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Gleecap - Funk

Glee_logo  One more episode until regionals. Let's turn this mother out!

Alright kiddos, Casa Snarky Amber is in the process of moving, so this Glee-cap is coming at you Reader's Digest stylee:

The themes of the week: funk and sweet, sweet revenge. Vocal Adrenaline psychs New Directions out with a rousing performance of “Another One Bites The Dust,” complete with their newly reinstalled lead golden boy, Jesse. This puts New Directions into a funk that Will decides to correct with his Weekly Assignment from Will: Get Funky

Will says funk is about passion, anger—things the soulless automatons of Vocal Adrenaline will never comprehend. It's their weakness. VA's never done a funk number, and New Directions is going to capitalize on that.


Mercedes tells the rest of the kids that she'll handle this one, but Quinn indignantly fights for her chance to get funky. Mercedes laughs at Quinn, claiming it's ridiculous when white people try to get funky, and she's kinda right for the most part. However, Quinn and the rest of the pregnant students of William McKinley manage to pull off a pretty awesome version of James Brown's "It's A Man's Man's Man's World," and totally bring the soul, if not the funk. Seeing that Quinn needs a place to properly work through her hurt and anger about being a teen mom and an outcast, Mercedes offers Quinn the spare room at her house as an opportunity to get away from Puck and his mom.


Meanwhile, Puck and Finn, who tried to get back at Vocal Adrenaline by slashing the tires to their Range Rovers (gifts from their generous boosters for winning sectionals), are forced to get jobs at Sheets and Things to pay for the damages or risk expulsion. Teri, in her own funk about the recently finalized divorce, develops a hard-core cougar crush on Finn, who reminds her just a little of a 16-year-old Will. She decides Finn can be her second chance to correct her tendency to crush people's dreams, and she offers to help him with his funk assignment. Typing "funk" into iTunes leads Puck, Finn, and Mercedes to do "Good Vibrations" by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. It's not funk, and it hasn't aged well. but they gave it a good effort.

Rachel is in the biggest funk of them all. She knows that Jesse crushed her heart when he did because she's the heart of the team, but she's no less depressed about it. 


As Will comforts Rachel, he gets an idea of his own—revenge on Sue, who is staring down Nationals. Will capitalizes on the fact that he's the hottest Spanish teacher in the Midwest to seduce Sue with "Tell Me Somethin' Good." It works, and she agrees to go on a date with him, only to be left sitting alone in her track suit and pearls at Breadsticks. The heartbreak leads Sue into a terrible funk, and it seems the Cheerios will forfeit regionals. However, when Will sees how depressed and directionless the cheerleaders are without their coach, he gives Sue a pep talk that lifts her out of her depression. She returns from Nationals, victorious, and has her giant trophy installed in the choir room to serve as a reminder to Will of his mediocrity.


Things come to a head when Rachel receives a call from Jesse. Thinking he is there to apologize and tell her he loves her, she rushes out to greet him and in slow-motion, Carrie style, she is greeted in return, not with a bucket of pig's blood, but by several dozen eggs hurled by the members of Vocal Adrenaline. Jesse hesitates before telling her "I loved you," and hurling the final egg. The boys of New Directions, furious at Rachel's humiliation, are about to break faces—even Kurt. Well, I guess if Kurt is going to get into a fist fight, one against glee club boys is probably where he stands the best chance. 


Before we get a chance to see Kurt's street fighting skills, Will says it's time to put an end to pranks and violence and get revenge simply by beating them at their own game. He has Rachel call Jesse and tells him to bring his troupe to the auditorium the next day. They show, and are treated to Parliament's "Give Up The Funk (Take the Roof Off the Sucker)," and it's brilliant, joyful, and full of soul and funk. Jesse and his army of soulless automatons are shaken to discover New Directions have found VA's weakness. Unlike Vocal Adrenaline, New Directions have got soul, they're superbad, and not quite the joke VA chalked them up to be.

Next week, regionals! Things don't look so good for our heroes—one of the judges is Sue Sylvester.

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Mighty Hunter


Fawn Amber

That whole scene with Rachael and the eggs made me want to cry - reminded me of that scene in "Never Been Kissed." ASSHOLES.

The Sue/Will thing just made me uncomfortable. I didn't enjoy that, even as cruel as Sue can be.

Other than that, I loved pretty much everything.
Puck is still Puckalicious.

Suzy Q

Will is a Spanish teacher? Hmm...musta missed that.

Sue in track suit and pearls? LOVE.


I'm actually surprised they were allowed to do Good Vibrations. From what I understand, no one who comes anywhere near Marky Mark in a professional capacity is allowed to even mention the song, let alone sing or play it. I guess he wants to hide his funky bunch/I was in NKOTB for three seconds past.

And the whole Will/Sue thing, yeah, too many memories of Junior High, thanks.

chatty cricket

But? can we discuss Beck? LOSER? Should have stuck with that and left Marky Mark out of it.


I thought Will was cute, not in a crushable way, just kinda adorable.

That dance ruined that. Plus, it made me want to hug Sylvester. A pity hug.

And Adrenaline's coach? WTF? At some point, even if she wasn't behind it, she must have realized something. There's a line, lady.

But boy, I hope this means they're going to write off Jesse after this season. I can't stand him.


Will, when trying to be sexy, makes my skin crawl. I did get excited when they did "Loser", though.


The track suit and pearls were definitely classic ;)

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