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$#*! My Dad Says Trailer May Ease Some Fears

Shit-my-dad-says$#*! My Dad Says, which is apparently pronounced "Bleep My Dad Says," the sitcom based on the wildly popular and hilarious Twitter account (typing that sentence still makes my brain hurt) is slated to premier this fall. Fans of the Twitter account are still uneasy about the network TV adaptation, but perhaps the recently released trailer will put their minds at ease a little.

Former MamaPopper Charlie laid out the obvious concerns when the sitcom was first announced last fall: how will a Twitter feed that is known for its profanity, has profanity in the title, make the jump to network TV? Well, let's take a peek.

What do you think? Honestly, I was pretty pleasantly surprised. I generally find network sitcoms to be just...not that funny, but this definitely shows some promise.

I'm still not sure that the wisecracks will be as funny as they would be with the f-bombs in place. I also feel like William Shatner is playing a modified version of William Shatner rather than the dad from Shit My Dad Says. He's much gentler than I had pictured and not as surly as I had hoped. I think maybe I had a less obnoxious Archie Bunker in mind.

But perhaps this softer side will give us more insight into the relationship between the men behind the Twitter and work to craft a sitcom that examines the complexities of the father/son dynamics and perhaps examines some part of the postmodern condition. Or some shit.


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I can't watch this without thinking Meat Loaf would have been much better in this role than Shatner. Actually, Shatner is starting to look like Meat Loaf, come to think of it.


It's good, but it's going to have to be REALLY good to survive. I give it two seasons max and the second season will be by the skin of its proverbial chin.

Also, it's got to be careful what it goes up against. Won't win against ABC's current Wednesday or Thursday lineup. Might have to follow HIMYM.

Not that I know ANYTHING about television at ALL. Really. I know nothing.

Fairly Odd Mother

I was sort of skeptical but I did laugh out loud at that last line. Generally though I've abandoned all sitcoms in favor of Botox'd women pulling at each other's hair, literally and figuratively.


I totally agree with that second to last paragraph.

Dammit. This is going to suck.


yeah, I'm not buying William Shatner as the foul-mouthed ruffian I had come to love on twitter.


Hmm. I'm not sold. But I may be bitter about never getting my "Shit Idi Amin Says" pilot off the ground.


Am I the only one excited to see Will Sasso getting some regular work?



Okay, the "kill a hooker" line sealed it for me. I'll watch.

Katie Kat

Meh - it loses something in the translation, i.e., without the f-bombs, etc! I think it will do okay, but I doubt it lasts more than a season.

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