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Silly Bandz Bans?

Silly-bandz  Did you know that Silly Bandz were a thing? Because I've been wearing them in my hair for a couple of months now and I had no idea.  

Of course you did, didn't you? 

Is a five-year old going to cut me for my pig? 

That sounds all kinds of wrong. 

It all started when my mom threw a couple of packs of Silly Bandz in my Easter basket. 

No, I have not presented her with a grandchild. And no, I am not a child, not officially anyway. I am not even a teenager, not even close. What I am is a person who likes animals a lot, and when my champion shopper generous mother (of an adult child who likes animals) sees certain animal-themed gadgets and knickknacks she occasionally buys them for me for Christmas stockings and Easter baskets and just-because sorts of things. 

No, I am not presenting her with a grandchild. 

I thought they were ponytail holders. What do I know? I didn't even read the package, but I'm not too proud to put my hair up in a pink pig ponytail holder. Hey, I buy Spongebob bandages on purpose because, again, I refute any claims to adulthood besides the necessity of working to pay rent and bills and buy food. Isn't that enough, HUH?  I need to have some kind of fun around here. 

Fantasy-shape-silly-bandzSo now I see on the Internet that these rubber bands are being banned from schools because they are too "distracting" and the kids are spending important learning time trading them and arguing about them and one-upping each other via Silly Bandz as kids have done with various toys and fads through the ages. 

I mean, if you had on more black rubber bracelets than I did in the late eighties? I was coming for you, lady, and those were just round and came in one color where I come from. 

Who can blame these kids anyway? Not only do these jokers come in animal shapes but also wildlife and fantasy creatures (unicorns! faeries!) and princess shapes and rock band gear!  You can throw the goat via Silly Bandz. 



I have been switching off between the pink pig, green rabbit and blue turtle (um, okay) for a month or so now. My car and bathroom counter eat ponytail holders for lunch but I seem to be hanging onto these guys. I am mildly concerned, however, about being accosted by a child for my retired Spring-themed Silly Bandz. I can be bought, however. Do they have a street value? 

And help me out. Aren't kids distracted by enough things with widgets and whistles and batteries and controllers that a simple bracelet isn't such a problem? What am I missing? Sarah said not to get her started about Silly Bandz. Anyone else? 


. . . . .

Laurie will trade you for the glitter unicorn.

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My 9 year old son has entire box full of these, because he is cute, sweet and has blonde hair and blue eyes. All the 3rd grade girls are giving them to him. I asked him if we could set aside a couple for when the economy gets a little worse as I am thinking I will be able to barter these things for some ramen noodles or pork and beans. I wonder if the parents of those little girls realize that they are buying my future food?


We homeschool, and I have all boys, so these weren't even on my radar until I read an article about the bans. Then I saw a neighbor girl wearing them and she thought I was so way cool for knowing what they were. She said her teacher had pegs on the classroom wall, and kids were told to hang their Silly Bandz there before taking their seats.

It seems silly. We had friendship pins and jelly bracelets, and sticker albums, and numerous other fads, and I don't remember those having to be 'banned" because we weren't paying attention in class. We weren't paying attention, usually, because we were too busy worrying about getting beaten up in the hallway, or not having anyone to sit with at lunchtime, or getting teased for not having the right brand of jeans.

So...I could have used some Silly Bandz to distract me from those things. Yes, I have issues, why do you ask?

Heather Z.

I was just talking to my daughter's fourth grade teacher yesterday about how she manages Silly Bandz in her classroom.

What I do like about them is that my 4 year old son loves them as much as my 13 year old niece. Unlike the "friendship pins" and "ribbon braided barrettes" of my youth, Silly Bandz are popular with both boys and girls...and kids of many different ages. And they seem totally cute and appropriate.

cagey (Kelli Oliver George)

That is HILARIOUS. I just saw these the other day and thought they were regular rubber bands - I considered buying some for our business. Ooops. I suspect our customers would have been mightily impressed, no?


They are fun; my 7 year old saved her money until she could buy her own pack. Apparently trading is half the fun.

They were banned in a middle school around here because the kids were using them as slingshots - either flinging the silly band or using it to fling little paper wasps or hornets or whatever they're called.

cindy w

My mom (not knowing they're a trend) bought some for my 3 year-old. She LOVES them. I, on the other hand, am sick of fetching them from my cat's mouth, so I'm not such a fan.


As a teacher, I'd say banning rubber bands because they are interfering with valuable learning time has more to do with teachers who can't manage student behavior than the kids being "distracted."
This is dumb.


I repeat: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!

One of my kids came home with one Silly Band once. Other than that, I've just been pretending they don't exist and hope that my kids don't care about them. So far it's working.

I'll let you know if we find the glittery unicorn. The one we have is a blue bat.

Trout Towers

I heard the dollar sign and the phoenix have some street value. Been going through my 7 year old's stash and can totally hook you up.


I'm wearing the blue unicorn right now. What will you trade? ;)

Ps- I am neither a teenager OR giving my parents a grandchild yet either. Prolonged childhood, FTW!

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