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Celebrity Kids Gone Bad: Jeremy London [Who is Jeremy London?]

Jeremy-london-small  No doubt you've read the gossip about the recent goings-on with Jeremy London.  Homegirl has gotten himself into a hot mess of an intricate situation that seems to have been devised by the writers of Six Feet Under, a four year old and a Choose Your Own Adventure book with half the pages missing. 

So, Jeremy London.  Aside from him being in the center of a riveting bad-accident-scene-type story, who the eff is Jeremy London?

Jeremy was born November 7, 1972, making him 37 and old enough to know better and, one might think, smart enough to tell better tales.  He has a twin brother, Jason.  Both are actors; Jeremy acts mostly in television while Jason has taken his acting path toward movies.  Interestingly, in a useless trivia kind of way, Jeremy was once Jason's stunt double.  

Jason's first role was playing Nathan on the critically acclaimed television show I'll Fly Away, which ran from 1991-1993.  In 1997, after guest starring for several episodes on the hit series Party of Five, he ended up with a recurring role as Griffin Holbrook on the show for three seasons.  He went on from 2002-2004 to play Chandler Hampton, a young minister, on the series 7th Heaven.  London is also well known for playing the role of T.S. Quint in Kevin Smith's second movie, Mallrats.

Jeremy-london-slutty-wife London has acted in many rather unmemorable television and movie roles, but currently has a number of films in pre and post-production.  He will star in
Hollywood & Wine, which also stars Pamela Anderson, Chazz Palminteri, Chris Parnell and Vivica A. Fox and will reportedly be released later this year.

He has a son, Lyrik London, and an interesting relationship with his baby-momma, with whom he is apparently in the process of divorcing but not really, but kind of a little bit maybe (I
know).  Based on the gossip reports, I'll just leave that one up in the air for purposes of this article.

In an April 2010 interview with People Magazine, London revealed that prescription pill abuse contributed to the demise of his marriage and career and jeopardized his relationship with his son. 

"There were times I didn't care if I died," he says. "I felt like I was losing everything."

London reported that he went to a rehabilitation center in September 2009 to face his drug abuse and to prove that he can be a good father to his son, with whom had twice-weekly visitation at the time.  He also confessed to significant financial woes. 

In addition to a problem with prescription and/or other drugs, London appears to have a chronic perspiration problem. This detail, however, has not been medically confirmed and is solely the opinion of yours truly.

"I'm learning it's much easier to deal with life with a clear head," he told People in April. "There are so many things I wish I could have done differently." 

Right, well.  Okay, then.  *squirming uncomfortably*

Stay tuned as our gossip investigators gather more details on what is definitely going to be an interesting time for Jeremy London.

. . .
Anastacia Campbell has popcorn and a lawn chair and is eager to watch some shit go down.  ALSO, TODAY IS HER BIRTHDAY.  *cough*

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What... no mention of the glorious "Preferred Stock" model of my teenage fantasies? Was that his brother? I used to tear those ads out of "Seventeen" and "Sassy" and scotch tape them to my pink bedroom walls...


Happy birthday!!


I think you meant to say "Jeremy's first role was playing Nathan on the critically acclaimed television show..."

Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday! It's my birthday, too! For reals!


I always think of Jason London from The Man in the Moon (1991)- amazing movie with a very young Reese Witherspoon & Sam Waterston set in the rural South in the 1950s. It is really bizarre because Jeremy then went and played in a show with Sam Waterston set in the south in the 50s & 60s- I'll Fly Away- 1991-1993.

No wonder I could never tell them apart...


I'm late and catching up, but June 22 is my birthday too! :)

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