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A Love Letter To My Eleven Year Old Television

Old-TV  Dear Trusty Old Pal:

This weekend I abandoned you for the sweet seduction of a huge flatscreen, LCD, fancy schmancy television with Blu-Ray player and surround sound. It was grand, I admit. It was nice, and fancy, and my companion would be horrified if he read this, but...I'm glad I'm home with you. 

You are a perfectly adequate Samsung television I got at some electronics store in NYC back in 2000, and you've moved with me to LA, Philly, NJ, Boston, and Savannah. I sometimes have to unplug you and plug you back in to make you work, and my DVD player works most of the time, but I get all my cable channels and DVR just fine and can watch you all day without a complaint from you, so I don't see the problem with keeping you until you literally die a fiery death in front of me. And even then, I'll probably try to make you work MacGyver stylie.



It's not that I don't APPRECIATE the new technology and I wouldn't look PAST a new TV, I'm not a FOOL, but if I did, I'd still put you in the bedroom and probably watch more of you than the big one. I am one of those schmoes who doesn't care that "the picture is so much crisper!" or whatever. I like YOU. You're totally and completely adequate, and, like my car, that is what I look for in a television. 

To be honest, I'm scared of those new TVs. They're so complicated! And expensive! They look really BREAKABLE. And I guess they should be left to people who appreciate Hi Def and all that. I am not one of those people. I appreciate having a million channels to choose from. I REALLY appreciate my DVR. But, and maybe I just need stronger glasses, I don't "get" Hi-Def. Maybe it IS my glasses. I doubt it though, I mean, I see the difference, I just...don't care?

It's terrifying, how I'm turning into Andy Rooney here, but it's the truth. I'll never "get" the allure of the new teevees, and you can call me a foolio all you want. It's just the way I roll, man. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I am an old lady, and my stories are on. 

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I hear you! This past winter I finally replaced my 12 year old TV (that was a birthday gift from an ex-boyfriend. He was apparently not satisfied with the awesomeness of my ancient 13 inch model...) BUT. It's still in the basement waiting until we get said basement cleaned out and set up as kid's play area. And will lead a long an fulfilling life for video games/stories/whatevs.

And I don't get Hi Def either. Can I see and hear? Yes? Good enough for me....

Mary Beth (Cats, Books, Life is Good)

You're a step ahead of me. We have a hi-def TV and I can't tell the difference between the hi-def channels & regular ones (other than the black bands on either side of the screen). It's a nice TV and slim, but other than that, it's a TV.


My mom still has a TV from 1978. Yes, 19 freaking 78. Little knobs and everything. She has it in her bedroom. It's like 19" maybe? When I was growing it was in our den and I remember paying lots of Nintendo on it. Ah good times. Just recently she got rid of the wooden tv console from 1986, because it basically stopped working. I'm sure she'd still have it if it worked.


I can out-dinosaur you all. I remember going to the neighbors to watch the Rose Bowl parade in COLOR because my parents refused to buy a new tv until out perfectly good b/w one wore out. Then, in the 80's, it happened one glorious day! We got a fancy new color set! With a remote control! That my dad insisted we keep on top of the tv so we wouldn't lose it. Sigh.

Suzy Q

I have a 14-year-old set in my bedroom. And a 2-year-old newfangled one in the living room. I do love the newer one, mostly because I can lift it all by myself.


I have two old 1986-ish and a 1996-ish hand-me-down televisions. amazingly enough, they still work. and since i only get the free stations, it's not so bad.


Mine is about 10 years old, I think. It weighs about 600 pounds. I'll get a new TV stand when I have a son-in-law to install it (my daughter is 2). (Or a beefy daughter-in-law would work too.)

What's the point of HD? I don't watch TV for the pretty pictures. I watch it for, like, plots, or music, or schadenfreude, or whatever. Who cares if you can count pores?

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