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Facebook Movie Poster Is Full Of Lies

Facebook-logoThe first official poster for the new Facebook movie, The Social Network, has just been released and DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ.  Because it's full of lies.  Well, maybe not so much lies as probable future forecasts, but whatever.  LIES, I tell you.  LIES.

Did you even know there was a Facebook movie in the works?  This sounds ridiculous to me, but I made it a goal of mine long ago to know as little about Facebook as possible.  So, maybe there's a movie-worthy story there.  The movie, titled The Social Networkwas adapted for screen by Aaron Sorkin and directed by David Fincher, features Jesse Eisenberg as Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerburg, Andrew Garfield as co-founder Eduardo Saverin, and Justin Timberlake as Napster creator Sean Parker.  Apparently, the script centers around the lawsuit against Zuckerberg after his enraged partners claimed he stole the Facebook idea from the Harvard dorm.  Well ok.  That's about a half an hour worth of material right there, no?

The-social-network-castBut whether or not there will be a plot AT ALL is not the point.  The point is the poster is misleading.  So misleading, in fact, that it has caused quite the stir on the interwebs.  People are FURIOUS.  They are drawing upon the power of Google to find every scrap of statistical evidence to back them in their rage.  It's the controversy du jour.

Techcrunch says that the poster claims that Facebook has 500 million users, but the latest numbers on Facebook's press site say the network has “more than 400 million active users”. In late May, that number was pegged at 450 million, but third-party statistics suggest it was already closer to 500 million. Also in May, All Facebook reported that the social network was working on plans to celebrate their 500 millionth user — and suggested an announcement should come before June 25 (next week). But still, no official word from the company. 

See also: BORING.  Cross-referenced with: *snore*.

Yeah.  There are seriously people who care about this stuff.  Semantics, people.  Simmer down, now.  The Poster Makers were just rounding up, m'kay?

Anyway...the movie.  If this sounds like your kind of film (a little bit college buddy movie, a touch of modern American history, a hint of courtroom drama)(ps - I made all that up; I have no idea what kind of movie this is) but you'd like to know more about it, well...you're out of luck.  The movie's official website looks like this:


And that's it. The Social Network is set to be released in the U.S. on October 1, 2010.  I'm sure somewhere on the web there's more information, but Facebook and I are no longer on speaking terms, so I'd feel dirty searching any further.




. . . . .
Jen O. would totally accept your friend request if she was on Facebook. Which she is not.

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Jen O. I heart you for also not being on Facebook. No one understands why I am not. Didn't anyone see South Park's "You Have 0 Friends"? That's why not.

Jen O.

@Sherri - I just quit a few weeks ago. The break up was NOT amicable.


This was filmed on my campus (work) so I will be intrigued...

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