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Cartoon Network Reviving Thundercats

Thundercats Thundercats, ho! Thundercats are go! Cartoon Network has announced that it has commissioned a new version of 1980s animated series Thundercats. Mrow! Or something.

Cartoon Network is currently off limits at our house. My son came down with this condition called "being a shithead," the symptoms of which included a smart mouth, stupid and inappropriate jokes, and general unpleasantness. I'm not so naive that I blamed Cartoon Network entirely; certainly some of that behavior is just part of being 8 years old and pushing buttons and some of it is due to being around other 8-year-olds at school. So we took action where we could and cut out Cartoon Network because we felt that some of the shows that he liked on there were maybe encouraging a crappy attitude. But we also came to the compromise that we would record The Clone Wars and Adventure Time, since those shows weren't too objectionable and were also pretty cool. Plus, they don't make me want to kick my TV like Chowder does.

This revival of Thundercats is promising. I wasn't super into that show when I was a kid, but, and pardon me for sounding like a total geezer here, they generally don't make cartoons like they used to. A lot of offerings seem so half-assed and unmemorable that I actually get kind of worried that kids my son's age won't have a common nostalgia for the shows that they watched like people my age do for shows like The Smurfs.

Of course, the sword fighting and whatnot will be out of the question for some parents. But if you couldn't tell, we tend to watch TV shows together as a family, talking and questioning (and talking smack) along the way, which I hope is better for his developing psyche than just letting whatever violence that is shown just go directly to his brain, unfiltered. It'll be cool to relive this show and it'll be even cooler to see what he thinks about it.

Until the new Thundercats actually exists, perhaps we'll warm up with some viewings of the original.

Man, that intro got me all pumped. Let's go fight some evil!


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Katie L.

"Mrow!" That made me smile. I used to watch Thundercats after school. I'm a geezer, and I'm awesome, so don't feel bad. :)


Yup, Thundercats was required afterschool viewing. Perhaps this site needs to have a 'geezerpop' section for fogies like us....


Know what else is coming back? Voltron. Defender of the Universe! I know this because my husband just introduced our boys to vintage Voltron (available on DVD from your fine Amazon retailer), and then we did a little Googling and found out that not only are they planning a feature-length Voltron film, but a new Voltron cartoon on NickToons.

My husband and son listened to me read that news snippet and turned to each other and said, "This week can't get any better."


I luuuuv Thundercats!! Yet another old school cartoon I can force on my kids as a guise so that I can watch.


Seriously? They are bringing back Voltron? *cue excited squeeing* You are right: this week can't get any better!

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