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Why I Won't Be Recapping Project Runway Next Season

Runway  Lifetime has decided to add an extra half hour to Project Runway in season 8. An extra half hour! Will dresses that look like toilet-dyed ass at 10:45 look any better at 11:15? 

Heidi announced the change to the L.A. Times:
"I'll give you a little inside scoop. We're going to have more time next season," she announces. How will they manage that? "We're going to make the show an hour and a half long," adding a half hour to the running time. "It's for all the people out there who need to know just a little bit more of what's going on."

Picture 103 

That's Models of the Runway's time slot! Oh noes!

I admit there was a time, probably several seasons back, when I would have rejoiced at this news. I could not get enough of Project Runway, so YAY for more Project Runway. I bet you cash money I whined in a comment section somewhere, sometime, about how the show was too short and should be a little longer so we could see more scenes from the workroom/apartment/judging/holding pen/whatever. 

But now? I don't know. The show just isn't what it used to be. I've just now spent about 15 minutes trying to articulate exactly why, but...eh. You guys know why. Millions of you, in fact:

The first few years saw the ratings climb to a Season 3 finale high of 5.4 million. A move from Bravo to Lifetime in Season 6, after a lengthy legal battle, saw its highest premiere numbers, but last season, viewership fell below 3 million. "We were still the highest rated cable show many of those weeks," executive producer Sara Rea points out, adding that it was a lackluster television season in general. "We're definitely looking to improve things, but we don't feel like it's broken."

What do you think? Good thing or final jump-the-bobbin sign of desperation? I'm...concerned.

On the one hand, the show won't have to leave awesome footage on the cutting-room floor (like the infamous fact that Ra'Mon's winning dress was DYED IN THE TOILET, or maybe WHY Mila and Jay hated each other so much, rather than just pulling that conflict out of their asses one episode late in the season). On the other hand, shifting too much of the focus to casting-related DRAMAZ does kind of negate why we all fell in love with the show in the first place: we like to watch crazy talented people being crazy talented. 

Season 8 starts up at the end of July. I'll be watching, but I'm putting my recapping dollars and hours to (hopefully) better use: Look for brand-spanking new weekly recaps of RuPaul's Drag U here at Mamapop after it premieres on July 19th.


Source (via Tom & Lorenzo)

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Suzy Q

Wah. I'll miss your recaps. Like a scab I can't keep from picking, I can't stop watching "Project Runway." But, oh, another half-hour? So not needed. I won't miss that stupid model show, though.

cindy w

I'm wondering if this means that they're going work all of the models' b.s. into the regular show format. And if that's the case, I am not going to be pleased AT ALL.


No!!! Please recap!! They were half of why I watched the show! Amy! Please reconsider!


OK wait, I'm sad. I totally agree the show isn't what it used to be, but I love your recaps and will miss them like crazy.


Most of the time I forgo the show and just read your re-caps...this is going to throw that stratagy into a tail spin!


I am distraught - ProjRun without my precious Amalah recaps? Sob.


But...but...who will notate the careful use of the blueflydotcom accessory wall with the same flair as TIM?!? Tell Me WHO?!?


I am really torn between being totes excited about the Drag U recaps and being totes depressed for no Runway recaps. Although those queens will give you MUCH more material to work with!


You are making me cry. I wish you would reconsider. I would wait with baited breath for your recaps, and then read TLO's recaps. You were the two best recappers on the net. I will miss little Qrystalcoztxle and the rest of your wonderful bon mots.

I do love a good Drag Queen though, so it is not all bad. But still, SOB!!


Oh please don't let them work in the model b.s. into the regular show! Is it going to be in LA this time or not? I will also be missing your recaps.

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