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Revisiting June 1991

Sonic1-eu-front Ah, June - the month when the schools close forcing me to take care of my own children ALL. DAY. LONG.


June is also the month where I go to buy my husband a father's day card only to be inundated with graduation cards reminding me that I graduated from high school almost 20 years ago. True story. I graduated from high school 19 years ago in good old 1991. Remember 1991?

The number one song on the Billboard Chart was "More Than Words" by Extreme.

"City Slickers" brought in $19,362,020 at the box office this weekend in 1991. That was a lot of money way back then.


Did you know that "City Slickers" was Jake Gyllenhaal's first movie? Really! He played Billy Crystal's son.


Sonic the Hedgehog was first released for the Sega Genesis in June of 1991.


What else? The Russian's elected Boris Yeltsin as the President of their new republic, "Heir to the Empire" by Timothy Zahn was #1 on the New York Times best seller list. Mount Pinatubo erupted, there was a victory parade in Washington DC for the Persian Gulf War, Bruce Springsteen married his back-up singer Patti Scialfa, they exhumed Zachary Taylor's body to see how he died (yes, delayed reactions),  and "Twin Peaks" ended.


I worked at Peaches Records and Tapes (oh yes, tapes. I didn't even own a CD player yet) and I had a spiral perm. I was trying to destroy the ozone layer all by myself with Aqua Net.


What were you doing in June of 1991?

. . . . .

Goon Squad Sarah can still remember how crunchy her hair felt that day.

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Moving into a welfare motel on the skeezy side of Cape Cod. Good times.

Katie L.

Finishing up 11th grade.


Wow, my June 1991 was remarkably similar - I graduated high school (although, technically I did that in late May, but close enough), I read the #1 "Heir to the Empire" Star Wars novel, and I started employment at the sadly now-defunct GB Records, Tapes, and Compact Discs, who remained my employer throughout college. Good times. I did not, however, have a perm - I have naturally wavy hair, and perms do not work well, as I discovered in junior high when I spent several months looking like I stuck my finger in a light socket.


Gah, I HATE that More than Words song. It sounds so pretty, then it's all about "Love me? PROVE IT."

Ah..June 1991...in 2 more months, on a sweaty, sweaty day, my boyfriend would become my fiance by the campus pond at UMASS-Amherst.


Sleeping on the couch because my mom gave my room away when I went off to college. Calling that college boyfriend every night because we were so in lurve. Getting ready to go to St. Louis to see the Cure!


Finishing up 7th grade and losing the fight against pubescent awkwardness.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

@TwoBusy That doesn't sound fun at all.

Sent from my iPhone. 


I was riding my bike in the back yard or playing barbies with my older sister at the tender age of 8. :)

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

@katharama We were living parallel lives.

Sent from my iPhone. 


Had just finished 11th grade and went off to be a camp counselor.


I was trapped in 8th grade study hall, writing painful, self-indulgent poetry about the humid weather. The approaching thunder storm was all symbolic of my life and shit. I was really deep in 1991.


I finished my Junior year of high school, probably out raising hell in the tiny tiny Georgia town that the US Navy had moved us to.


Ya'll are puppies: I was 4 years out of college and teaching school in the district where I still am (I am one of the few GOOD things about education in AZ).


Well, um, I was in gradual school - got my first paper published, teh w1f3 was three months enciente with our second, and the first learned to walk. So, yeah, end of the world.


I too graduated in June of 91. I almost died when I saw the Extreme shot. I was living in Bonn, Germany at the time and the American Embassy (for whatever reason) had received 4 tickets to the Extreme concert. Best part? Surprise backstage passes.

You bet your sweet ass my friends and I got those tickets (helps to have a dad who's high up on the food chain). We were the only English speaking people backstage and it was awesome!

I hear that song and immediately flash back to that night. Ahhh.

I don't remember much else from that summer since I was living in Germany and yeah, beer.


I finished high school in 1991 too! Even though it was in Paris my memories are almost identical to yours! Last exams everybody was talking about who killed Laura Palmer! And I was also a perm addict back then, only blond!
Good luck with your kids!

Bitchin' Amy

Wow... I finished my first year at college, went off to work in Alaska for the summer feeling like I had the world by the tail, and then got my heart shattered into a million pieces over the summer in a doomed romance that it took me years to recover from.

Fuck 1991.

Kim S.

I also graduated in 1991. I spent the summer preparing for college by listening to my first compact disc (Jane's Addiction), smoking a lot of cigarettes, and breaking up with my boyfriend over AC/DC tickets.

Nine years after that, that boyfriend found me again and became my husband.

Ten years after that, we are celebrating our tenth anniversary with gray roots, rounder tummies, and three kids. Embarrassing fact? My boyfriend-turned-husband transcribed those Extreme lyrics into my yearbook. It took me 19 years, right until this very moment, to realize how creepy they are.


Waitressing. Drinking a lot of beer and smoking way too many cigarettes. Ocean City. Temple Of the Dog on repeat.

Major blur. I'd do it again right now, minus the waitressing.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

@kim s.

Yet that is somehow awesome.


I was just thinking about summer 91 yesterday, because we heard The Smithereens on the radio. I spent a couple of weeks of that summer touring east coast colleges (my parents thought I was going Ivy League, sorry dad!) and remember spending the entire time listening to a handful of cassettes, including The Smithereens, ON MY WALKMAN.


I'm confused, because I remember seeing City Slickers in the theatre, in November of '91, and More Than Words being popular around the same time. And I was living in L.A. at the time, so it's not like those things just took a while to get to me. Were they THAT good, that they remained relevant, 5 months later?

Regardless - I'm also Class of '91! Graduated high school with the Chicken Pox (and subsequently gave it to a teacher who gave me a congratulatory hug). Was working at a pharmacy, and also spent the summer as a nanny. Spent much of the summer at the pool, with the kids I was watching - flirting with a hot lifeguard. Enjoyed a postponed (due to the pox) trip to Hawaii in August...losing my virginity to the hot lifeguard (that turned out to be a one-night stand), only hours before. I was done with my small-town youth and ready to move to L.A. (the Valley, really - but close enough) for college!

Oh, also? My freshman-year boyfriend sang More Than Words at a fraternity pledge competition. And won! And his OTHER girlfriend was there! What a hot mess that was! Alas - I didn't know that he was Cheaty McCheaterpants for a few more months (though we decided to "take a break," beginning that night). Couldn't stand that song again 'til recently. I learned that he passed a few years ago, at the young age of 35, and the anger dissipated. Very tragic. The song, itself? Yeah - it's pretty effed up. "Don't tell me you love me. Have sex with me, damnit!"


Also class of '91, although I was in Tokyo. Competitive flower acquisition was the name of the game. People would walk around with these insane armsful of literally dozens of bouquets, leaving sad trails of squashed petals in their wake. A friend recently reminded me that our little group had pledged to give one another other as many red roses as we got A's, because we were enormous dorks. And then at graduation rehearsal I dropped a big stack of chairs on my toe, the nail turned black, I had to have it drained and I hobbled through graduation with one white heel (my first pumps!) and one flip-flop and a huge, bandaged toe. Weak.

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