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Party Down South, Y'all

Party-down-south-promo  Do you enjoy the incisive cultural commentary of Jersey Shore and the antics of its human stereotypes slash cast members? Raise your glass to a little bit of chicken fried? Then country women and men, though art loosed -- Party Down South may be for you. 

That's what she said. 

Anyway. The people who brought us Jersey Shore and are therefore responsible for me being able to work Snooki and The Situation into everyday conversation are hitting the road "looking for 12 lucky guys and gals who are keepin' it country and want to party their asses off on the sickest reality show during one all-American summer." Or you can just read it in Cracker Barrel font, like so: 

Party-down-south-promoWhere's mah meatloaf? Where IS IT? 


Supposedly the Doron Ofir casting crew will be traveling through Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama and other southern states to find people in cowboy hats who like beer and likely a few who will not be here to make friends and maybe have incendiary tattoos, who knows? 

I don't know. I just don't know anymore. Random strangers picked to live in a house and have their lives taped was one thing. Seems sort of quaint now that we're bombarded with fake real housewives, little people in big worlds, toddlers and tiaras. Barenaked Ladies on The Bachelorette. I do not know what remains to be examined here. 

Duh. Kegs, muddin' and cookouts. It's a slippery slope. 

The grueling application process requires prospective Party Down Southers to detail a day in their current lives, and also to explain what "makes them country." They are please to share details of their current relationship status -- "single and minglin'", "hit it and quit it" maybe -- and to describe "the drama" in their lives. 

Awesome. I really want to say I won't watch it. Please don't let me watch it. Oh, and these dudes had better be getting royalties already for the promo materials alone. There will be no Barenaked Ladies in this establishment. Not the band, anyway.  

Holler if you're blue collar. 

. . . . .

Laurie was admittedly sort of country when country was only kind of cool.

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I don't know if I should be proud or ashamed to say I know a number of people who would fit the bill perfectly.

Leslie M-B

A sure sign of the program's authenticity is the misspelling of "y'all" on the flyer. Ugh.


I could cast a number of second & third cousins in this (GA) as well as, sadly, a number of people I met in Western PA.


I'm so disappointed! I thought this had to do with Party Down. Have you people seen that show? Totally rocks! As for Party Down South, not really my scene.


They forgot to mention drunk watermelons.


Christy from Mississippi

Great! We get to be made to look like ignorant rednecks! Looking forward to it!


I have a hard time believing that the people chosen for this show will only be indulging with a six pack.


If this is anything like Redneck Weddings on CMT, I'm in. Can't look away from the trainwreck. And I guess they don't give a #@!& about the oxford comma because it would look funny after the apostrophe in "muddin'".


I love you even more for the term "Cracker Barrel font."


Also seconding Leslie about "y'all." Drives me buggy. It's a contraction of "you all." Additionally, that word never, EVER applies to one person. Ever.


Leslie & Belinda -- I know Maryland is not considered the south by anyone other than many of us who were born and raised here (we are below the Mason-Dixon, sorry. Legit.) However, I have said and known how to properly contract "y'all" for as long as i can remember. I'm not sure how to justify the other wrong way. And I've clearly thought about this too much. ;)

Heidi -- I'd never heard of Party Down until I started searching for this lovely show. I'll have to check it out.

Haha, Jett. I'm sure that is on deck.

Christy -- One of my best friends is from Mississippi and is one of the most sophisticated ladies I know. Down with stereotypes.

Tonya -- Considering no one on any similar show seems to stop with six I'd imagine you are correct.

bd -- I too am ambivalent about the Oxford comma which may be the only thing I have in common with these people.

Belinda -- But it IS, right? I was looking for chicken 'n dumplins on there, haha.


Leslie, Belinda and Laurie - THANK YOU! I hate it when people spell y'all incorrectly!

Christy, I'm with you. I am also from Mississippi and my husband and I watch Jersey Shore and giggle and thank GOD that no one makes a show like that about southerners that will make us all look like stereotypical rednecks. Guess we spoke too soon.

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