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Evie Garland in Out of This World [Where Are They Now?]

Maureen-Flannigan-Out-of-This-World  Out of this World, an old favorite television show of mine, was a sitcom that told the story of a thirteen year old girl whose father was an alien and whose mother an Earthling.  Her father's alien DNA gives the girl, Evie, special powers to stop time when she touches two fingers together.  Hijinks ensued!

So (say it with me, okay?), Where Is She Now?

Maureen-Flannigan-Out-of-this-world-Stopping-TimeOut of this World starred Maureen Flannigan as Evie Ethel Garland, daughter of Troy (Burt Reynolds), an alien from the planet Antareus, and Donna (Donna Pescow) Garland who got together to "merge life forms" (read: hump & dump) and "created" Evie.  She was just a regular girl who, upon her thirteenth birthday, discovered she was blessed with super special supernatural powers that made it possible, when she put her two fingers together, to stop time. During this time, people became paralyzed and she could move to and fro, changing the outcome of situations in hi-larry-us ways and hiding her secret from others.


Her father left her to return to Antareus, where there was a "war" or somesuch, so she communicated via a special "genetic" communication device known as the "cube" (read: a terrible, cheap plastic piece of shit), which he gave to her when she turned thirteen. The cube effectively functioned as a telephone line to Antareus and could also be used to leave Troy an "answerphone" message. There are no controls on the cube; Evie simply calls for her father and the cube activates when he answers, deactivating when he "hangs up." When the cube is activated, the top half of it opens up on a hinge like a budget plastic pac-man, a magenta light pulses inside, and a "spacey" sound effect plays. The lights in the room usually dim, although not always. Troy's voice is heard clearly through the cube with reverberation.  

If that were my role, I wouldn't want my face to be seen on screen, either, but anyhoo.

All of this, of course, begs the question: if the show had lasted several more years, would Troy have just given Evie a beeper? (143 143 707)

Another question is begged: I wonder if Donna and Troy had "cube" sex?  The damned thing was always in Evie's room, but maybe Donna would be all secretive and shit and steal it for a quickie with Troy.

But I digress.

Evie's father did not like her using her "special powers" unless absolutely necessary (criteria unknown).  She was forever getting a "talking to" because he would invariably find out she used them for teen-style things, like boys and friends and saving herself from embarrassing situations (she tripped on her shoelace and fell in front of the MOST POPULAR BOY IN SCHOOL!!!!111eleven!).  She'd feel duly chastised, but since these hijinks were the point of the show, the next episode would basically repeat the same sequence with different events.  With more hilarity!

It is worth noting that she appeared absolutely incapable of using her powers in a subtle manner; instead, she stopped time with a determined scowl and her eyes narrowed into slits as though she were concentrating on a complex math problem or trying to unconstipate herself by brute force.

The show ran from 1987-1991.

Maureen-Flannigan-Out-of-This-World-PresentAfter the show was canceled, Maureen went on to guest star on 7th Heaven (who the hell didn't?), Highway to Heaven, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, ER, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Starved, Close to Home, Kindred: The Embraced and the "new" 90210. Her movie, Do Not Disturb, is reportedly being released this year and you can view the trailer here or below.  She is currently filming another movie, 25 Hill, about an 11-year old boy "whose derby dreams are left in pieces when his soldier father is killed in Afghanistan. The boy teams up with a father figure whose own son, a firefighter, died in the line of duty, and the two help each other find redemption and revive the derby."

She is an only child and attended the University of Southern California.

Maureen is an actor, writer and producer.  You can view her website here and join her Facebook fan page here, where you can follow links to view the trailer for her upcoming film.

. . .

Anastacia Campbell has spent most of her life wishing for these magical powers but instead sits in front of the Twitter and the Facebook and pretends she is spending her time wisely and productively.

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I had completely forgotten about this show until today. Wild.


Man, I loved this show. I talked about it with my friends and husband awhile ago and they looked at me like I was crazy. I keep saying: "No, really there was this show ... and they main character was a teen girl who could put her fingers together and STOP TIME - it was AWESOME!!" So, thanks for writing this post and proving that I'm not crazy (or at least less crazy).


I mean this sincerely--thank you for this. This is the kind of shit my brain gets spinning on when I'm supposed to be doing other things.


I love these trips down memory lane :)


I love these trips down memory lane :)


If anybody had ever given her a Chinese finger puzzle, it might've stopped time forever.

Just sayin'.


I LOVED this show- also the one about the girl that was a robot and wore a dress with a pinafore. Why would a robot need a pinafore?


@rkmama... Oh my gosh, "Small Wonder"! I was just thinking about that show the other day. (Sadly, I think with a little coaxing, I can even recall the theme song in its entirety.)

Did they ever let her change into something less... frilly?

And while we're down memory lane, what was that show with the mannequin that came to life in the department store after hours? There was some muppet/puppet janitor and a mouse or something, and a window dresser who wore snazzy silk pantsuits and heels. Or am I getting confused with the movie "Mannequin"?


I loved this show! Her superpower was the only one I ever wanted to have. I can think of many instances in which stopping time would come in handy.


@Kemi - I remember that show too! The mannequin was a guy, and as long as he had his hat on, he could be human. If his hat fell off or if one of the evil muppets stole it, he's be frozen. He could also never leave the department store (I think the store itself was enchanted because everything came to life at night). There was a human woman who would come visit every night, and she and the mannequin were as much in love as any two characters became on kids' shows back then.

Pinwheel? Today's Special? I can't remember the name, but I think it was one of those.

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