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Get Him To The Greek NOT about Bathhouses

Get-him-to-the-greek-jonah-hill-russell-brand  I went and saw Get Him To The Greek this weekend and maybe you think that I don't have anything better to do than go see second-tier comedies starring handsome British showoffs and overweight everymans. Well what are you... psychic? Stop freaking me out, Witch.

I went in with lowish expectations. I mean, seriously. Russell Brand playing the same character as in Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Jonah Hill playing "fat guy that shit happens to and then when he realizes what that shit is, he reacts loudly and with ample histrionics"? Puff Diddy or P Doofy or whatever Sean Combs is going by now so that I properly reference it as not to seem like an old codger taking easy swings at someone with a name joke, as a mean record executive? I really thought I'd laugh a couple times and then pass out in my popcorn from all the late hours staring at porn and crying working on my thesis in awesomeness. But then a funny thing happened. And then another. And another. And another. And pretty soon the audience I was in was laughing so hard that I couldn't hear the actors and I was laughing too. What the hell is this? A good comedy? A genuinely funny movie? What the fuck, Hollywood?  Did someone fall asleep at the switch? Where's the part where George Lopez's giant face comes in and delivers a fart joke? What's with the rapid fire dialogue? What do you think? We're NOT idiots? Pfft.

And the winner of the whole prize is P. Donkey. Holy shit. He was so funny that I would have to try to make up an analogy where Justin Beiber and Spencer Pratt take turns punching each other in the nuts, if I wanted to talk about something that was so enjoyable to watch. He was magic. And he had a huge way to go to win me over. This is like the time Brad Pitt dressed up in a gorilla suit on Jackass. Instant hard-won respect for Mr. Combs. It got to the point near the end where he would just appear on screen and people would start laughing. Really amazing. You should check out the movie JUST to see him.

But maybe you're into cameos, and if that's the case, pretty much everyone in the whole world forever has one in this movie, from Lars Ulrich of Metallica, to Draco Malfoy or whatever that creepy blonde kid's real name is. It even has Kurt Loder getting pretend pissed on, which for me is a huge selling point. That it was Kurt Loder, I mean. Not the pissing part. I'm not a golden shower fetishist no matter what those super-judgmental court papers say. Also Meredith Viera almost gets vomited on. I had no idea "vomited" only had one "t" until just this very moment. Knowledge is power.


What a delightful comedy! I have nothing sarcastic to say! 

Speaking of bodily functions, there is a lot of that to go around in Get Him To The Greek. Also anus jokes, dildo jokes, threesome jokes, some more vomiting, more anus jokes, vagina jokes, cunnilingus jokes, blowjob jokes...pretty much every crude / awesome thing that was ever invented except for that one thing my cousin told me about once with the water bottle, the goldfish and the three middle fingers of your left hand. That wasn't in there. But then again, he mighta been lying about that just like he was when he said that no one would find out if I ran into the ladies room and made a helicopter rotor out of my wang while singing "Flight of the Valkyries".He's a dirty liar is my point. Everything else was okay to talk about in the movie though. It was a monument to ribald, debasing humor. 

Why can't Get Him To The Greek be my Dad? That would be boss.

I looked at the critics scores and for the most part the established media thought the movie was "pretty good", but I'm going to go that one better and say "really good". For me...for a comedy...that's a huge endorsement. Go see it. 

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Elizabeth @ Table for Five

I'm so glad you posted this review! I wasn't sure if this was going to be one of those movies that sounded hilarious but turned out to be stupid. Based on your review, I am totally going to see this now. Thanks!

Rachel H

I'm glad you saw this and reviewed it. My boyfriend wanted to see it but I thought it looked dumb. However, I also thought Hangover looked stupid and that was the funniest movie I've ever seen.

I'll have to see it in the theater for maximum hilarity. There's something about a group of people laughing that makes everything funnier...

  Get Him to the Greek

Awesome! This movie looks great!! I really can't wait to see--already have my tickets ordered for it! Haha!

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