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Kate Plus 8 Starts: Does Anyone Care?

Kate-gosselin Kate Gosselin returned to TLC on Sunday night with the start of her new show Kate Plus 8.

While the rest of Twitter tweeted about the shenanigans happening on stage at the MTV Movie Awards, I sat down to watch Kate Gosselin and her brood of eight swim with dolphins and break pinatas. I know it's popular to hate Kate, but I have to say I've always kind of liked her. Yes she's abrasive. And testy. And screechy. But then I think I would be too if I had eight kids. There is no way I would be a serene mother Madonna, like Michelle Duggar. I would definitely be like Kate. 

I think Kate has kept it together remarkably well considering the size and age of her kids. Plus, she had to survive Jon, and he really didn't seem like much help at all. I'd be screaming at him too.


Although I admire Kate for keeping her family fed, clothed, and housed - and I don't look down on her for taking a job dancing very poorly on network TV - I have to admit that she still grates on the nerves. At one point in the first episode of Kate Plus 8, she takes the kids into a bird aviary to feed the birds. Strangely enough there were birds in there. And they landed on the people trying to feed them. Weird stuff, I know. Kate kept it together for what appeared to be two minutes before shuddering and announcing that she'd had enough. Way to tough it out for the kids, Kate.


The kids spent the rest of the first episode having a fun-filled fully comped vacation at Discovery Cove in Florida. They swam with the dolphins and took an airboat ride to a "paparazzi-free location" to celebrate the younger Gosselin's sixth birthday. On the way to the party location Kate's boat happened upon a mama alligator and screeching ensured. Of course, it was only Kate who was screeching. And this is pretty much why I can't fully love her. She's actually quite annoying.

A two-hour Special Event of Kate Gosselin was one hour too much, in my opinion. The first hour was filled with cute family time and cake. The second hour was filled with clips looking back on the months between the finalization of her divorce and the starting of filming this new season. A significant portion of time was spent on the creation of her very bad shaggy dog hair extension hair style that she sported at the beginning of 2010. Hair drama = yawn to me, I'm afraid, although I had to snicker when Kate said that her daughter, Cara, was "disturbed" by her hair extensions. As were we all.

As usual when it comes to Kate Gosselin, just as I'm getting bored of her, she says (or does) something that pulls me back in. The final scenes in last nights episode focused on the devastation Kate felt when she found out that Jon was suing her for custody of the kids. According to her, she was left to find out the news by "reading it online just like everyone else". As the camera showed her crying in her limousine Kate's voice-over described her angst:

“Omigosh. Am I really that horrible of a mother that i could lose my kids. Really?...Every mother's greatest fear is that they’re horrible. That they’re a horrible mother. That’s the bottom line. That’s the mommy guilt....everyone wants to be the best mommy.”

And that's why no matter how screechy Kate gets over birds, bugs, or alligators, I'll still watch her. Will you?


. . . . .
Marilyn finds Kate Gosselin strangely compelling.

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Umm, probably not. I actually had bad dreams last night after watching that show (of course I am also 6 months pregnant and it was about 90 degrees last night, but whatevs). I don't like how they have edited it to be more about her and less about her family - though it was cute that they've started to include the kids on the interview couch. I certainly don't feel sorry for her and the life she created for herself.

And please, what mom of ANY number of children wears that outfit through the airport? Three inch heels? It should have been called Kate Plus 10 'cause her boobs had their own starring role...


@Susan: True her airport outfit was not exactly a "mom outfit". The heels were very out of place. I also thought her weird french manicure with the blood red line along the nail line was strange. It was like she wanted her nails to look like they'd been pulled back from the nail bed and bled a little.


I haven't seen the new show, nor will I, but...

She doesn't even look the same. I wasn't a huge fan of her old hairstyle, but it was a de facto trademark. Now she looks all plastic and made-up.

Part of the appeal of the old show was seeing Kate manage 8 kids. She was grating and mean at times, but yeah, there are 8 of them.

Amy (Not Amalah)

I watched it last night but probably won't watch any more. I just can't get past how she keeps says she is raising 8 kids all by herself. Yes, all alone...with security, at least 1 nanny, house cleaning help, a publicist, and it seems, a stylist. It grated on me when, while at the Discovery Cove, she realized she had to get food for all her kids all by herself and she seemed about to melt down about it. (granted she explained the low blood sugar issue but that seemed a tad over blown). I know quite a few young women who have 4 or more kids and get them food (while out and at home) every day all by themselves. Plus, Maddie and Cara have to be nearly 10. Aren't they old enough to help? Finally, it's good to see that Maddy still hasn't given on up being a bratty diva herself. Some things never change.


I can't believe anyone is still watching this show. Since she has at least 2 full-time nannies and is paid for every "vacation" they take....it should be Kate + 10 (kids and nannies) + product placement.

The paid "birthday celebration vacation" was after the kids' real at-home celebration...and how come no one is talking about her pulling her kids AGAIN out of school so they could tape a faux-reality program for TLC and commercial for Disney.

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