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NBC's 100 Questions - Why Did I Watch This Show?

OneHundredQuestions So, there I was. It was a hot Thursday night in the good old Midwest and I was bored something fierce. The summertime television schedule had already smacked my face like a pimp looking for his money. I had an unconscious, drooling baby affixed to my chest and the remote was nowhere in sight.  Panicked, I instantly yelled for my four year old to find the remote and neatly place it in my hand. Not tonight. He was already fast asleep in his bunkbed. My last option was the wifey. Nope. No help there either. "I'm in the shower!", she screamed back. 

Normally, when this happens, I just stare off into space and think of magical unicorns. Either that, or I pretend my head is on the body of a unicorn. This makes me giggle. Not even the magic of a unicorn could brace my eyes and ears for what I was about to witness. 

As my mind shifted from galloping unicorns back to the flickering lights of the television, I was instantly transfixed on the atrocities playing out before my eyes. As soon as the opening credits rolled, I knew my life would never be the same. 

 (They are smiling because the know they just wasted 30 minutes of your evening.)

And. There. It. Was. 100 Questions displayed proudly across the plasma screen in big, bold lettering. Once again, something shiny had sparked my attention. I fall for this trap all the damn time. Truthfully, I have no clue what this show was about. I watched it for the entire 30 minutes and failed to see a point or plot line. There was bad acting. A lot of bad acting. There was a British bird who apparently moved to New York City in search of meeting Mr. Right. I mean, sure, her accent was nice and all, but moving to NYC to find a man? Come on. We all know Mr. Right is from New Jersey. His name is The Situation. Now, do you remember that ill fated show, Coupling, that NBC tried to remake and repackage to take Friends place in the schedule? You don't? Yeah, I had blocked that out of my mind as well. But just like a bad herpes infection, NBC has a propensity to pop right back up with another bad idea sitcom. Dig back in to your brain and retrieve those Coupling episodes you have thought you had blocked out. Now, slap some peanut butter on it, combine an overused and extremely annoying laugh track, and behold! You now have 100 Questions. In fact, one of the "stars" of the show (Christopher Moynihan)  was actually in the American version of Coupling. How clever NBC!

Like the Little Engine That Could, I sat through the whole thing. Several times, I wanted to punch myself in the face just for letting them suck me in. When it was all said and done, I wanted blood. Yes, I wanted revenge. And how do you suppose I am going to get that revenge? I am going to be mean. Really mean. This week when Coupling v2.0 100 Questions comes crawling back to me, I am not going to take her back. Nope. I don't care if she brings her hot sister and some baby oil. Well, that's if I can actually find the remote this time. 

. . . . .
TJ loves slaying dragons while riding his pet unicorn.

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i did have the sad fortune to bump into this show while cruising the channels one night. i lasted about 10 minutes before i could literally feel my brain cells jumping ship. there was some pretty piss poor acting, but i did feel that the writing was so bad that the actors didn't have a chance. the only thing that could have made me somewhat interested was if lindsey price were cast in the show. i'm consistently fascinated by her ability to kill a show 6 episodes in (including your aforementioned Coupling).


Coupling. I have no idea what NBC did to eff that one up, because the (original) British series was hilarious.

TJ Johnson

I have heard GREAT things about the original Coupling. Is is worth a DVD viewing?

TJ Johnson

Lindsay Price is the series killer. Not serial killer, but that would be much more interesting.


Thank god I was in the shower. What a mess. When I came out all sparkly and clean, TJ was all but foaming at the mouth in horror. His eyes were panicked and he was frantically scanning the couch for his beloved remote. Damn you, 100 Questions *shakes fist*


This makes me feel good about our decision to cancel satellite and survive on Netflix Streaming and online options instead. The past couple nights, we've even been working our way through the second season of the BBC Coupling. One of the funniest shows ever!

Sarah Lena

So I saw this in draft behind the scenes and then again when you tweeted it and I'm JUST NOW REALIZING THAT THIS IS NOT 1 VS 100.

Which, if I may say so, is BRILLIANT programming. I suggest you watch 1 vs. 100 next time.

We're happy to have you. :)


There was an American "Coupling"?? No no no, that would just NOT work. TJ, hire all four seasons of the original and prepare to write off an entire weekend - it's THAT good

TJ Johnson

@SarahLena I have actually watched 1 VS 100 and it totally holds my gnat like attention. Is that show still around?

And thanks for the warm welcome. It's scary being the newbie. All I want is someone to hold my hand and tell me it's going to be alright. Is that so much to ask? (I told myself I wouldn't cry.)

TJ Johnson

@Bec OK, you twisted my arm enough. Coupling will definitely be in my Netflix queue by the end of the night. I NEED some entertainment. The summer television schedule makes me want to slap sleeping babies.

Jen O.



Nicely done TJ!!! No hand holding needed, you're a bug kid now ;) congrats. I will skip this series for sure!!


Nicely done TJ!!! No hand holding needed, you're a bug kid now ;) congrats. I will skip this series for sure!!


What is wrong with my phone? I.e. Me!!! I posted that twice and by the way, big kid. Bug kid? I need my coffee!!!


Yes, I watched an episode too and kept thinking, "this is the same exact bar they used on the US version of Coupling." THE SAME ONE. And Holly is right - the original British version is hilarious. I laugh so hard I cry every time I watch the I am Susan, a happy trotting elf scene.

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