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Gleecap - Journey

Glee_logo  Wow. So was last night a major tear-fest for everyone, or was it just this particular sap?

The fact that New Directions can outfunk Vocal Adrenaline seems to have become unimportant over the last week, because last night’s episode returned to what hooked us on this show in the first place: its ability to make us misty-eyed with Journey and Queen. Okay, perhaps I should just speak for myself here.

Will is putting up posters for the Regionals show on Saturday, when Sue pats him on the shoulder and informs him she’ll be seeing him there, since she’s a judge. Will expresses his outrage to Figgins, whose hands are apparently tied, surprise surprise. Figgins' hands are tied so often you'd think he was the principal of Abu Ghraib High School. Sue makes her best crack yet at Will's hair, telling him it looks like a briar patch, and that she keeps expecting racist Disney creatures to climb out and sing songs about life on the bayou.

After a flashback to Quinn’s first time—wherein Puck used the tried and true “trust me” for protection—we are at Will’s apartment, where a very pregnant Quinn is grabbing plates for the pizza party in the living room. It’s not a very happenin’ party, however—most of the kids look like they’re at a wake for their own parents. Tina cries. Before glee, she had two Facebook friends—her parents. All the kids are pretty DOOM DOOM DOOMY DOOM about Saturday, and a tearful Rachel asks whether, instead of choosing their set list, they can just go around the room sharing favorite glee memories.


The next day, Will goes to Emma for guidance. She reminds him of the video of his sectionals performance—was he so happy then because he knew they were going to win? Well, no, it was because he was doing what he loved. Will realizes he needs to remind the kids what they’re really doing it for—and he also realizes that he desperately misses Emma. However, she’s dating her dentist, Carl, and tells Will they had their shot. He very inappropriately asks whether she and Carl have...you know. She confirms they haven’t.

In his car, Will hears “Don’t Stop Believin’” and pulls over to listen, bawling his eyes out. It’s pretty much  the saddest thing ever. In the halls, Finn pulls Rachel aside in the halls, and rallies her to be a leader—fuck this doom shit, they’re gonna win. She leans down from the stair she stands on and kisses him, eliciting squees from hundreds of thousands of Finchel shippers.

It’s time for the final Weekly Assignment From Will of the season, as he scrawls “Journey” on the board. “Nine months ago there were five of you and we sucked,” he says. That, and Quinn wasn’t yet knocked up. Will continues: “One day you’ll all be gone and all of this will be nothing but a hazy memory.” They won’t immediately remember each other’s names, the songs they sang, the solos they did or didn’t get. But they will remember how good they felt. And when Will almost left to go be an accountant, those five kids who sucked brought him back with “Don’t Stop Believin’ “ so they’re going to hold on to that feelin' and something about streetlight people. I dunno. The point is, New Directions are taking a Journey medley to regionals.

It's Regionals time. An announcer introduces the panel of judges: Josh Groban; Olivia Newton John, local anchorman Rod Ribbington, and international cheer coaching sensation Sue Sylvester, who gets a plug for her new book: “I’m a Winner and You’re Fat.”  


The first group is the unfortunately named Aural Intensity from Fort Wayne, Indiana. They’re not that good, but they’re doing an Olivia Newton John/Josh Groban mash-up, having obviously received a heads-up on their celebrity judges.  The New Directions kids are fretting back stage, so Will turns off the speaker and reminds them again that they’re not doing this to win—they’re doing this because they love to perform. The girls wear gold dresses and regulation competition Bump-Its, while the guys wear matching gold ties. As they await their queue in the winds, Finn tells Rachel he loves her. They smile at each other in a way that would melt even the coldest, blackest heart, but Sue isn’t there to see it. And, with that, it’s show time:

Finn and Rachel walk down the aisles of the auditorium singing a duet of “Faithfully,” before joining the rest of the choir on stage. It’s a show-stopper, and the crowd loves them, especially when they transition to “Anyway You Want It.” Rod and Olivia seem to really enjoy it, nodding approvingly at each other. They end with a revamped “Don’t Stop Believin’,” featuring solos from Puck, Santana, and Mercedes, and a Tartie duet! (Tina + Artie = OTP!!!111)


The crowd is completely in love with New Directions, including one very tearful familiar face: Quinn’s mom.

Quinn runs into her mom backstage, who tells her she was wonderful, and that she’s so sorry she missed all the other times. Quinn looks ready to turn on her heel, when her mother tells her she kicked Quinn’s father out. Apparently Mr. Fabray was having an affair with a tattooed freak—snort. There’s been a lot of that going around lately. Mrs. Fabray wants Quinn to come home with her and says they can turn the spare room into a nursery. She asks Quinn to say something. While I’d like to see Quinn treat her mom to a well-deserved rant for not leaving Mr. Fabray when he, you know, kicked their only daughter out of the house, Quinn has more important things on her mind: “My water just broke.”

As Quinn is rushed to the hospital, Vocal Adrenaline hits the stage with “Bohemian Rhapsody.” It’s totally the Jesse St. James Show, with some backup singing and dancing. Meanwhile, flashes of Quinn’s delivery are brilliantly edited in with the song. Quinn asks Mercedes to be in the delivery room with her. Quinn shrieks “LET ME GO!” along with Vocal Adrenaline and tells Puck, “you suck you suck you suck you suck!” After about six and a half minutes of Freddy-Mercury-soundtracked delivery, Quinn has given birth.  


Back at the auditorium, Rachel congratulates Shelby on their inevitable win, but says that VA’s days of owning regionals are coming to an end. She urges Shelby to jump the sinking ship and come teach with Will at McKinley. However, Shelby is tired of coaching glee club and putting her life on hold. 

At judges’ table, the celebrities discuss the competition. Rod really liked those Vocal Adrenaline kids because they reminded him of his experimental days in the 70s, when people were less concerned with labels. Olivia Newton-John likes Aural Intensity, because they were the only team to honor her in song, and what was up with the blatant tokenism and “aren’t we so special” multiculturalism of New Directions. I love that fictionalized ONJ is a big bitch. Josh Groban, who actually seems kinda plastered, wants Sue’s number, and says those New Directions kids are pretty great. ONJ continues to berate New Directions for their cheap costumes, asking if they’re a poor school, and Sue finds herself in the bewildering position of wanting to...defend the glee club. This is especially true when the judges all turn on Sue for not really being a celebrity. At the end of the day, Nationals or no, she is a high school teacher in Ohio, and nothing special. And, having thoroughly knocked Sue down several pegs, they declare that it's now time to vote. This? Is getting interesting. 


On stage, Sue announces the runners up—the “not at all stupidly named Aural Intensity.” And now, it’s time to announce the 2010 Regionals champions: Vocal Adrenaline. New Directions, crestfallen, realize they didn’t even place. It’s all over for them.


Back at the hospital, Quinn and Puck stand in front of the nursery. “Do you want to keep her?” Puck asks. “”No, do you?” Not waiting for an answer, she asks, “did you love me?” “Yes,” he replies. Especially now.” Shelby shows up and asks which one is Quinn’s, but recognizes on her own which is Quinn's. “She looks just like you.” I never really "get it" when people say a baby looks "just like" their mom or dad. I dunno, babies don't even look like people to me, so I never see this resemblance people always claim to notice. Shelby asks her name, and Quinn says she doesn’t have one, but Puck interrupts. “Beth.” 

The next day at WMHS, Emma is in Figgins’ office, yelling so loud she’s probably shaking the plaster off the ceiling. She comes out and slams the door, and begins yelling at Will. He’s just giving in to defeat, and some things are worth fighting for. “Like us?” he asks. She says this isn’t about them, and he tells her what he couldn’t before while he was figuring things out: he loves her. He kisses her. Before they can sort this out, Rachel interrupts and asks Will to go with her to the auditorium, since the choir room is already being converted to a classroom for the model U.N. 


The kids are seated in a half circle on stage, and each tells Will how important glee club was to them:

Matt was just a football jock; Tina had a stutter; Mercedes was a closeted diva; Quinn was captain of the Cheerios; Mike was afraid to dance outside his room; Santana and Brit hated everyone in the club; Kurt wasn’t being honest about who he was; Puck was throwing kids in the dumpsters; Artie had never kissed a girl; Rachel was getting slushied. And Finn had never had a father figure—er...a guy he could look up to and model himself after. I am trying at this point not to totally break down and cry, when Rachel tells Will they won, no matter what the judges said, because they had him for a teacher. Mercedes tells Will glee club won’t end, because he is glee club, and he’s in all of them now. This sounds at once very sweet and also, you know, a little wrong, because I have a filthy mind. But, anyway, I’ve managed to hold it together through all those tearful declarations, and then they go full on “O Captain, My Captain” on Will and start singing “To Sir, With Love.” God. Damn. It. I knew I should have watched this one alone. Sue stands at the back, in the shadows, as the students serenade a tearful Will. 

Sue confronts Will in the choir room, where he’s packing up his stuff. She seems to be going off on one of her endless gloating rants. He accuses her of rigging the competition, and she says she voted for the team she thought deserved the win. It’s revealed then, though not to Will, that Sue voted for New Directions. I’m sure she’d rather be waterboarded than ever have him know that. Nevertheless, Sue has used her blackmail on Figgins one last time to buy them another year. Not because she has a heart, mind you, but because what is an evil villain without her nemesis?


Will calls the kids into the choir room to give them the good news, and says, since they sang to him, he’d like to sing for them. He plays uke with Puck on guitar as they sing the  Israel Kamakawiwo'ole version of “Over the Rainbow.” You know, the one that played when Dr. Green on ER was dying? You know, the one you can’t ever hear without feeling like you’re going to bawl? Yeah. That one. Thanks, Glee. Thanks a lot.


During the number, we find out what most of us saw coming the moment we saw Shelby in this episode: she has adopted a new baby girl, named Beth. 

And that’s the season, kids! It seemed tied up very nicely, as though they weren’t sure when they wrote the episode whether they’d be renewed for a second season. Of course, now that it’s already in production, what do you think season two will bring? We have four months to speculate. I’m gonna go um, make a few iTunes purchases, weep along with the music, and blame it on PMS.

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OMG...the "Over the Rainbow" thing KILLED me. I cannot hear that song without totally bubbling up. We had a stupid tornado (or something) warning here in CO and the EAS kicked in so I missed the Eminem and Will kiss. I'll have to hulu that.
Great recap! Thanks!


I'm keeping this episode on my DVR all summer, just to give me my glee fix when I need it. It is going to be a long summer!


You are not the only one who totally bawled her eyes out during this episode, PMS or no PMS. That was a fantastic episode, during which I cried I don't know how many times. But, really? I can see that the Vocal Adrenaline kids can dance better than New Directions, but Jesse did ALL the singing other than the "Ooh"s and "Ahhh"s from the dancers. Gimme a break. I still can't wait for season 2, though! I will miss my Gleecaps.

Fawn Amber

Fantastic season! Fantastic recap!! "To Sir, With Love" had me a-bawling, even though my boys rolled their eyes and made fun of me. Thanks, Snarky Amber - awesome job!


did you see sue shed a single tear when she was in the back of the auditorium? i loved that moment.


Oral Intensity? Nude Erections?

How very subliminal of them.


I was right there with you bawling like a baby when they did To Sir, With Love. Oh, geez.

And the big news announced yesterday, Carl will be none other than Uncle Jessie. Do I smell a Beach Boys themed episode?


I can't hear that version of Over the Rainbow without bursting into tears remembering that episode of ER. How many years ago was that?

And my daughter is the spitting image of her father. I swear I wonder if any of my DNA was involved at all or if secretly cloned himself :)

Miss Banshee

Bawling. The first notes of "To Sir..." and I'm HOWLING at my TV "NO YOU CANNOT DO THIS TO ME." So by the time "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" came on, I'm shrieking as soon as he pulled the uke out of its case. I KNEW they were going to do that to us. And I can't even blame PMS. Just total emotional breakdown.

Suzy Q

I thought it was "Oral" Intensity. I have a dirty mind, too.

"To Sir, With Love" just about KILLED ME. Bawling like a baby, I was. Of course, I am also old enough to get the cultural reference, which I felt sorry for those of you young'uns who didn't. (Please go rent that movie, people, and then re-watch this ep.)

And then, they topped it off with that rendition of "Over the Rainbow"? Waaaah! Dr. Greeeeene!


April is coming back next season as well! Season 2 is gonna rock.

Katie L.

How did Quinn manage to make it back to school for a sing-a-long after giving birth 5 minutes beforehand? I'm the party pooper. I thought this was one of the weakest episodes. I'm totally a crier, and not one tear was shed. Is my heart turning to stone?

Miss Banshee

@SuzyQ I completely agree that anyone who hasn't seen "To Sir, With Love" needs to rent it IMMEDIATELY.


Katie L, I'm totally with you. I thought it was all pretty formulaic, and don't get me started on Quinn's labor scenes - of course she had to deliver flat on her back with feet in stirrups... and of course her water broke when it did, because the whole time they were performing I was thinking "damn, that's a lot of moving around for a big ol' preggo" (I myself am six months along and it's a chore to walk up and down stairs).

I'm also disappointed that Shelby adopted Beth - it just seems very WEIRD, on so many levels. I love Iz' version of Over the Rainbow and I thought Puck and Will did a great rendition, but my first thought was, "Really? Will plays the uke? Really?!" However, I will faithfully tune in again next season (and probably watch the reruns this summer).


I definitely cried - and loved both of the very important kisses ;) And Emma's rant was awesome - so nice to see her letting go and pushing for someone, I mean, something heh she feels passionate about!

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