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FlashForward Fans Stage Global Lying-Down Protest

Flashforward  In a creative attempt to save the cancelled FlashForward, fans around the world are taking part in what's probably the easiest protest gig ever. No picket lines, no heavy signs, no pesky spellchecking of "MORANS." Everybody just...lies down for awhile.

The pretend "blackouts" last for two minutes and 17 seconds, just like the one from the very first episode of the show, which was actually a pretty incredible hour of TV. Too bad they followed it up with some of the very worst hours of television I have ever sat through, as the show wasted no time in wasting everything else: its cast, concept and pretty much everybody's time. We abandoned FlashForward (and the similarly troubled V) after a few episodes, correctly guessing it would be a goner once (or if) it came back from a hiatus of retooling and reworking, so why bother?

ABC indicated that they'd be willing to stick with one of the shows, but not both, and ultimately chose to renew V for one more season. And now fans of FlashForward are totally taking the news of cancellation lying down. (HA! See what I did there? Didja? Huh? Yeah? COME ON.)

Supporters of the cancelled TV show converged on London’s leafy Wandsworth Common last night to stage a mass “blackout.” Pretend blackouts, lasting for 2 minutes and 17 seconds, mimicking the opening of the show, also took place simultaneously in Edinburgh, Dublin, Pisa, Italy. European fans linked up with US campaigners trying to save the show. Mini-blackouts were staged in New York, Atlanta, Seattle, Toronto, Detroit, Chicago and Los Angeles, where protestors fainted in front of ABC’s offices in Burbank.

The crazy part is that while writing this entry, I totally blacked out and had my own flashforward. It was nuts, man. I was like...sitting on my couch, in my living room, watching the 2010 fall season on television?And this show? Was still totally canceled. Sorry, guys.

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Jen O.


I liked this sh.................

Sorry. Blacked out there for a minute.

Kerri Anne

Whaaa? I liked! Flash Forward. I mean, at least the story was original and at least Joseph Fiennes and the ensemble cast can ACT.

V is Species meets Party of Five, and the acting is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. Well, that, and the hilariously shoddy spaceship and related special effects.

Katie L.

I'm with you - the first episode intrigued me, but the following episodes went down a steep hill in super speed. I love the protest, though. Do these fools really believe they're going to get the show back up and running? That's seriously silly.

Suzy Q

Well, I guess this'll free up another hour of my life. More drinking!


Aw, I liked this show, too. I thought the writing was really terrible at times... and the acting wasn't too great either. But it totally sucked me in and now we'll never know what happened!


I was so excited about Flash Forward, but I agree with you. I've read the book the concept is based on and thought the first episode was great. Even though it was a different story than the book, some of the characters were represented and I though maybe the major plot points would be incorporated, just twisted a bit to suit the TV medium. But no, it just devolved into a mess. Maybe if they had stuck a little closer to the book, or hired better writers. It's sad because it could have been so good.


I was so bummed about the way this show went too! The pilot--SO AWESOME. And then... the rest of the season. I think the writers meant to make Joseph Fiennes' character an antihero, but instead he just ended up being a whiny ass. I did tune in for the finale, and I was kind of mad that the writers managed to give the few remaining viewers a final "screw you" with all the loose plot threads etc.

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