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Subtext Pr0n: The Poster for Mad Men Season 4

Mad-men-season-4-poster The premiere of the fourth season of Mad Men is still over a month away. But the folks behind the promotions for the show are experts at the long tease. The poster for the new season was just released yesterday and doctoral candidates in Media Studies programs all over the country have already added a new chapter to their dissertations, loosely titled "Mommy Said You Broke the Hi-Fi: A Contextual Analysis of the Work/Life Balance of Mid-Century Upper Middle Class Americans and the Socioeconomic Impact of Smoking While Pregnant."

Let's have a look, shall we?

Oooh. It's so stark it almost doesn't exist!

Now let's compare it to the promotional poster for the third season:

See what they did there?

At the beginning of the third season, Don's life and all of his secrets were beginning to drown him. By the end of that season, he had grabbed his trucks and shovels and stomped out of the Sterling Cooper sandbox to start his own agency, revealed his true identity to Betty, and told her he would give her a divorce. 

So, for the fourth season, it's tabula rasa time for Don. Luckily for him, his version of identity theft should be easily kept secret so long as people like Betty and Pete cooperate. Otherwise, you know, he loses everything that he hasn't already lost: his professional credentials, his house, his car, and, presumably, his freedom. But he has a phone. And a cigarette. And Don seems like the kind of guy who can build an advertising empire out of just those two things.

Of course, Mad Men has always worked to incorporate some aspects of American history into its story lines, so this empty, clean, unspoiled landscape could also reference the turning point that the 20th century is in the midst of. The JFK assassination changed so much about how Americans viewed themselves and their lingering post-war glow. And social revolutions are about to blow up all over the place for women, African Americans, and young people in general. The first half of the 1960s looked, felt, and sounded a lot like the 1950s. The latter half, as we all know, was very, very different. I can't wait to see what's next.

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Bitchin' Amy

Can't wait!!

Bitchin' Amy

Can't wait!!


Isn't it interesting, too, that despite it being Mad MEN, the posters are simply of the one, the only mad MAN. Because, good bad or indifferent so many of us want to be him, fuck him or both.


Don Draper is so fucking hot.

Suzy Q

I lovev that you used the term "tabula rasa." It's what I refer to my face as without makeup.

Squee for the return of "Mad Men"!


The season 4 poster instantly conjured up the image of the black silhouette man falling slowly, presumably to his death, that is shown in the opening credits. To me, it seems the image of Don standing alone was taken seconds before he crashes through the window, and becomes the black silhouette man.

Hopefully I'm wrong. A face as pretty as Don's should never be splattered across the pavement.

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