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Win Vs. Fail: The Tony Awards

Tonyaward  So the 2010 Tonys are come and gone, and there were SERIOUS Win/Fail moments. Let's go through the show and see what brought the noise, and what just brought the funk. (That was a terrible joke, I apologize.)


WIN: Sean Hayes: Just Jack was phenomenal. He didn't top NPH, but he was given some great material to work with, and he captivated the audience, especially when he welcomed "the closeted right-wing politicians secretly watching this" and good naturedly made mention of the Newsweek debacle wherein Hayes was called "too gay to play straight" by making out with Kristen Chenoweth during his opening monologue. 

FAIL: The Sound Department: What sort of crack and what brand of tequila were the sound department smoking and drinking? Mic outages, volume issues, missed cues, and that was just in the opening act. The nominees, especially Million Dollar Quartet and Catherine Zeta Jones (more on her later) deserved better. The entire production minus the writing was vair sloppy, but it was the sound problems that really were the most noticeable. 

WIN: The Writers: Award show writing can be incredibly hit or miss. It was a stellar night for the writers, made even better by Sean Hayes' delivery,  and they should definitely be up for Emmys this year. 

FAIL: Stunt Casting: ScarJo, Catherine Zeta-Jones, AND Denzel Washington won in their respective categories, and maybe they were fantastic (CZJ's Tony performance of "Send In The Clowns" was terrible, in this theatre geek's opinion) but stunt casting rubs me the wrong way. Sometimes it can go swimmingly, if the actor/actress began in the theatre, but let's see...ScarJo's speech was instantly forgettable, Denzel forgot the NAME of the American Theater Wing, and CZJ made a sex joke. About Michael Douglas. Ewwwww. The speeches themselves were a huge fail, the wins, sadly for those actors who pound the pavement every day in NYC, were not surprising. Stars bring in the dough, and stunt casting isn't going anywhere. 

WIN: Memphis: The little show that could, that gets NO publicity to speak of.  I had never even heard of it before, but Jodifur saw it, loved it, and called it as the winner within the first five minutes of the broadcast, well done, Jodifur! The story of a Caucasian DJ who brought African American rock and roll to mainstream radio was a dark horse, plus it was completely original, with original songs, which can't be said for some (American Idiot, which got a GREAT deal of discussion both pro and con on the open thread)  and watching the cast and producers accept the Best Musical award would make a corpse grin. Speaking of corpses...

FAIL: The Addams Family: Nomination shut-out. Ouch. Outstanding speech by Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth as they presented the awards for Best Actor and Actress in a Musical, though, the category they WOULD have been nominated for, OUCH. That's just cold, dudes. Hysterical banter between the two, and they took the shun very well and with a lot of class, but the joke was at their expense, and that's just not fair. 

WIN: Bon Jovi: I KNOW! The keyboard player for the band, David Bryan, co-wrote Memphis, and looked like he was on cloud nine the whole show as it cleaned up at the awards (mostly non-televised, grr.)  Who woulda thought the words "Bon Jovi" and "Best Musical" would ever entwine? What DIDN'T mesh as well was...

FAIL: Green Day. Either Broadway isn't ready for punk rock or punk rock wasn't ready for Broadway, because they were sporadic in their nominations for American Idiot and lost the big 'un in the end, despite media overload. The new Rent it apparently, is not.  

So what did I miss? Hit the comments with your WIN/FAIL moments of fhe 2010 Tonys and don't forget your jazz hands!

Check out the full list of winners HERE

PS: I would speak more about the Best Play winner, Red, but I haven't seen it and my words would be lacking. It cleaned up, though, and is about the importance of art in the world, so...Bravo. There were also mixed feelings about Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele from Glee doing a filler performance, but I'm a huge Gleek, so I'm staying out of that argument. 

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Suzy Q

I only saw a little bit of this last night but I agree on the Stunt Casting: FAIL. These movie actors are, in my opinion, absolutely stealing Tonys from stage actors. It was almost painful to see, and I am sure, super-fucking-painful for those hard-working Broadway performers who were overlooked.

Also, Green Day is a punk rock band? Hmm...


I tried to join the open thread but realized that I'm on MST, so y'all were a good two hours ahead of me. Just Jack was great, CZJ was awful (perhaps she would have been more believable as Petra, though too old...), blech blech blech on Lea Michele (and OF COURSE I then had that song stuck in my head all night).

I loved Cheno's "acceptance" speech, when she said it was rare for her not to be nominated - once again proving her gift for comedic timing. Incidentally, OvationTV was showing Music Man starring her and Matthew Broderick at the same time - I didn't love her as Marian the Librarian like I thought I would.


Eddie Redmayne who won for his part in RED is a great British stage and film actor. "Elizabeth Golden Age" amongst other stellar performances. Everything I have read about the show is good.
Stunt casting pisses me off. How about people like John Lithgow who started on stage, went to screen, then back to stage. Or Chita and Patti who have been doing shows FOR...EV...ER they should be bigger draws than ScarJo. There was a great article on NYTimes.com about how Nathan Lane is one of a dying breed of Broadway actors those who can sing, dance, improvise, and act the hell out of a part. Jukebox musicals are, in this responders opinion, are hit and miss and I'm tired of them being the rage. The rare good ones, like FELA, are few and far between. NEW ORIGINAL MUSICALS PLLLLLLEEEEEAASSSEEE.


Dead on about everything. And I'm with you- I loved Lea Michelle being there. Instead of "A star who does broadway" (Scar-jo and her boobs, cough cough), she is a performer who crossed over. The sheer amount of talent in her little finger should have blasted CZJ off the stage.


Also- Christianne Noll got ROBBED. Another incredible, jaw-dropping performer overlooked because of stunt casting.

Sarah Lena

oooh, and @txtingmrdarcy, not only did Christianne get robbed, they didn't even give her a full song when they were showing the clips of the show! She only got to sing the second half of "Never Go Back to Before".. which really, REALLY did not set up the song well.

teh Duchess

I haven't had a chance to watch the full Tonys show yet and now, like with most of the superb Miss Banshee's recaps, now I know I don't really need to waste my time. Thanks, Miss B! Because - Ugh, Scar Jo? Won a Tony? NO FAIR. And yes, Addams Family was not fantastic but Nathan Lane! And BEBE! They are Broadway icons and the fact that CZJ got to perform and they didn't? Bizarro world. I mean, that's just nuts.

Also, it's Million Dollar Quartet, not Band and it's AMAZING! Seriously, if you are NOT a fan of stunt casting, go see this show. The talent is incredible! You will not be sorry.

Miss Banshee

@teh Duchess: MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET. I'm a maroon. Thanks for catching that, it's fixed now. *headdesk*


Off topic but I was checking out the Tony fashions at Project Rungay, looking at Katie Holmes dress & thought, "man! is Tom Cruise getting shorter?" Then I realized she was standing next to Harry Potter. Whoops. :)


I was a tad annoying during the open thread yelling Memphis every 5 minutes but really ya'all the show is so amazing and I'm so, so glad it won. As if you didn't know.


I thought that it was a MAJOR fail that they let ScarJo ramble on and on, but cut off the winners for Best Play and Best Musical because of time. I would rather have the show run over than cut off the people who deserved to win! ScarJo should have been played off the stage...


I didn't actually watch but the Hayes/Chenoweth kiss sounds like it was pretty awesome ;)


I didn't actually watch but the Hayes/Chenoweth kiss sounds like it was pretty awesome ;)

Amy (Not Amalah)

I watched and loved what I saw EXCEPT what was with the constantly moving/swinging camera work? I nearly got seasick watching it.


my 8 year olds were as annoyed as i was that CZJ kept swinging her head around.

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