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Toy Story 3. They're Just Rubbing Our Noses In It Now.

Toy_Story_3D  Alright Pixar. We get it. Enough already. We KNOW you make films with impeccable quality and wonderful story that play with us while at the same time redefining our understanding of what an animated film can be. We've been with you THE WHOLE TIME. Making Toy Story 3 that good, is just showing off. Think about poor Fox Studios. They just released Marmaduke. How Do you think this makes THEM feel? 

Hopefully like never making another movie.

 Toy Story 2 was awesome. A genuinely great film that stands up and saunters out of the shadow of its illustrious forebear and if you think I'm just using cowboy similes because the series features a wooden cowboy doll, than congratulations, Journalism Major, all those monster bong hits you took in community college didn't effect your ability to think analytically. So for Pixar to turn around and make ANOTHER sequel, better than most original film properties out there, is just ridiculous. What Pixar? You can't make ONE movie of the same quality as Paul Blart? Where's your Transformers 2? Where is your Killers? No one likes a showoff. Except for me when I'm making bicep flexes in the full-length mirror. That is totally acceptable.

I took the kids to Toy Story 3 because it was Father's Day and I get to do whatever I want on Father's Day because that's in the Bill of Rights or the Bible or something. And if you think all that power went to my head and I got kicked out of the local diner for demanding the greeter and the waitress "dance like they would for Jabba" than you are totally wrong because you can't prove anything because they didn't press charges. But I did get to take the kids to the movies, and when it was over, all the little one could do was talk about who was his favorite character and what was his favorite part and I'm all "(*exaggerated yawn*) Booor-rinnnggg!" and the older one was saying that she teared up at that one part and wasn't that just ridiculous because it's just an animated movie?

"No, kid." I said, "It's not an animated movie. It's a Pixar movie" 

She understood right away.

 "Seriously, you guys. Everyone's going to think we're on the Peyotes if you're all hanging out in a box and smiling at each other."

The amazing characters. The deeply-layered plots that highlight real themes and not Hollywood versions of real themes like "Will She EVER get invited to the prom?" or "Will she EVER figure out that her husband is really a secret agent? Silly woman!" The underlying message about the importance of family that is reinforced subtly by nearly every action or sentence spoken or symbolic image on the screen. Pixar plays with these concepts with the light-handed touch that one would expect from an animation studio without actually flinching from the real depth of the issue. Watching this film was like getting punched in the face with a bouquet of flowers. That's not to say there weren't laughs. Throughout the movie there were many parts where I laughed for real...not the affected "heh." because I feel bad for spending money on tickets and then not actually enjoying the film. Real laughs. More than I did during Get Him To The Greek. More than I did during The Hangover. More than all the people who saw Furry Vengeance did if you put them all together.*

Animated or not, this was one of the most loving, wonderful films I've seen this year and you should go see it in the theaters JUST because Pixar deserves to make ALL the money for the rest of the month. Let's just pretend all the other movies out there are schlocky remakes or poorly executed rom-coms or star Megan Fox and go see Toy Story 3. Please?

* I remain convinced that if you took all the people who enjoyed Furry Vengeance and put them in a room, you would have a very crowded closet and also a level of stupidity so concentrated that it would probably fold in on itself and turn into a Black Hole of Idiocy.

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I loved it. I cried my face off.

However, and this is a small however, the Baby character really disturbed me. Like made my belly ache disturbed me. I know that was the point, but owwwww.

Fairly Odd Mother

It was so sad and intense at parts, I was almost glad one child had to leave the theater for 15 minutes so I could also take a breather outside. (though I'm the type that had to close my eyes in parts of "UP", so let's just say I'm a delicate flower).

Great, great film but that ending had me sniveling like my favorite puppy had died. Holy cow. I don't think my kids will ever be able to give their toys away now, and I was feeling pretty guilty about the 20 Barbies I made the girls donate to our local YMCA daycare. Well, actually I don't really feel guilty about that. They were all naked. They're probably having a blast.

Jen O.

Kurt liked a movie? A KIDS movie? Because I'm such a huge supporter of the arts, I think I'm going to order an advanced copy from that guy who sneakily records the movies on his cell phone and then charges $5 for the DVD. But if someone stands up in front of him, we get it for $3 because a big bald head in the way really effects the quality.

cindy w

We took my 3 year-old to see Toy Story 3 on Saturday. I cried a lot. I have a feeling we'll be seeing it again before it's finished its run in theaters.


@ Maria. The baby creeped me out too. And our 5 year old had a nightmare about the ching-ching monkey. But the baby was WAAAYYY creepier, with that lazy eye and dead expression.


My four-year-old and I loved it. Loved loved loved it. I don't know how Pixar keeps doing it, but damn, they make the best movies, and I'm leaving out the "kids" qualifier on purpose.

Funny: As we left we walked behind a crowd of teenagers (girls and boys) who were discussing how much THEY loved it too. They were obviously just little kids when the other ones came out and I thought it was really sweet how openly moved they were and how much they genuinely still loved these characters.

I'm making my husband see it again with me this weekend.


i teared up numerous times. i loved the idea that the little kids who saw the first movie in the theatre were andy's age, going to college and becoming pseudo-grownups, and probably having many of the same feelings. then i went home and hugged the snoopy doll i got for my second birthday.


One part I liked was when all the kids in the Caterpillar room went outside for recess, and a voice from the back of the theatre called out, "But they didn't get in line first!"

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