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Roman Polanski Is Accused of More Child Sexual Abuse; Woody Allen Continues to Defend Him

Woody-allen Amid new allegations that rapist Roman Polanski sexually abused another teenage girl, Woody Allen leaps to his defence with the words "[he is] an artist and is a nice person."

Wha-huh? Apparently, artists and nice people should not have to pay the legal penalty for heinous sex crimes against children. Personally, I don't care if Roman Polanski saved all the world's puppies and had farts that smelled like Chanel, he's still a child rapist who has evaded authorities for 33 years.

There has been a shocking amount of public support for Polanski over recent months since he was placed under house arrest in his Swiss chalet in Geneva while the United States government seeks extradition for his rape of a teenage girl, and Woody Allen has not been shy about his defence of the director. 

Woody Allen and Roman Polanski.

Allen is not alone. At the Cannes Film Festival this week, an entire group of moviemakers has backed Polanski's supposed plight by signing a petition urging the Swiss government to reject U.S. pressure to extradite him. Ugh.

What sickens me about this outpouring of support for Polanski is that it is coming right on the heels of a brand new accusation of a sexual assault perpetrated by Polanski, this time by British actress Charlotte Lewis, who claims that Polanski sexually abused her when she was 16 years old. And yet, in light of this new accusation, Woody Allen has taken it upon himself to publicly minimize Polanski's previous conviction of sexual abuse on French radio station RTL during the Cannes Film Festival by saying, and I quote, Polanski is "an artist and is a nice person" and that he "did something wrong and he paid for it."

Roman Polanski.

That's right. WOODY ALLEN IS STILL DEFENDING ROMAN POLANSKI. According to Allen, Polanski just "[did] something wrong" when he drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl in Los Angeles in the 1970s, and he has somehow "paid for it" by living free in Europe for the past 33 years while avoiding paying the legal penalty for his heinous crime.

To be fair, the present sexual abuse allegation against Polanski is only an allegation at this point, and Allen may have been responding to questions directly about Polanski's earlier conviction, BUT STILL. Publicly claiming that Polanski, a convicted sexual offender, has at all paid for his crimes while living free abroad to avoid legal penalty while this fresh allegation has come to light is disgusting.

Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, and Soon-Yi, when Allen was still her parent. 

I'm not sure why I would expect more from Woody Allen, though. Why should I? He has a less than stellar track record, what with having an affair with his step-daughter while still married her mother, Mia Farrow, and then marrying said step-daughter, and then already being a Polanski apologist to boot, but I guess I just wanted to live with the myth of Allen I held in my head before he started falling down the steep hill of true ick.

Mr. Allen? Please to STFU now.

. . . . .
Schmutzie will be over here, scrubbing her brain out with pictures of kittens and thoughts of world peace.

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This whole situation disgusts me. I just can't figure out why in the world so many celebrities jump to sound off about true injustices and yet, they still back Polanski. It just stupifies me, really.


On a positive note, Michael Douglas was at Cannes and wouldn't sign the petition. I've never had strong feelings about Douglas, but like him a lot now. Having Woody Allen come to his defense is a total joke. They are both guilty of similar predatory acts and should be in jail. Whenever one of my favorite actors/actresses is in a Woody Allen film, I lose respect for them.


There are few things in this fallen world that make me as nauseated as those pictures of Woody Allen and Polanski. Seriously, what was Woody's appeal even back when he was not fossilized? His movies are boring, neurotic shrines to his ego. He himself is a boring neurotic. Why has he prospered?


Watching Allen's movies, it is clear that he has some serious issues with women, a fact confirmed by his marrying his step-daughter.

I don't know what the statute of limitations is on sexually abusing a child, but I suggest it should be NEVER.


Woody Allen has made great movies. And some of his stuff is funny as hell.

Roman Polanski is an incredible moviemaker.

They are both loathsome bastards. Polanski especially. They suck as human beings. They are disgusting pricks who are very talented.

I think that might be what is driving these petitions. It's the talent. I think people get so wrapped up in their industry and their production that they just don't give a damn about human beings. 'But these people are so IMPORTANT.' Well, fuck that.

Irma Floresta

I believe Woody was never actually married to Mia, they were "only" partners while she adopted the children.... one of whom he ended up banging.

Don't get me wrong, I agree 100% with everything you said, but you may want to edit that one sentence before the fuckwads attack you for it...


right on, ozma.


Of COURSE Woody Allen defends Roman Polanski! They found nekkid pics of Soon-Yi when she was only 17... do we really think that's just when it STARTED?

But Roman Polanski's sins are SO heinous that he makes Woody look like just a pervy old guy.

Woody's not going to throw stones, not with that glass house and all.


"Personally, I don't care if Roman Polanski saved all the world's puppies and had farts that smelled like Chanel, he's still a child rapist who has evaded authorities for 33 years."

EXACTLY. And @jellybean I never thought I'd actually have any respect for Michael Douglas. How about them apples?


I discovered that some Polanski supporters were using SCRIPTED comments where they aren't EXACTLY the same but are obviously from a SCRIPT (GHOST WRITTEN ;). SO I went further and searched for:

Google:[ "Charlotte Lewis popped" ] which was used by a 'Bud' and a 'Maggie' in the same Blog.

So then I found that this same comment defending Polanski was used in other blogs, all just slightly different, but UNDER ALL THESE NAMES:
Maggy May

GUESS WHAT?! Here in this FRENCH based blog that showed up with the google query:
the French version has Jasmine, Juniper and Madeline all praising Polanski and his lawyers, AND Bud commented in the English translated version.

So these obvious frauds are one of just a HANDFUL of appologists on that site, goes to show that it is true about the general population of BOTH COUNTRIES; we want Polanski to finish this by SHOWING UP BACK IN COURT, get his sentence, which we know will be minimal, and be done with it.

The problem is Polanski is fooled into thinking that the elitists supporting him are the majority. Not even close.
If you look up SOCIOPATH it puts Polanski's actions then, and even now, in perspective.
He just doesn't get it this whole 'guilty' idea since he has no mental concept for EMPATHY or GUILT.

So Jasmin, or Juniper, or Madeline, or Bud, or Maggy May . . . OR POLANSKI HIMSELF

Suck it up and APPEAR TO APPOLOGIZE for the awful things you did to ALL THE WOMEN you raped over the years (Kim Kattrall might be the excepetion, given that she is BHL 'friend' and he 'introduced' the POLE to the thrice divorced SEX AND THE CITY actor, and author of three SEX books, so that is how a second rate TV star gets into a major studio film directed by Polanski!



What a bunch of pathetic fucks you all are.
If you wanna be lawyers, go to school. Until then, pull your head out of your asses and admit that none of you know anything about the legal aspects of the case in question and thus have no fucking idea why anyone signed the petition.
The buckets of fallacies on this page is just stunning and you should all be ashamed of yourselves for perpetuating such horseshit.

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