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November 23, 2009

Robert Pattinson Might Sparkle, But He Also Stinks

250px-EdwardCullen Oh, RPatz. You crafty thing, you. Robert Pattinson has devised a plan to keep the paparazzi at bay, and it involves offending the shnozz. 


November 19, 2009

Robert Pattinson On This Morning's "Today" Show

Screen-capture Okay, he's freaking adorable.


November 09, 2009

Robert Pattinson is No Edward Cullen

Picture 1 Yes, I understand that Robert Pattinson IS Edward Cullen. I've seen Twilight, I read the internets, I can interpret IMDB, but what I am telling you is that Pattinson isn't the guy that wants to watch you sleep.


October 08, 2009

Rick Springfield to Cameo on Californication

CalifornicationThe third season of Showtime's Californication premiered a few weeks ago and, not surprisingly, Hank Moody's antics have already made for many cringe-worthy moments. Karen is working at her dream job in New York, Hank landed himself a teaching gig at a university after pushing the original instructor right the hell off the wagon, Runkle is trying to get back into Marcy's good graces and the agency industry after his pr0n career and pr0n girlfriend failed miserably, and Becca is navigating the extremely choppy waters of adolescence made even more turbulent by her wacky parents.


October 06, 2009

Glee Boys Do Bon Jovi

Glee1 So, the other week, Glee turned me into a lip-synching fool with the Beyonce tune "Single Ladies." This week, apparently, it's going to turn me into a giggly, squeeing Bon Jovi fan.

There are worse things, I suppose.


September 14, 2009

The VMAs: Win Vs. Fail, When Win = New Moon Trailer And Fail = Kanye

Kanye-taylor Whooooooooa buddy, were the VMAs out of control this year. By now everyone's heard about Kanye's douchebaggery, but trust me, that wasn't the only OMG moment, by far. There were a lot of missteps at the VMAs, as there are every year, but there also were some highlights, so let's go through the show and dissect the chaos, shall we?


September 09, 2009

Friday Eye Candy: Super Special Wednesday Cougar Bait Edition!

Friday_eye_candyBecause why wait until Friday to contemplate cougar bait?Stefania (aka CityMama) and Cat (aka BadKitty) are loud and proud 40whatevers and clever girls, and their taste in young men, as you'll see, sometimes runs to the controversial (note well - nary a Cullen among their choices. I KNOW.) Herewith, courtesy of Stefania and Cat: cougar bait!

Take it away, ladies...

You know what's creepier than being 40-whatever and having crushes on men half our age? NOTHING! And yet, thanks to Anne Bancroft, who was younger than we are now when she vamped it up as Mrs. Robinson (best. hair. ever.), we think it's okay to admit  that we're crushin' just a little bit (we're not proud, okay?) on these dudes. Dudes who are so young, so pretty...and in 4 out of 5 cases, so incredibly puerile and vapid that we just...just want them to shut up and look pretty. 


September 08, 2009

Evan Rachel Wood and Alexander Skarsgard Are Dating. We Think.

Alexander-skarsgard01I won't lie. This news made me cry and throw things a little bit this morning. Word on the street is that Evan Rachel Wood and Alexander Skarsgard are dating.


September 01, 2009

Team Jacob Asserts Its Right To Bare Arms

Team-jacob-poster Yeah. I just don't get Team Jacob at all.

I have nothing against Taylor Lautner, who I'm sure will make a fine Jacob in the upcoming New Moon movie, but really: the Jacob part of that whole story is ONE BIG SNORE. Like, seriously. PAGES AND PAGES OF SNORE.

So when Teen Vogue (which, no, not a reader, but still) insists that Taylor Lautner's performance will convert me to Team Jacob, I'm more or less inclined to roll my eyes.


August 24, 2009

Regarding Your Expected Mad Men Recap

Due to unanticipated technical difficulties today's Mad Men recap will actually be tomorrow's Mad Men recap. We apologize for any inconvenience or distress this delay may cause you, the Mad Men-loving public.

In the interim, please enjoy this humorous sketch comedy video featuring delicious Jon Hamm:

August 17, 2009

Kid Fined $50 For A Lemonade Stand, Celebs Still Go Unpunished

Edward cullen It's something out of a Dickensian novel: A kid sets up a lemonade stand in NYC's Riverside Park on a summer day, and the Parks Police comes and shuts her down, fining her $50. Fifty clams for 5 bucks worth of lemonade, man. Outrageous. Now I could tell you about a thousand things you could run into in NYC on any given day that are worth a $50 fine. Hell, I could tell you about a thousand things just in Riverside Park that are worth a $50 fine (young couple under the picnic blanket? Everyone knows what you're doing. Same goes for you, oh-so-casual pot dealers.) But since this is MamaPop, the mecca of your pop culture needs, I have come up with a list of five people who more deserve a monetary fine more than little Clementine Lee, who just wanted to make a buck selling some lousy lemonade.

This one's for you, Clemmie. And I might use some bad language, but let's face it, you're a budding beverage mogul in NYC. At ten years old I'm sure you've heard it all before. We shall cover everyone from Ed Hardy and his t-shirts to Robert Pattinson's eyebrows, so tuck in. A $50 fine goes to the following:


August 14, 2009

Open Thread - Mad Men Season Three: The Anticipation Is Killing Me


If you're anything like me, right about now you're re-arranging the living room furniture, polishing the television set, preparing a variety of delicious chips & dips, and counting down the minutes until this Sunday night's premiere of the third glorious season of AMC's Mad Men. [fans self with hand dramatically]

Do you think Don Draper would prefer a three cheese or creamy spinach dip? Hmm?

Yesss mah presshussss, I -- your resident Mad Men recapper -- am chomping at the proverbial bit so hard that I feel I must, for the good of all humankind and the sanity of my loved ones, who are SICK OF TALKING ABOUT THAT STUPID SHOW ALREADY JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY, provide a space for my fellow Mad Men lovers to gush openly without fear of being shamed, judged, or ridiculed. SO.

What are you most looking forward to this season? What theories do you have about what will happen this season? What do you HOPE happens or doesn't happen? Which are your favorite characters? Who would you most like to have a drink with? What characters can't you stand? Who would you most like to punch in the neck? Why are you so obsessed with this show, anyway? Does it make you want to start smoking (again)? Is Jon Hamm my sekrit boyfriend? (The answer to that last one, just so you know, is YES.) Huh huh huh? OMG OMG OMG!1!!!

Please to commence with the shameless fangirl/fanboy squeeing in comments. We're all friends here, this is a safe space.

Hold me?


August 13, 2009

Worst News Ever: Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger ARE Dating

Bradley-cooper-renee-zellweger-spain-2 Well, it turns out that Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger are an item after all. Sure they haven't made an official announcement, but they're getting awfully cozy on their getaway to Spain, and there's photos and video to prove it. Plus, why else would I be laying in bed all day crying and swigging vodka while wrapped in my 'Hangover' poster?

I didn't really give much thought to Bradley Cooper until I saw him in 'The Hangover.' After I watched him in all his bad-boy hotness, I became a huge fan and proclaimed him the greatest actor of all time. Then I had his face tattooed on my back, changed my middle name to Mrs. Cooper and commissioned a sculptor to do a life-sized bronze of Bradley that I've turned into a shrine in my backyard. Some people think I've gone overboard and should back off, but I say if you're going to let a stupid restraining order get in your way then it isn't really love.


August 12, 2009

Some Vampire Eric Northman for Your Hump Day

Alexander_skarsgard Based on comments on the True Blood recaps over the past couple of weeks, everyone seems to agree that the character of Eric, played by Swede Alexander Skarsgard, has grown immensely.


July 31, 2009

Why Mark-Paul Gosselaar, aka Zack Morris was, Continues to be Cool

Markpaul_gosselaar Jimmy Fallon has been hoping for a "Saved By the Bell" reunion, and aside from some photos in a tabloid magazine, he hasn't gotten his wish. 

Renewed interest in the series and its stars prompted Dustin Diamond, who played Screech, from threatening the cast with a sordid tell-all book about their times filming the show. It's sort of sad, really: boy is a nerd, boy plays nerd on television, boy grows up and releases a grody sex tape of himself that no one buys, boy threatens former cast mates with a trumped-up book as a desperate attempt to maintain a shred of relevancy in a society that moved on without him a long time ago. 

Mark-Paul Gosselaar was asked about the Diamond tell-all in an interview with Newsweek, to which he responded in his trademark-cool Zack Morris fashion.


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