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TV Shows as Diner Food

Mad-men-dinner Remember when restaurants would name dishes after celebs? It's time we did that, with your favorite shows.

So what would various shows be if translated to the Wonderful World of Diner Specials? Hmmm, well some are more obvious than others I think. Let's take a look:

BreakfastStar Galactica

Two eggs, sunny side down, with a sprinkling of cheese on top. A bed of twice cooked hash browns and a few thick slices of ham.  Three extra sides of toast per order.

Lost and Delicious

A large helping of smoked brisket smothered in a special BBQ sauce that includes jalapenos, mushrooms, spinach and bacon. It may seem random but it's a winner! Comes with a small side dish of the same meal - without the bacon.

The Smallville Platter

Grilled cheese on white and a large portion of refried beans.

The Mad Man

Steak with two fried eggs, a side of ham, a side of mashed potatoes with extra butter, and asparagus with a vodka dipping sauce.
Don Draper and Betty Draper at dinner

The Gossip Grill

Grilled vegetables in a light brushed olive oil. Smoked over apple wood and grilled near ham, to give the illusion of meat.

The Wire Platter

Two hotdogs from a nearby vendor on the street, wrapped in foil. What do you think, this is some fancy big time joint? This is the street, man! This shit is real!

The House Special

Black coffee. Jalapeno poppers. 12oz rib-eye with a naked baked potato. Lemon meringue pie.

The Office Party Sampler

A random take-out selection from TGI-Fridays, a bag of jelly beans and one live chicken. But we make the chef go get the TGI-Friday's order. Note: This special not available in all regions.

So what other TV Shows as food dishes can you think of?

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True Bloody Steak: A naked slab of rare strip-loin served in a pool of it's own juices. A side of smashed potatoes and some creamy sex in the pan for dessert.

Adam P. Knave

The use sex-in-the-pan was a great touch there, bravo!


I'm hungry.

Adam P. Knave

Me too.

Jen O.

Who's coming over tonight for some grilled cheese made with real cheddar on cheese bread? 'Cause I need someone to make it for me, STAT. This made me so hungry, I'm having a conversation with my stomach. It is growling, I am telling it to shut up.

Adam P. Knave

OH man that grilled cheese sounds good. I'll take one, thanks. Wait... who's making them?

Washington "Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz"  Cube

Breaking Bad Breakfast Burrito: North of the Border Drug Lords Meet South of the Border Condiments. Already cracked eggs, dyed blue (hommage to crystal Blue Magic meth,)layered with salsa, cheeses and wrapped in a flour tortilla cooked by meth chemists working the long grill.

CSI: Chicken Steak In-House Our own forensic specialist teams helps you locate and find the steak smothered in gravy covering varied other mystery foods some would call a crime.

Meet The Browns Yes, everything on your plate is brown: hash, toast, bacon, sausage, all covered in gravy and served with a chocolate milkshake.

Adam P. Knave

Those are all fantastic!


Punky Brisket - Slow roasted brisket with a side of rainbow mashed potatoes. Garnished with two pieces of parsley at the top of the brisket to resemble pigtails. Sorry, that was stupid. FAIL.

Suzy Q

I'll have the Mad Men, please. With extra vodka.

Adam P. Knave

Those are all fantastic!

Adam P. Knave

Aww it weren't that bad.

Suzy: Comin' right up

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