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Winners! Of Our Autographed "Didn't I Feed You Yesterday?" Book Giveaway

Picture 115  Entries kept on rolling in until literally seconds before our 9am deadline, but now is time for our three lucky winners to be determined by a heartless random integer generating algorithm on the Internet...

Picture 117
Our winners are heidi, Ally and Cassie. Check yo' emails ladies, if you haven't already. 

As for the rest of you, well. I'm sorry. Better luck next time. But did you cheap bastards know you can buy the book for under $20 on Amazon? I highly recommend it, though I should warn you that after a few chapters the idea of having six children starts to feel...downright reasonable. Appealing, even. Downright awesome, a little bit. I was like, "I already have two boys, what's the big deal about three or four more?" 

I may have even said something along these lines out loud to my husband. I think he just needs to read the book too. 

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