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True Blood Recap: Beautifully Broken

True-blood-tommy Nina Simone wrote this great song called "Mississippi Goddamn," which is an upbeat little tune about how messed up Ms. Simone's experiences in Mississippi were at the height of the Civil Rights Movement. Considering how Bill's visit to the Show Me Hospitality State* has gone so far, I'm thinking he may be borrowing a few bars from the High Priestess of Soul before too long.

Bill's encounter with the werewolves in the woods is going okay for Bill. We see him ripping a wolf's ear off and the wolf turning human to whine about it. Only one wolf is left and Bill is ready to go, but a very fancy guy rides up on his horse, an air of authority trailing behind him, and the fracas ends immediately. It's Russell Edgington, the King of Mississippi, and he lectures the lead wolf, Cooter, on the apparently terrible job that he and his canine buddies did escorting Bill to his home. Bill, after taking a moment to tease Cooter about his most unfortunate name, informs the King that his escorts were not only abusive, but damn near murderous as they drained him within an inch of his life. The King is furious and shoots Cooter's friend in the head, then gently orders Bill to accompany him to his palace, promising to explain everything.

Lafayette bursts into the bathroom where Tara is gulping down pills, grabs her, and makes her spit them out. Lettie Mae buzzes around begging Jesus for help, which enrages Lafayette. "You're too busy praising Jesus to notice she's trying to move in with him permanently!" He grabs Tara and says that he's taking her to the hospital and Tara cries that she doesn't want to go. "You've failed her for the last time. Now get out of my way," he snarls at Lettie Mae.

True-blood-pam-jessica Sookie and Jessica are at Fangtasia trying to get some information from Eric about Operation Werewolf. Pam takes Jessica to the ladies' room so they can, "[S]tare at ourselves in the mirror," and also give Eric and Sookie some privacy. Eric sort of vaguely but seriously tells Sookie that the werewolves are bad news and that she needs to stay from away from them as her life is too valuable. In the bathroom, Jessica gazes at Pam as she adjusts her make up, then asks her in that hypothetical but obviously not hypothetical way that kids do how one might go about not killing a human when feeding on them. And, like, let's say that you did kill someone by accident, but, you know, totally hypothetically...what would you do with the body. Back outside, Sookie is begging for Eric's help and more information about what the werewolves might want with Bill. She starts to cry and Eric, squicked out, says, "Please don't do that. It makes me feel disturbingly human." Eric has a flash back to Germany in 1945 and we see an American soldier checking out a bombed out house. He finds a naked woman who appears to be terrified, but when the soldier sets his rifle down, her eyes change to those of a werewolf and she attacks. Eric and Godric, who had been hiding upstairs, swoop down, dressed in SS uniforms. They toss the werewolf off of the soldier and pin her to the wall with the bayonet. She snarls at them that they're on the same side. "No we're not," replies Eric.

Bill and King Russell ride up to the palace/mansion and are greeted by the King's boyfriend, Talbot. Talbot makes a big fuss over Bill, showing him to his redecorated room which features Elizabeth Bathory's bed (gee, thanks, that's not creepy), and a silver door and a guard. Obviously, Bill's status here as a "guest" is somewhat facetious. "You're only making matters worse for yourself by holding me captive," warns Bill. But King Russell tells him that he has a proposal for Bill.

Lafayette speeds along with Tara in the car, but she finally convinces him to stop. She points out that if he takes her to the hospital, they'll lock her up and there is nothing that she can honestly say to anyone about the events of the past few months that sounds the slightest bit sane. Lafayette is unconvinced: "Bitch, you tried to kill yourself." Tara insists that she didn't plan it, she just saw the pills and thought, "Enough." She starts to tear up again and laments that the one time she thought she was happy, turns out she was a zombie. Shake it off, Tara! Shit happens! Sometimes you bounce back from an abusive childhood only to get caught up with a demonic, vibrating woman and your superfine boyfriend turns out to be a possessed heart remover. Lafayette, fed up, tells her that life isn't about not having problems, it's about dealing with the ones you've got. "That don't mean checking out early and leaving me here, alone," he says. Lafayette agrees not to take Tara to the hospital, but informs her that there's something that she needs to see.

Sookie drops Jessica at home where Hoyt is waiting for her on the porch. He's brought her some True Bloods and tells her that he's realized that he needs to take better care of her. Jessica insists that he doesn't understand that it's in her nature to hurt people, but Hoyt counters that it's in his nature to run back to his mama. "Let's fight our natures together!" But Jessica sobs that it's too late and runs inside. Hoyt kicks the door, but leaves, crushed. Crying, Jessica goes to her sleeping hole, grimaces at the corpse rotting away, then climbs in to go to sleep.

Sookie goes home and is nearly startled to death by Jason, who she reflexively kicks in "the family junk." She asks him why he's eating fried chicken in the dark at 5 a.m. and he replies that he couldn't sleep and came over to clean the house and got hungry. Uh, you could still turn a light on, dude. "I figured you'd be with Bill," says Jason, and Sookie starts to cry. Later, as they busily clean the kitchen, Sookie has apparently been explaining the night's happenings to Jason. "So werewolves are real? Is Bigfoot real?" he asks. Sookie tries to get more into the bigger problems but Jason interrupts her. "What about Santa?!?!" But Sookie is too upset to address Jason's burning Christmas questions and sighs that she keeps expecting bill to walk through the door and say, "SOOKEH!" Ha! I love that the internet's mockery of Bill's breathy method of addressing his girlfriend is a part of the show now.

True-blood-tommy Sam wakes up in his truck to a rifle in his face. It's Tommy, who has discovered Sam's stakeout outside of the Mickens' house and leads him inside. Tommy calls for his parents who snarl about bill collectors before Tommy's mother notices something familiar about Sam. She asks Sam if they've met before. "About 34 years ago," he replies. Suddenly, her face brightens and she says, "It's you. It's really you." Tommy demands to know who exactly this Sam guy is, and really, as much as Tommy seems like an asshole, he has every reason to be terrified since Sam is showing up at his job looking for him and then sleeping outside of his house.

Sookie arrives for work at Merlotte's and notices someone, who I would guess to be a werewolf, lurking and watching her from the woods. Terry wanders out and Sookie asks him if he saw someone there. "No," says Terry. "Usually if I see things, no one else does because I haven't taken my medication..." Sookie runs into the woods followed by Terry, who goes into recon mode. They find foot prints made by someone in motorcycle boots, but the tracks end. "That don't make a lick of sense, unless he turned into a bird and flew away," says Terry. "Or a wolf," replies Sookie, as she picks up some boots and clothes.

Lafayette takes Tara to a clinic and initially she yells at him, thinking that he tricked her and is planning to commit her. Instead, Lafayette takes her to see Ruby, his mother, who is being fed by a nurse named Jesus. "He's a Messican but he ain't raped me yet." Charming! Jesus is surprised that Lafayette is alive, because apparently Ruby told everyone he was dead, because in her mind, gay = dead.

True-blood-jason-andy Outside of the sheriff's station, Andy is being interviewed by the media about his heroic acts. Jason shows up and Andy rushes over to him, scolding him for not laying low. Jason explains that Sookie is blaming herself for Eggs and that he's got to make it right.

Back inside Merlotte's, Terry and Sookie are talking about werewolves that might be lurking around. Arlene barges through and bitches at them for not answering her calls for help out in the restaurant and mutters about how she'll do everything herself, just like she's always done. Terry asks Sookie to tell Arlene that he can be a good partner to her, but Sookie tells him that he needs to show her that himself. Before she heads out to wait tables, Terry hands her a small handgun and asks her if she knows how to use it. "I'd miss you if you got killed," he says, which is sweet, but let's remember that Sookie decapitated Rene WITH A SHOVEL. I'm really not all that worried about Sookie's self-defense skills.

Back at the Mickens', Sam's mom is explaining why she put him up for adoption. She was 16, his dad was in prison. "They could give you a better life...Did they?" she asks, nervously. "'Til I was 15," he answers. He asks if his shifting abilities were the real reason they gave him away and Mrs. Mickens starts to cry and tells him that she prayed that he would be regular. Apparently she and Tommy are also shifters, while their dad is a sympathetic human. "I'm so sorry you had to go through that alone," she cries. Tommy rants that no one is concerned about how he feels about never knowing that he had a brother. "Welcome to the family," he snots at Sam. "You can have 'em."

True-blood-lafayette-taraTara and Lafayette get ready to leave the clinic. Lafayette notes that it costs more than the wages of two legal jobs to keep her housed there, hinting at his V shilling gig. Which reminds me: was he able to sell all of his V and deliver the money to Pam in one night? It seemed like a tall order, even for him, but I guess it went alright? CLOSE THE LOOP, PLEASE! Anyway, he adds that he goes to the trouble because he hates her too much to take care of her himself. He turns to Tara and very seriously tells her that there is darkness in their family and Ruby and Lettie Mae aren't strong enough to fight it, but he and Tara are, and he's not letting her give up now. They promise each other, and give a little fist bump, and playfully go back and forth. "Hooker, you ever try that again," warns Lafayette, noting that he'll make sure that the person feeding her peas won't be as hot as Jesus.

Sam and Tommy stand outside bickering about their respective upbringings and Tommy is a tad bit resentful, to put it lightly. "I didn't realize this was a 'whose life is more fucked' contest," snaps Sam, and assures Tommy that he's not there to take anything away from him. Tommy settles down and tells Sam that he needs to go for a run to cool down. Sam offers to join him and they strip. He notices that Tommy has a lot of scars on his back and Tommy explains them away by saying that he used to get into a lot of fights. Sam doesn't pry further. They turn into dogs and run off. I really can't believe I just wrote that.

Back at Bill's house, Jessica is calling around to find out how much it would cost to buy or rent a chainsaw. She finds an option within her budget and grabs the wallet off of the corpse. She briefly notices a picture of him with a boy who I would presume is his son. She quickly moves on and grabs the cash and tosses the wallet back onto him.

At the King's mansion, Bill is being treated to a gourmet blood dinner. The King wants to make Bill Sheriff of Mississippi Area 2. Bill takes this to mean that the King is waging war against Queen Sophie-Ann, but that's not entirely how the King sees it. Talbot excuses himself to drain the second course, calling out, "Carlo! Bring me that Thai boy!" The King actually intends to marry Sophie-Ann, although she's not interested at the moment, but he thinks Bill can help.

At Merlotte's, Andy's interview is on TV and the patrons applaud his courageous deed. Jason drunkenly stands on the table and toasts Andy. "You're the wind beneath my wings!" Andy shushes him down and Jason moans that perhaps he does belong in jail after all, since every time he tries to do good, he screws up. Andy dismisses his concerns and tells him to just try harder and focus. Jason hugs him and says, "I love you, Andy. You're my best friend." Andy replies that that's just sad.

Sam and Tommy continue running and frolicking through the woods. A truck speeds toward Tommy and Sam runs over to push him out of the way. But Tommy turns into a bird and flies away while the truck manages to avoid hitting Sam. Sam turns back into a human and watches Tommy fly, looking somewhat confused.

Someone wearing very severe boots tiptoes through Bill's house and snoops through some drawers containing files. He finds a drawer with a false bottom and lifts it up, finding a file containing information on the Stackhouse family history. Hmm. Why would Bill have this information? Is it no coincidence that he met Sookie that day in Merlotte's? Iiiiinteresting.

True-blood-eric-godric Back at her house, Sookie is nervously sitting in her living room with the gun that Terry gave her. She hears someone approaching the house and cautiously approaches the door to find Eric there. He's come to protect her, knowing that the werewolves have been looking for her. Sookie asks if they know something about Bill and Eric admits to lying to her before. He flashes back again to 1945 Germany, when he had the werewolf pinned against the wall. She offers to tell them who her master is in exchange for some of Eric's blood, which he agrees to despite Godric's warnings that the blood is sacred. Eric asks her once again who her master is and she replies, "One of you," then lunges to kill Eric. Godric whooshes behind her and snaps her neck. "We will find him," Godric tells Eric, reminding him to have patience. Back in present-day Bon Temps, Sookie asks, "You and Godric were in the SS?" apparently rethinking her burgeoning friendship with him. But Eric explained that they posed in whatever roles would help them to find this treacherous vampire. He explains that the werewolves after Sookie and Bill are not ordinary werewolves. They're organized, well-funded, and well-trained. He adds that his loyalty is not with Bill, that the werewolves are coming for Sookie, and he owes her. His goal tonight is to keep her out of danger. "So are you going to invite me in so that I can protect you? Or have primal sex?" INVITE HIM IN, SOOKIE, WHAT ARE WAITING FOR? BILL WHO? But she reminds him that she's still Bill's. Noticing her engagement ring, he replies, "So you are."

True-blood-king-russell-talbotBack at the mansion, the King continues to talk trash on Sophie-Ann, indicating that he and Talbot find her rather stupid. But he knows that she has secrets and Bill might know what they are. He informs the King that he is not the vampire he wants and he is not privy to the Queen's secrets. Trying a different angle, the King clucks, "Poor Sookie," vaguely threatening that she will pay for Bill's lack of cooperation. Bill warns him to leave Sookie out of it. The King pushes and Bill becomes furious, but the King warns him to put his fangs away.

Lafayette makes Tara go to Merlotte's with him because he doesn't want her to be alone. Terry stops Arlene on her way out of the bathroom and reads her a list of ten reasons why she can trust him with her kids, among them the time he nursed a baby armadillo to health and how he never killed anything by accident. However, Arlene has to return to the bathroom to puke, even though it looked like his list was starting to soften her a bit.

The guy with the severe boots sits at the bar and tries to talk to Tara, asking her why she's there if she's not working. "I'm trying not to kill myself," she replies. He asks her how it's going and she points out that she's still alive. "That makes one of us."

Jessica comes home with a chainsaw but is not pleased to find that the corpse is gone from her sleeping hole. Uh oh.

Andy and Jason are leaving Merlotte's when a call comes in over the radio about a meth lab bust. At the scene, the bust starts going awry immediately. Despite Andy's instructions to sit still, Jason spots a girl sneaking into the woods and follows her in. They lock eyes for a moment, but she runs away and Jason sees one of the meth lab guys trying to sneak out the back. He runs over and tackles him. "I got me a drug dealer!" he shouts.

Tara is sitting outside of Merlotte's taking huge swigs from a bottle of Wild Turkey (ugh) when two guys stumble outside making jokes about Eggs' demise, with liberal use of the N word and a pause to pee on the spot where he died. Tara rushes over and punches them and the guy with the boots appears to hold one of the guys back. He demands that they apologize to Tara. When they don't, Tara goes completely ballistic punching the guy in the face. The stranger's fangs pop out in excitement.

At the King's house, just as they're about to dig into their blood gelato, Lorena shows up. Bill grabs a lamp and throws it at her, setting her on fire, but I feel like that is a fantasy sequence.

Eric tells Sookie about how ridiculous he thinks her marriage to Bill will be when suddenly he gets very alert and tells Sookie to invite him in immediately. Taking him seriously, she does. When they get inside, a werewolf is waiting for them. It lunges and Eric goes in to attack, but Sookie fires her gun.

And then, of course, there was this:

Snoop Dogg - "Oh Sookie"

* Ack! Thank you commenter Heather for pointing out that Missouri is the Show Me State. Somewhere, my Missouri-proud 5th and 6th grade teacher Mrs. Dolan is howling in agony that I got Missouri and Mississippi's nicknames mixed up.

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Not to be hypercritical or anything, but Missouri is the Show Me State.
Mississippi Goddamn is a great name for a song-- I need to look that one up!


Snoop Dogg is the Man!... or the Dog, whatever. Oh Sookie!


Tommy was trying to "git Sam kilt," right? That's how I read that scene.

Suzy Q

I am sooo tired of Tara and her stupid temper tantrums. It seems that's all she ever does.

Eric? Please to come in and smite me with thy Nordic Rod of Glory.

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