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My 'Glee' Season Two Wish-List

Glee  My Glee addiction is kind of a big deal. The season finale was only a week ago, but I already have my sights on season two—what songs, guest stars, and plot lines are in store? It's gonna be a long summer, kids. So here is a product of my musings: a list of the things we could look forward to in the new season, at least if I were in charge:

1) More Mercedes!

BTW, Amber Riley is looking fierce lately. 
Lea Michele has a fantastic voice, and frankly I was pleasantly surprised to see Naya Rivera (Santana) get some solos toward the end of the season, but there is still not enough showcasing of Amber Riley's amazing talent. I would love to see Mercedes win a lead solo that actually ends up in competition, rather than the usual Rachel and Finn Variety Show.

2) The Return of Bryan Ryan and April Rhodes

I know Glee will likely have a lot of new faces, but there's no denying that Neil Patrick Harris and Kristin Chenoweth are the two best guest stars thus far. I'd love to see both of them return, perhaps even in the same episode. After all, they must already know each other from glee club, right?

3) Love Triangles Galore!

This show works best when someone's love is unrequited, so I'd like to see Emma continue dating her dentist. Sorry, Wemma shippers. Also, do you know who is playing that dentist? JOHN STAMOS. Uncle Jesse is going to be Emma's hot hot hunk of oral hygiene. I have visions of Stamos singing "Dentist!" from Little Shop of Horrors dancing in my head. Make it happen, Ryan Murphy!

4) Puck. Shirtless.


Like, all the time, please. Really. No shirts for Puck, ever.

What would you like to see happen next season?

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More singing from Puck and Santana. I really like both of their voices.

I need some closure on the whole Jesse St. James thing. First he's bad, then they go out of their way to make us think he's really into Rachel, then he's suddenly gone? I'd love for Jonathan Groff to stick around, but if not, at least finish the story there, people!

More Idina. I don't know if they are going to keep she and little Beth in the plot line, but I love when she and Rachel sing together.

The John Stamos-Matthew Morrison love triangle is going to tear me up. I still have such strong feelings lingering for Uncle Jesse...

Major Bedhead

I'd like to see them do the awesome songs in competition. Why do Journey again in regionals when they kicked ass doing some P-Funk? I loved it when the guys all sang Beck's Loser while they were working - more of that would be cool.

Fawn Amber

Yes! to Puck shirtless, all of the time, thanks very much.

I'd love to see Nathan Lane as the guy who coached Shu, April and Bryan Ryan...that would be pretty flippin' sweet.

Or Travolta!!!!!!!!!!!


Puck shirtless while lifting heavy things so his muscles ripple and glisten...mmmm...


Well, I'm quite sure that Chenoweth is coming back. The other requests all sound pretty good to me, but I really do want Will and Emma together, at least eventually!


I agree with all of the above, but would like to add, More Kurt! please. I have downloaded all the music from Season one and find myself listening to his songs more than the others, and I would not have thought I would. Defying Gravity, A House is not a Home, 4 Minutes, Kurt's Turn, all end up being played on my mp3 player more than the others.
Also, Puck shirtless, maybe pulling a Sam/Bill dream sequence with Finn or Schue would make my day. Or really just Puck, shirtless.

Hey You

Uncle Jessie singing Little Shop? Genius!! You should really send that idea to fox.


Yeah, dude. You pretty much covered it.


Justin Timberlake. That is all.


Will and Emma do nothing for me together. Nothing. Friends. That's all. She needs Uncle Jesse. I mean John. I mean, her dentist. WIll is a hot mess who isn't the one for her.

I am overinvested in this show.

And yes, more Mercedes. And I too would like some St. James closure. They had some good tension going and it just kind of devolved into mean boy stuff and that didn't work so well for me.


How about a Hall and Oates tribute show?

Katie L.

I hope they decide to nix Emma's OCD. She would be in a mental hospital if Glee were the real world. It just irks me when OCD gets played out like that (defensive much? Yes.). Rachel bugs the crap a doodle out of me. I'd love to see her in the background, giving the other kids a chance to shine. And for the love of all that is Glee, get rid of the random Glee members who never say anything, but are there for every song. Or hgive them speaking lines, dammit! I have such a love hate relationship with the show, just like the love hate relationship I had in my/with my show choir years.

Katie L.

p.s. what's hgive? oops.


I have to confess, my wish list involves well-drawn story arcs and consistent characterization more than anything actor-wise. That said, I'd love to see more of Heather Morris *not* dancing on the edge of the frame or hidden by a group of other Glee-Clubbers. I don't care if she makes everybody else look bad! Give that girl a dance number!


Oh! Kim! You're my new best friend. Justin Timberlake would be brilliant! Let's start a Facebook group and make it happen.

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