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The Slo-Mo Walk: A Good Thing?

Robert-pattinson I've been watching a lot of Twilight lately. I've forbidden my husband from deleting it off the DVR and I've put a secret lock code on it because I don't trust him. The thing is, I don't really like Twilight that much. I think it's an extremely so-so movie with poor acting, laughable dialogue, and a distracting blue wash over the film that does a terrible job convincing me that sunny Oregon is actually rainy Forks. Why do I watch it then? I'm obsessed with the slo-mo walk.

Twilight, and it's follow-up movie New Moon, are packed with slo-mo scenes. Some of the slo-mo bits are only seconds long, while other scenes are gloriously stretched out. Twilight is a slo-mo lovers dream and that's why I watch it.

Some say that the slo-mo walk is overused in movies. I agree and disagree with that statement. It is used a lot and its value is debatable. With few exceptions, the slo-mo walk is usually added for the purpose of playing some really great piece of music while drawing attention to a huge explosion or a pretty glitter-vampire. I KNOW it's cheese, and yet I love it all the same. I guess I'm a fan of cheese.


I can think of some great uses of slo-mo. The opening scene of Reservoir Dogs for example, is often talked about as being a great use of slow motion. In fact a search of YouTube unearthed dozens of homemade copycat videos of the Reservoir Dogs slow-mo walk. Apparently, there are lots of men out there armed with black suits, video cameras and too much spare time.


While, I love all slow motion scenes, I admit a fondness for the ones inserted into B-level movies by desperate directors looking to elevate their sad movies to the A-level. Moments like the running scene at the end of Batman & Robin, or the explosion scene in Desperado are the ones I remember for years.


Ah, yes. I do love me some good slo-mo.

What do you think about slo-mo? Love it or hate it? Did I miss some of your favorite scenes?

. . . . .
Marilyn is probably watching Twilight right now.

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I LOVE slo-mo cheese! Edward's slo-mo walk is one of the greatest - gives you time to enjoy the hair and smoldering eyes. Shudder.

My favorite slo-mo is in the beginning of Titanic when Kate Winslet is getting out of the car and she first sees the Titanic. It was a glorious shot of her looking up from under her huge purple hat. That one has always stuck with me. She was so beautiful.


When I saw New Moon for the first time (in the theater at midnight, natch) I actually laughed out loud during Edward's first slo-mo walk. At first I was merely enthralled by the hotness, but as it stretched on and on and on, I had to laugh at the obvious fan service, especially coming from a male director.


Whenever I see ridiculously dressed teenagers anywhere, I sing "All the Young Dudes" in my head and imagine the slow-mo scene from Clueless where Cher mocks the slobby pants-down-below-the-ass fashion of the guys at her school.


You must tell me of this secret lock out code!!! My hubby constantly "accidentally" deletes my shit. I'm so gonna show him now.


This is an awesome post!

I have never really taken note of slow-mo but now I am intrigued enough to want to rewatch my favourite movies to see if it is used to good effect (there *must* be slow-mo in Master and Commander, right? I know, I know, Russell Crowe in 18th C breeches, what can I say?)


So I'm late to comment, but I have to say I love slo-mo too. I don't know if it qualifies, but my favorite sequence of New Moon is actually the one where Bella is going cliff diving while the wolves are chasing Victoria and everybody's hunting a killer. I love all of it, the music video quality, the song is fabulous and haunting--lyrics like "a tear in the membrane, allows the voices in"...awesome...and I love Victoria's run, slo-paused, then fast. I've always loved wolves, so I admit I even love the totally CGI wolves barreling through the forest in order to protcet the people from a blood-thirsty vampire. Cheesy, and I love it. When my teenage kids are watching the movie for the millionth time, and I'm cleaning, that is the one time I take a break and enjoy every time.

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