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June 11, 2010

Is American Apparel Skeevier in Real Life Than It Is In Ads?

American-apparel-ad American Apparel has a new hiring practice in place that lets them weed out the ugly and out of shape. Apparently, all potential employees are now vetted by an unknown person (or team or people) via photographs emailed in with applications.  One photo of the applicant's face and one full body head-to-toe (not sideways) shot. Seems like an awful lot of potential degradation to go through for a job that pays 9(-ish) bucks an hour, doesn't it?  Oh, and EEeeeewwwWWW.


June 04, 2010

Kathy Griffin Wants An Emmy Nomination

Kathy-griffin-for-your-consideration-ad  Kathy Griffin took out one of those Emmy-nomination-grubbing "For Your Consideration"ads in The Hollywood Reporter, and it's actually pretty hilarious. 


June 03, 2010

Les Grossman and The MTV Movie Awards

Les-Grossman Remember Les Grossman?  The best part of Tropic Thunder?  He's hawking the MTV Movie Awards.  Brilliantly, I might add.


May 20, 2010

2012 Summer Olympics: Filled With Tea And Crumpets And Creepy, One-Eyed Aliens

Olympics-mascots The official mascots for the 2012 Olympics have been revealed.  Something about having one giant camera eye.  I...am so afraid.


May 13, 2010

iPhone Advertisement Hurt My Feelings

Iphone-chicken  I love my iPhone unapologetically. I literally take it to bed with me. I read books on it before I go to sleep. That being said, the current iPhone ad really pisses me off.


April 29, 2010

FOX and ABC Still Hate Plus-Sized People

Lane-bryant-ashley-graham-bra-ad-underwear-lingerieFOX and ABC got caught being prejudiced again. The last time I wrote about them it was about how they wouldn't run a gay dating commercial. This time, ABC refused to air a Lane Bryant commercial because it showed too much cleavage.

(commercial after the jump)


April 27, 2010

Remember the Mascots

Trix-rabbit Do you remember the days of mascots? What happened to them, where did they go and why have we been left behind? Did they all get picked up by aliens and taken to a better place? Perhaps! Then again, perhaps the mascots simply died off in some kind of mascot holocaust.


April 19, 2010

Really??!! Apparently We're 'Generation Mix' Now

New-generation-mix  If I were to make a list today of the top three things I hate, in the order of how much I hate them, it would go something like this: 1. Cucumbers; 2. Hitler; 3. Consumer market research. 

That's right: I hate market research only slightly less than mass murder. Apparently, unsatisfied with the equally arbitrary categories of "Generation X" and "Millennials"  market researchers have made up a hybrid term for 24-34 year-olds: GenMix.


April 07, 2010

Bristol Palin Wants Poor Girls to Know That They Shouldn't Have Sex Like She Did Because They're Poor

Bristol-palin Bristol Palin, daughter of Sarah Palin, former Republican nominee for Vice President of the United States in 2008, and public face of wealthy teen motherhood, wants you to know something: 

It's okay for girls with money and famous mothers to have baby's outside of wedlock, but if you're poor and unknown, you had better think twice, or "pause before you play", as she terms it in a recent PSA.


March 01, 2010

Domino's "New And Improved" Pizza: Snarky Amber Investigates

The_noid Yes, I am reviewing a pizza. And this is totally relevant to pop culture (*waves to overlords*) because those friggin' Dominos commercials are incessant, commercials are pop culture, and I really don't want to write about Lindsay Lohan today. 


February 09, 2010

Madonna's Louis Vuitton Ads: 'Shopped All To Heck

Madonna_photoshoppedI guess it's not terribly surprising that those behind Louis Vuitton's Fall ad campaign featuring Madonna chose to apply photoshop liberally to these images. See why after the jump.


February 08, 2010

Pajama Jeans - For When Casual Friday Just Isn't Casual Enough

Picture 10 I have often wished I could go out in my pajamas in public, but silly pride has gotten in the way every time. Now, thanks to Pajama Jeans, there is a solution to my quandary!


February 01, 2010

CBS Can't Handle Gay Dating Commercial

Cbs_sucks_teddy_bear CBS, who has decided to run Tim Tebow's anti-abortion ad during the Super Bowl has rejected an ad from a gay dating site called Man Crunch because it "does not meet broadcast standards".

I think it is kind of funny. Watch for yourself.


January 06, 2010

LOST's Last Supper Promo Photos

Lost_last_supper2 ...And then, just when I thought I'd freed myself from its skull-crushing pain and torment (LOMGST!), ABC goes and releases two promotional images for the new season of LOST (starting February 2nd! Mark your calendars!), and makes my brain all owie and hurty... AGAIN.


January 04, 2010

"The Naked Truth": Most Women Don't Look Like THIS Either

Model_1 The cover of the February 2010 issue of the Australian edition of Marie Claire magazine features 2004's Miss Universe -- Aussie Jennifer Hawkins -- in what they're calling an "un-retouched nude photo... to encourage positive attitudes [regarding] body image" in women.



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