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Kathy Griffin Wants An Emmy Nomination

Kathy-griffin-for-your-consideration-ad  Kathy Griffin took out one of those Emmy-nomination-grubbing "For Your Consideration"ads in The Hollywood Reporter, and it's actually pretty hilarious. 


After some possibly earnest (?) reminders of her actual nomination-eligible work (Life on the D-List, Balls of Steel, Law & Order SVU), Kathy also asks that the Emmy voters consider her for "Outstanding Lead Actress in a Soon to be Released YouTube Sex Video." (Which I think is actually the category where she'll face the most competition this year.)

The ad also notes "They don't give out an Emmy for 'Best Airbrushing' but if they did, I'd totally win."

Kathy Griffin is someone that I never really found all that funny, and didn't bother to ever watch her show, but now she's officially hung onto the public consciousness by sheer determination long enough that I'm actually finding her aggressive self-promotion-slash-self-parody-slash-maybe-not-ness kind of endearing. But then again, I'm not an Emmy voter, so fuck what I think, right Kathy?




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Life of a Doctor's Wife

This ad is awesome!

I actually quite love Kathy Griffin. Her reality show is one of the few that make her lovable and relatable. And I find her balls-to-the-wall attitude refreshing and hilarious.


Love it. An honest person in Hollywood should always make news.

Jill Berry

Dude! Kathy Griffin deserves an Emmy nomination and a WIN!! Her specials are hilarious.

Apryl's Antics

I like her a lot, but the last season of D-List was too contrived. Also, I get the impression she's more of a diva than she'd like everyone to think she is.

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