him on the field and tries to make him feel better, but Coach makes sure that the kid knows that there won't be any special treatment for him on the Panthers. He also asks Luke to step up and lead the team. Uh, I don't think Vince is going to like that much, isn't he supposed to be the team captain?

Coach finally gets the team their new jerseys and they celebrate and cheer in the locker room before the game.  They get suited up and out to the field with the lofty goal of finishing the game.  After the soul-crushing defeat via forfeiture in the last game, it is the best they can hope for, honestly.  The other team definitely is owning them, but Luke is stepping up his leadership role on the field and getting lots of attention for it.  Vince, of course, is getting more and more pissed off about it and ends up letting Luke take a big hit after intercepting the ball and almost making it to the end-zone. Everyone goes nuts -- WTF Vince?! Vince! WTH?!  -- and Vince snaps and gets into a shouting match with Coach on the sidelines and Coach tells him that the reason he's so tough on him is because he is GOOD and if he wasn't his own worst enemy he might be great and it ends with Coach leaning into Vince's ear and growls "Don't you dare yell at me like that on this field and you put that helmet back on right now." And Vince does it! And says, Yes, Sir, Coach! and heads to the sideline.  And you know that Vince desperately needs a father figure in his life and someone to believe in him and lord-almighty, isn't this why we love this show so much? Vince ends up making a dramatic score in the last second of the game and the scattered audience goes wild and the team finally has something to rally around. GO LIONS!! I expect that the community will be a little more Lion-friendly next week.

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Best show on TV. And, totally agree, best marriage on TV too.


Luke Cafferty, not Rafferty ;)

Anyone else notice that the Under Armour guy is Sam Jaegar, the guy who plays Joel on "Parenthood"?

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