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Crazy Ladies With Money - What Happens When They Die?

Old-lady-378x500 You know that crazy old lady at the end of the block? You know who I am talking about. The one that owns ten dogs and feeds all the neighborhood's feral cats. The one that has chased you out of her yard with a broken broom and a can of mace. Yeah, that one. 

Well, it turns out, good old Gram-Grams has a little secret. Much like the cat cardigans and knitting yarn she has been hoarding, the crazy old bat has been stuffing away cash like crazy. And we're not talking a quarter and a nickle here and there. We are talking a quarter MILLION here and there. Mucho dineros, my friends. For the better part of a century, she has been stashing the greenbacks like crazy. So, what happens to all that cash when Grandma takes a one way trip to the sparkly unicorn in the sky? She bequeaths it to the only things near and dear to her heart. Her family, right? Nope. Not even close. Not even a human being actually. Guess who gets all loaded in the Benjamins? Her dogs. Yep. That's right, her dogs.

( A prime example of people who look like their dogs. )

Now, this is not a phenomena exclusive to just the random crazy lady at the end of your block. This is, by far, more of an epidemic. The above tasty tart is heiress, Gail Posner. She was not your average old lady turned rich by hard saving and simple banking tactics. Gail made her money the old fashion way. She was born into it. At the ripe, young age of 67, Gail slapped on some rouge, primped her wig, and sailed on up to the heavens above. But before she galloped away, she made some friends and some enemies. The friends? Her dogs. They now have 3 million in cash. Her enemies? Her own flesh and blood. Her poor, two legged son only got a paltry 1 million! Apparently, Mrs. Posner, took a page out of Leona Helmsley's book of "How to Piss Off Your Family". 

Much like Natalie Imbruglia, I am torn. If you love your animals that much, then by all means, leave them all the cash you want. But on the other hand, you did give BIRTH to a human. You could, at least, throw him a fucking bone or two. And NOT of the Milk Bone variety. So, let this be a lesson to you, Nick Cannon. Start saving your pennies now. When it's Mariah's turn to glitter on up in the sky, you will be left out in the cold. All that cash will be left to her Hello Kitty stuffed animals and her beloved dog, ChaCha. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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TJ loves dogs, but not that much.

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I was totally thinking about this the other day when I was driving. What happens when the dog dies? Maybe Jodifur the Lawyer knows.

TJ Johnson

@KBO I was wondering if I could marry the dog then inherit the cash after it dies. Perfectly sane train of thought.

Suzy Q

Since this story originates from my neck of the woods, I will also add that her family is nutso and not particularly involved in her life (and it's not like she totally shafted them). She also left lots of money to the people who actually helped her in her life, such as her maid, etc. So, not just the dogs benefited. Sure, it might seem crazy to leave money for a pet, but it's her damn money.

Then again, I'm of the opinion that inheritances should be spent before one dies so as to leave one's kids to their own devices and not just dependent upon the family jewels, so to speak.

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