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Oh! The Places You'll Go (Star Wars on YouTube)

Iphone_youtube_logo-icon YouTube is a wonderful and frightening place.

Sometimes it is a great parenting tool.

When we are stuck waiting at the pediatrician's office I can show my kids YouTube videos on my iPhone and they are too distracted to wreck up the place. The children and I have watched hours of "My Little Pony" clips and "Yo Gabba Gabba" dancey dances.

I love the power of redirection.

Stop touching the garbage can. No, honey, the doctor needs those so that she can look into people's ears. Hey! Look over here! It is a video of Spongebob dancing to Soulja Boy. See?

My six year old son is now obsessed with Star Wars, and we have a problem. You know those suggestions over on the side? They look like this:

Picture 20

Yeah, you see the problem. You might be showing your kid a video of Ewoks dancing, but if you aren't careful you could end up watching this

or this (NSFW)

or, God forbid, this

And nobody should ever have to watch that. The moral of this story is beware of YouTube - or love it depending on how many times your six year old repeats "I'll get a tray. Fuck it."

. . . . .

Goon Squad Sarah does not understand French tv from the '70s.

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I love youtube for my 2 1/2 year old, when she randomly wants to watch videos of cats or penguins or when we want to find out what sound camels make, or how eggs hatch. But wow, I can NOT leave the room with the thing open. It is astonishing how fast you can get from cats riding roombas to something else riding something else.

cindy w

Heh. You made my day with that Eddie Izzard clip. One of my favorites.


Why only C3PO and Darth Vader? What happened to the rest of them? What a sad weird show.

I love the Eddie Izzard one. I've seen his act on TV but the lego characters add zip.


And why are the C3POs all out of sync? It doesn't seem too complex to keep it together. Pathetic.


OMFG, I am dying over that Eddie Izzard sketch. Too freaking funny.


It's not like you Americans never did anything cheesy in the 70s..Wait you know what, I can't, the French girl is alone with her shame..


meanwhile Eddie Izzard is awesome. I wish I were British!


A co-worker and I can quote the Eddie Izzard sketch from beginning to end, and quite often just randomly start doing it from time to time causing our fellow co-workers to squint at us more than usual.

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