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***CONTEST CLOSED*** Disney's Alice In Wonderland on DVD/Blu-ray - A Giveaway!

Mad-Hatter Disney's Alice in Wonderland - reinvented and reimagined by the minds of screenwriter Linda Woolverton and notoriously mad director Tim Burton - is now available on DVD/Blu-ray.  

Want to win a copy?  Yeah, you do.

Disney's Alice in Wonderland tells the story of a 19 year old Alice, who has long forgotten Wonderland and all those she met there years ago.  Alice returns to Wonderland, lured back down the hole by the White Rabbit, where those she knew before, hope she can save them from the tyrannical Queen of Hearts.  Not quite believing that she is the Alice the people of Wonderland think she is, Alice plays along, just wanting to find a way home.

Alice learns that in order to stop the Queen of Hearts, she must destroy the Jabberwocky - an enormous, blood-thirsty monster, seemingly impossible to defeat.

With the help of the White Queen, Alice begins to remember.  She remembers her last visit to Wonderland when she was a young child, she remembers the friendships she had with all of these whimsical creatures, and she remembers that things are only impossible if we believe they are.

“Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast"





This morning, before breakfast, I daydreamed of impossible things.  I listened to the baby monitor and heard my daughters sleeping.  Years ago, I would have thought it impossible to love a person as much as I love my children.  But, today, there it is.  My heart bursting with love.  It seems impossible that two little girls could change a life with as much whirlwind drama as they have and continue to change mine. 

Fifteen years ago, I was going to be single, childless, an artist, a traveller.  Anything else seemed impossible.  Today I am none of those things.  Today I am a wife, a proud mother, a writer, a friend.  A lot can change in life.  By just believing, the impossible can become possible. 

What impossible things do you believe in?  What made you believe?  What seems impossible to you right now, that you're going to try harder to believe in?


We have FIVE (5) Disney's Alice in Wonderland prizes to give away!  The prize includes an Alice in Wonderland Combo Pack, which features the film on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download. 

To enter to win, leave a comment answering the question: What impossible things do you believe in?


(Sorry, my fellow Canadians, but U.S. residents only, please.)

Good luck!

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That it all works out in the end - and if it doesn't work out, it isn't the end. That's what I keep telling myself.

(I secretly also believe in faeries, but don't tell anyone.)



Well that just sucks, I had a great answer to the question but seeing as I can't win the prize then I'm not sharing. Boo to you!

Amy @ TasteLikeCrazy

World peace [heh], jackalopes and sparkly unicorns.


That the BP spill will be cleaned up with no harm to any wildlife...

And fairies.

Heather Moses

I believe that no matter what you should try to ignore ppls judgements about how you run your household. Trust in yourself as a parent, stand your ground and don't sway with the wind. Only you know what's best for your child.

It seems impossible to potty train my 3yo boy right now...ahh it's a task ! Trying to get him to stop for a second and go to the bathroom. Instead of making it a war on time with my daughter I just had faith in her and knew she would get it and it would click with her. It did !! I'm going to try harder to stay possitive about training a boy by myself and just keep faith.


That my dreams and the products of my imagination exist on another plane of this universe, only able to reveal themselves to others through my voice, music, and art.


I believe: That my boyfriend's daughter will stop attacking me with a platic snake. That I really can understand my corgis, and they can understand me. That the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return. That I will use the math I had to take in college. That I will be able to carry a tune someday. In the restorative power of a cup of hot tea. That last one isn't impossible, though.

Fawn Amber

I believe that karma really will get my ex-husbands in the end for all the sh*t they've put me and the kids through.

Also: vampires.


I believe that the rays of sunshine are fingers from heaven and my grandparents are smiling down on me.

I believe that my 3 year old will be able to dress herself before she starts kindergarten.

I believe that the only way to heal the earth might be closing the circle back to when humans first appeared.

I believe that one day I will be able to fix the @*$%#!% shower.


i believe everything happens for a reason and everything will work out.

also that wonderland exists. :)


I believe that I will be happy at my new job even though it has seemed impossible that I got this job that I believe I will love.... Oh, & Fawns are great magical creatures that I believe in. Thanks Chronicles of Narnia!


Want! I believe in all sorts of impossible things, but the one that effects me most on a day-to-day basis is the belief that I can totally curse/jinx something by talking about it the wrong way. Most people probably believe that one too. :)


Karma. I feel like it can't and must exist simultaneously. The hard-core kind of karma that goes beyond the natural consequences of our actions.


I believe in the power of Never. Every thing I've ever said I'd Never do or Never be...has become. Not necessarily a good thing.


I believe in that there is love ever passionate ever lasting....somewhere it's out there but just not with me


I believe that when and if I finally get married to my man that we will have the same amount of sex that we have now. Or more.


I believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the tooth fairy. I believe my 5 yr old has the most amazing face and that my (almost) 14-yr old saved me from the wrong life by being born. I believe deja vu are signposts in your life, letting you know you're on the right path, and I believe there is nothing more beautiful than 2 sets of deep brown eyes.


Universal health care.


I believe that the business I'm starting myself will be a success...that karma is definitely real...that loved ones are watching over me from the other side...and that birds of prey know more than they should. They show up in weird places in my life. I keep getting hit by owls.


I really do believe that everything happens for a reason and will work out all right in the end.

I believe that (almost) everyone has some good in them somewhere.

I believe in the suspension of disbelief for entertainment's sake.

Sarah Richter

I believe that everything is going to be alright.

Marilyn Wons

I believe in angels on earth. I do not find that impossible, but some people do!


I believe in the basic goodness of people. Despite all evidence to the contrary.

Susan C

I believe I will graduate and be able to actually use my degree!
smchester at gmail dot com

James Nickerson

The impossible thing I believe in is the magic at Disneyland! I'm a cast member there and see it all around me working and it's wonderful and feel sorry for those who don't see it. Thanks for the great giveaway!

Margaret Smith

I believe in Fate and that things happen for a reason.
Thanks so much.


I believe that all cats go to heaven. Even the naughty ones.

Heather Bell

I believe that everything happens for a reason, good or bad. And everything will be okay in the end.


I believe I will fit into my college jeans one day...thats pretty impossible if you ask me.


I believe there can be peace across the universe. You may say I'm a dreamer.


I believe that people CAN be nice, that I CAN knit a sweater & that someday my children will actually take some of my advice (they're 22, 25, 27 & 30 years old)

susan varney

winning thr lottery my husband says its impossible

Diane Baum

I believe that their can be peace in the world

Patricia Hill

I believe in Angels.


I believe in true love no matter how much I see or experience that may lead one to believe to the contrary. If we cannot hope and dream for love, what is the point of all this?


believe in karma- that it will come back in the end and bite in the but

believe someday my life won't feel like hell so much


I believe that every bad thing can turn into something good.


I believe that someone out there can lick their own elbow.


I believe almost everyone has the capacity to change and do wonderful things.

Donna L

I believe I can win this giveaway.


i want the movie !!


I believe in true love. I also believe in God. :)

Rebecca Graham

I believe in Karma.

Stephen Saunders

True love! That's a pretty impossible thing, but I believe in it and I'm sure others do also. :)


I believe in people who have died being able to still interact with those living. Interactions with my mom have made me believe. Impossible right now? Nothing.

Heather S

I believe in Angels and that they guide us if we listen


i believe things happen for a reason

Mellissa C

I believe that dreams can come true.

Brandon Ralston

I believe that aliens are walking on earth with us!

Meg S

I believe in many impossible things! One of which is that I will get As this quarter :)


I believe if I just wait long enough and keep trying... our lives will get easier and we can sit back and remember the 'good (cough) ol days'

Angela J

I believe in guardian angels

Ellie W

I believe that with hard work and motivation that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to.


If you believe in it, it's not impossible...but I believe in intelligent life outside of our planet



I believe the Gulf Oil will soon stop flowing.

Ashley Kei

When I was in my teens, I was told that I would never be able to have children without medical help. Then about six months after I got married, I got pregnant. I believe that impossible things happen without explanation. And I believe that my nine-month old son will one day have a sibling.


I believe in magic, and things always working out in the end.



I believe that one day in my lifetime I will see the end of whaling.


this i would greatly enjoy


I believe in ghosts and the paranormal.


I believe in time travel!

falongoesgreen @ gmail dot com

Jaclyn Reynolds

I still believe in myself as a total rock star, it's a fun daydream.


That the President might one day stop blaming G.W. Bush for everything and start taking some responsibilty of his own

Joanne Stanton

The most impossible thing I believe is that love conquers all


I pray it is not impossible---we need to stop the BP oil spill.


I like to dream up visions of who my son will be after he grows up, I like to dream about what he'll become and what kind of man he'll become. I think he would make an awesome scientist or even a teacher!


I know it sounds "out of this world" but I have always believed in the Loch Ness Monster. It would be really cool if there really was a dinosaur still alive.

Monique Rizzo

I believe in Magic!!
Thanks for the chance.

Richard Kutz

Love this movie!


I believe that most people are basically good and decent--despite all the evidence I have seen to the contrary.

Jacob LaFountaine

Breathing underwater

Jill Myrick

My impossible dream is to live debt free with no bills what so ever.


Daniel M

getting out of debt seems pretty impossible right now


I believe in many impossible things, such luck, fate and winning this gift pack. I actually found your post when searching best deals for DVD with the coupons I had!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Annette E

I believe in karma.


I believe in aliens


I believe that some day we will have a bigger house. It seems so impossible now, but I would go crazy if I thought I would never have my own closet space!


That Detroit will turn around someday and become a city people will WANT to spend time in.


I believe in peace even though it's not really possible.

Rachel D.

I believe that dreams really do come true...even the ones that seem impossible! (I also secretly believe in mermaids and fairies even though I know it's not possible, but it's fun to think to about)!


I believe that I'll find fans who love talking about this film. You'd think that wouldn't be difficult, much less impossible, but I've been going about it in wrong ways for awhile, so it seems impossible right now but I believe I can do it. :)

nicole gladit

All Baked Goods would have the same the same calories as lettuce

Eileen Burke

I believe that everyone deserves a higher education!

Dung Nguyen

I believe in the existence of dragons!!! :)


I believe in fate.

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