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Want a House Guaranteed to Need An Exorcism? Buy Amityville!

Amityville-horror-house-for-sale In 1974, horror struck the DeFeo family. Now you can own the house where it all happened!

If you've never seen, read or heard of The Amityville Horror, you are missing out on some truly disturbing real-life-crime-to-horror-movie madness. In 1974, Ronald DeFeo, hereunto referred to as "Batshit McBatty" slaughtered his entire family in their house in Amityville, Long Island.

Family-jonh-mattew-allison-mark-dawn-ronald-jr-amityville-house-for-sale  The DeFeo family not only met an untimely and grisly death, but have have been posthumously victimized by endless shitty remakes of the original movie starring James Brolin and Margot Kidder. Several of the movies have been made on the site of the Amityville house.

Which, is now for sale.

Read that sentence again. The Amityville house IS FOR SALE. Holy, sweet mother of Jebus on burnt toast. I don't know about the disclosure laws in Long Island about murder when selling a house...but can you IMAGINE the length of the waiver you'd have to sign on this sucker?

Seller not responsible for night terrors, paranormal activity, blood stains on the flooring, walls, beams, or ceiling, bad mojo, random tourists taking photos of your property, low budget directors contacting you to make the 400th shitty remake of the movie and/or feelings of general creeped-outness.

I think I will pass, thanks. But you are more than welcome to put in an offer, it is listed for $449,000.00. What a steal.


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I am originally from LI and as a kid we took that drive by the house on Halloween. The neighbors hated us for clogging the street. Now in 2010 the house is GORGEOUS in a really nice neighborhood and has been remodeled and doesnt have those identifiable "fan" looking windows in the attic. I don't really believe that the house is haunted but I wouldnt want to tempt it either.


Maybe they could make it into a B&B.


It's recently come to light (can't remember where I read it) that the family who claimed all that supernatural stuff was lying in order to get some publicity. SHOCKING, I KNOW. People lying to get attention in this day and age, but back then? They were ahead of their time. There apparently are many discrepancies in their story. I've read the book, and it's pretty darn creepy, but the guy who wrote it never claimed it to be journalistic, IIRC.


The movies were actually based on a different family who moved in after the Defeo family. I watched an interview special with Robald Defeo and I think he just lost it, based on some anger issues he had with his parents. The other family supposedly experienced supernatural events after the murders. Who knows if it's true, but if so they told a pretty creepy and entertaining story.

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