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Three Minute Recap: Friday Night Lights "In The Bag"

FNL-vince-quarterback I barely know where to start, there was so much going on in Dillon this week, so let's just get straight to the best bits, shall we? Riggins, Riggins, Riggins, and, oh my succulent stars, Tim Riggins!

 FNL-riggins-inthebagHow is it that, even as I grow ever more disheartened with the state of his hair (why is it so limp? is the hairline receding? does it just need a good washing??), I fall a bit more in love with Tim Riggins every week??  Taylor Kitsch might just be giving Zach Gilford some competition come Emmy time, if he can keep giving us these brilliant moments of manly sensitivity and easy gallantry that allow the audience a window into a young laconic stud's growth into a man that is constantly striving to get it right where so many in his family have gotten it wrong before him.  I mean c'mon... when he went to the pound to retrieve Becky's puppy that her "disgruntled redhead" mother had returned? I got glow-y. I did.  But I love that he retains his bad-boy edge, too, as seen when Becky's no-good dad threatened him and he wasn't above taunting the man with the knowledge that he had slept with his ex-wife. I may have crowed a bit when he said that, but was quickly gasping in horror (that he might accidentally kill the douchebag) as I watched him pummel the older guy in the mud. And Tim's face, as he surveyed that lovely piece of Texas Hill Country, made me want him to have everything his heart desires. Everything plus his dog named "Skeeter", because then life would be complete, right?

One last bit of Riggins-mania:  I can only describe my feelings for Tim Riggins as being like an unexpectedly pregnant single gal that finds out her baby-daddy isn't just a drunken mistake but might actually be a stand-up guy.  A guy that a life could be built with, maybe a really good life. ...I clearly have not thought about this enough. *ahem*  Moving on. 

FNL-Julie-breakdown Next up, we have Julie's grieving-for-her-lost-love story-line. I'll admit it, I cried. Didn't you? I couldn't help but remember my own first love, as Julie wept to her mother "I thought he was the one." and her mom said "I know. You're gonna survive and good things are going to start to happen again and one day you may even look back and even this will not be such a bad thing." So true, Tami, so true.

As much as I might identify with the situation, however, I have a hard time feeling bad for Julie.  I think I'm still holding a grudge from a few episodes back when she was so cavalier in her announcement to Matt that she was applying to all those East Coast colleges, like she hadn't given him a second thought when considering where she was going.  Perhaps it was just a rare misstep by the writing team and they didn't mean to make her out to be the bad guy (sure, right...I don't think so), but I was really mad at Julie's insensitivity about that whole thing.  FNL-academic-smackdown-7

She is certainly paying for that transgression now, though.  ...By kicking ass (and breaking down) at the Academic Smack-Down! C'mon, fellow nerds of the world who are now avid MamaPop readers: I won second place in the Academic Olympics (in Literature & English) of Southwestern Missouri my Junior year of high school, what brain sport did you compete in?  In other revelations you didn't ask to be subjected to, I did not know the answer to the question Julie answered. *hanging my head in shame*

FNL-vince-eric The coach had his hands full this week doling out tough love to his two star players. I think that Vince is eager (in a resistant, conflicted kind of way?) and able to rise to the man-making call of Coach Taylor. He is stepping into the role of quarterback on the team, feeling the weight of that responsibility and relishing it.  I loved that Vince's mother, in a brief moment of tender sobriety, came to thank the coach for his belief in her son, certainly a moment that would make any teen cringe to imagine, but one that adults can appreciate, right?  After an intense late-night talk that ended with Vince handing Eric his handgun at the Taylor home, Eric appeared to appreciate his own responsibility in their relationship, as he confided in Tami that Vince "trusts me." It's kind of like finding an Easter Egg when we get to see Coach acknowledge his impact on the kids and how that affects him personally, so I got a little glow-y and a little bit scared, too, by that one.

I'm not so sure that Luke Cafferty will rise to the challenge as well as Vince.  He is so heaped with responsibilities to his family farm already that I just felt terrible for him when Eric laid into him about being there for the team and remembering what is important as a player, etc.  There is tough love and then there is cruelty, and I think that was borderline.  Clearly the Coach was harried when he said it, but I think it played a part in setting an overtired Luke up for the injury he sustained in the cattle chute. 

Tami Taylor Watch: Tami FINALLY gets good news at school and some much deserved appreciation from her staff for being a great principal when the school wins an Academic Blue Ribbon Award.  I guess some people care about academics in West Dillon, after all. Of course, the karaoke-drunken-teacher-love-fest has to end with some drama, but Lord-have-mercy, that crafty Connie Britton turns what could've been a major drama, when a bombed and mawkish Glen tries to turn a congratulatory hug into a kiss, into a swift refusal and firm dismissal of his advances that managed to be both kind and seem like not-too-big-a-dea.  I bow to her invincibility.

What do you think is going to happen next week? Will Julie still be grieving? Will Billy and Tim survive Mindy on bed-rest (ai yai yai)? Will Vince be OK in his 'hood without the gun?  Is Jess really into Landry??

[The three minute recap is a shorter recap for the time-pressed TV hounds that are looking for a spot to check in and chat with like-minded lovers of the show being reviewed.  Because we don't all have time to watch the show and then read a long recap of the whole episode, sometimes we just want to talk it over with friends. Comments are welcome and conversation is encouraged.]

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Life of a Doctor's Wife

I echo your love for Tim Riggins, and your bafflement by the state of his greasy, overly-long locks.

This episode was wonderful, with many high moments and a bunch of tear-jerkers. (That moment where Tim tells Becky her dad isn't coming back? That shared moment between Tami and Julie back stage? SOB.)

But... There were a couple of things that seemed too... easy? for this show. Like the fact that Vince's mom is all of a sudden clean and sober. And how Luke's hard-ass dad came around to his son's worth pretty much the instant his teammate came to help with the fencing. I love this show for how touchy feely it can be... but usually it is so real. And these two things just didn't ring true for me.

And that Billy is now going to be involved in some drug deal? That just annoys me. I mean, it's not out of character for Billy... But COME ON. Rise above your background, buddy.

Bitchin' Amy

Doctor's Wife: Yes, you have expressed your dismay of Tim's hair before and I couldn't agree more.

I agree with your thoughts on Vince's mom, it was pretty convenient for her to finally be off the couch and actually sober enough to make her appearance at school. Perhaps they needed this interlude to help clarify Vince's decision to hand his gun over to Eric? It may have been a bit cooked-up, but I'm a sucker for any addict-trying-to-make-good storyline, especially if her sweet demeanor is supposed to help inform us on Vince's nature. :)

Also, I figured that Luke's dad would be racist or at least leery of the oversized Tinker (sp?), but figured that maybe he is just too pragmatic to get worked up about that kind of thing when work needs to be done and an extra pair of hands shows up. Maybe it was too easy for FNL, but I could relate to the affirmation of a stranger making me feel better about my kids. I now feel like a terrible parent for relating to Luke's dad. Thanks for that. :^\ (Just kidding, sort of.)

And Billy?? Oh for the love of Pete... that guy is destined for shit and I don't like what I smelled in that scene. STAY AWAY, TIM!!!!!


When Tim Riggins was talking to "Skeeter" in the cab of his truck I just about DIED. SO DARLING. I have a feeling that what Taylor Kitsch says in situations like this are off the cuff. This scene and "killing Cobra's beer" two weeks ago just ring so natural and unrehearsed. Or I'm just blinded by his biceps...so whatever.

Luke is my new favorite and I'd love to see more of him (shirtless).

Thanks for the recap!


I semi-watched this show during previous seasons but I'm officially hooked now! I have a love/hate relationship with the way they make me cry every week. My heart is breaking for Julie, even though you make a good point about her plans to leave for school. And I just can't even talk about Tim Riggins' rough beauty. But speaking of him, do we think something is going to happen between him and Becky? I really hope not, for some reason I'm not comfortable with that, I guess cause he banged her Moma and well, that's just weird. Besides, she needs to embrace the hotness that is Luke Cafferty, he digs her, why is she fighting it?! I guess she thinks all guys are the same which of course we all have/do at some point. Okay, I've rambled long enough.

Bitchin' Amy

Jennifer: Yes, that whole segment of him driving with Skeeter and then pulling into that farm for him to do his business was gold.

I hadn't thought of that before, regarding Taylor Kitsch's improv abilities. It makes his wooden turn as Gambit in the last X-Men movie make more sense, though. (I know, I know, the writers certainly didn't supply him with much material there.) And, wait or it... makes me love him even more.

Somebody help me with this Riggins problem, please?


Oh, the scene with Tami and Julie had me completely broken up. Even if Julie was asking for it a bit, I still feel for her.

This wasn't the best episode ever, but given the awesome of the last two weeks, I feel like I can let it slide, you know?

Tim Riggins...I hope he gets his land and his girl.

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