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June 11, 2008

What the hottest dude in literature really looked like


No, it’s not a new cast member on the "Beverly Hills 90210 ver. 2.0” and it’s not Paris Hilton’s new boyfriend; it’s some dead dude from the Olden Days for whom one of the best romance authors ever had mad hots. For $50k you can own one of only two (and rarely seen) portraits of Thomas Lefroy, the man alleged to have inspired Jane Austen’s famous character Fitzwilliam Darcy.

The portrait goes on sale next week at a British antiques fair and has reignited the speculation regarding the love affair between Lefroy and Austen.


March 21, 2008

Friday Time Suck, Courtesy of YouTube!

Youtube_grab You definitely want to go over to check out the 2007 YouTube Video Award winners. There are only twelve categories and it's Friday so you can probably blow off your last hour of work for some classic Web diversion -- that is, it will take an hour only if you don't watch all the runners-up.

I don't know which is my favorite: Human Tetris (winner in the Creative category) or the entire Eyewitness category, with everything from fires to lightening striking to a truly horrifying video of a student getting tasered.

After the jump, a cute one called "How We Met."


December 24, 2007

A Major Award


Behead the snowmen, dismember the Santas, tear Rudolph's nose from his face, cut down the trees. Those tired cookies are so last week. This year, surprise your guests by making an icon from America's favorite Christmas movie. That's right, ladies, I'm talking about leg lamp cookies.


November 10, 2007

Your Friend The Rat

This completely awesome 11-minute long featurette from the DVD of Pixar's "Ratatouille" is perhaps the single best piece of animation I've seen in years. Combining animation styles from the past fifty or more years, it's gorgeous, joyful, and edumacational to boot! You gotta watch it, for serious. Please to enjoy, with mah compliments, betches!

October 11, 2007

I Swear I Don't Even HAVE Photoshop.


And so even if I'd wanted to, I couldn't have fabricated that picture.  What in tarnation is going on here, you ask?  I'll tell you on the other side of the jump.


August 24, 2007

It Ain't Your Grandma's Art...Anymore


Meet the art of Eddie Breen, piggyback artist!

No, no, he doesn't paint the backs of pigs, although that would be kind of cool (with pig-safe paint, of course).

Piggyback art means that Breen "takes paintings that he considers boring or incomplete, and inserts nuns, flying jesuses, flame people, or demons, changing the meaning of the composition in ways to suit his visions, to co opt the elements and create his own worlds." 


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