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Gaga Overload Making Me Gag Gag

Lady-gaga-finger  Remember when you had that friend in high school that you really adored, so you spent every waking second together? Eventually, you spent so much with her that you got sick of each other and, before you knew it, you had the uncontrollable urge to throw your best friend in the whole world through a plate glass window, am I right? Well, I'm starting to feel that way about Lady Gaga. 

Though it pains me to say, I have finally reached a saturation point with my favorite pantsless pop star. Oh, Gaga, can you not go away for just a few days so I can miss you? You are EVERYWHERE.

Here you are at the Yankees game, wearing no pants (and sometimes, no shirt) and flipping off the other fans.



Here you are naked on the cover of Rolling Stone.


And here you are channeling Madonna and pissing off the Catholic League in another eight-minute epic music video.

I used to look forward to your performances and videos. I used to scour the internet for your latest crazy look. I used to listen to "Speechless" like, at least twice a day. But now each time I see you in yet another paparazzi photo, in yet another pair of impossible shoes, I find myself sighing wearily. 

I don't think it's too late for us, Gaga. I just think we need a break, some time off. Can you maybe go into hiding for a few weeks and then come back out wearing, say, a pair of panties made of rosaries and a bra with big brass thuribles hanging from the nipples? You don't have to go with that exact ensemble, of course—that's just a little creative suggestion—but the point is that maybe you could go away for a while. 

It's not that I don't love you. It's just that I'm so sick of you I want to steal the city bus and run you over with it. Kisses!

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Stefani Germanotta used to do a great job acting as Lady Gaga. It was a great, over-the-top public persona which brought her fame and money.

As such, it was enjoyable. But somewhere the fame and its trappings finally got to her and recently she actually lost herself (the Stefani Germanotta) and became Lady Gaga. It's one thing to dress up and act a character at musical events, award shows, and concerts. It's quite another to be the eccentric, ugly (for Lady Gaga is ugly*), and mean-spirited or even publicly intoxicated character with your family (sister's graduation) and friends (sporting events).

I'm starting to think that Stefani Germanotta actually has some mental problems.

*Stefani was actually normal and ok looking without all the Lady Gaga attire. But as Lady Gaga, her covering of her face, her nasty colored hair, and the weird way her few articles of clothing fit her body -- not pretty.

Suzy Q

I agree: Gaga Overload.


Agreed. Hate the overuse of this term, but the baseball game stuff was kinda the Gaga version of "jumping the shark" for me. A baseball game in a bikini and then flipping off fans for looking at you?? Even with her antics she always seemed very gracious to her fans and never truly 'affected'. More like she was playing a part. That did just seem like such diva behavior.


Just me or does she look like Sacha Baron Cohen on the RS cover? (Oh please let it be true! I know it's not, SBC is WAY too hairy to pull that off, but wouldn't it be great?)

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