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Internet! The Movie!

The-Angry-Winnebago-Man-vid1177  Maybe you don't think the greatest thing the Internet ever birthed from its syphilis-riddled loins was the "Winnebago Man" clip on YouTube. Well you're a fool then. And also wrong. 

It is SO much the greatest thing that two filmmakers went out and tried to find Jack Rebney, the original Winnebago Man and see what he's been doing while not insulting the sensibilities of pretty much every fine English gentleman ever to grace one of the polo matches I regularly have at my country estate*. The resulting documentary, got mad buzz at the South-by-Southwest film festival and pretty much everyone who has ever seen it has used adjectives like "best" and "funniest" and "saltiest" to describe it, but the guy that said "saltiest" was off his anti-psychotics so you can disregard that part. I have no idea how the film tastes. 

If you are unfamiliar with the original, my condolences. You should go watch it now...unless you are at work or near anyone with ears that will explode if they hear profanity. That would be a very dangerous situation. Also, unlikely. I would attach the original clip here, but the site where YOU might go to see it on the TUBE is being racist against funny, swearing, old men. Whatever. Stupid puritanical internet. Here's a link

But the BIG news is that some company called Kino International who does something I could look up if I wasn't very lazy, has bought the rights to it and now Winnebago Man, the documentary, is going to get a very limited run in the theaters. How limited? More limited than my mom at her favorite bar after 1AM on a Tuesday. HAHAHAHA! Get it? My Mom's a drunken whore!

You can look for Winnebago Man in New York City after July 9th, and at a special showing at the Gene Siskel Film Festival in Chicago on June 16th. Other than that, I think it's safe to say you have to (*wink*) wait for the DVD (*wink,wink*) because there is no place you have access to that allows you to view movies for free against the wishes of the film's owners. And if you DID have access to such a malevolent entity, I could not endorse you using it to watch this brilliant film. Stick with the porn, Sir Touches-A-Lot.

Here's the trailer which is totally less sweary than the original clip, but still completely NSFW. That doesn't stand for "Not So Fucking Wild" for the record.

* And by "polo matches I regularly have at my country estate" I mean "Beer Pong Tournament in my Mom's Basement"

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Jen O.

Aw. Your poor mom. She deserves a hug. A completely G-rated, fully clothed, pre-whorey drunken binge type hug.

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