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June 15, 2010

"Full Measure": Season Finale of Breaking Bad [Recraps]

Breaking-Bad-Finale-Episode-13-Walt-Mike-Small  We're back, Palinode and I, to recap the season finale of Breaking Bad, only this time we're joined by the esteemed gentleman who actually needs no introduction.  At the table with us exchanging enthusiastic comments about AMC's popular series Breaking Bad starring Emmy-award winning actor Bryan Cranston is DJ Charlie Ann, famed deejay and master mixer of the underground children's house/trance scene and pornographic astrologist to the stars.  We're so not worthy!

Join us, as we breathlessly dissect the entire episode down to every single one of its cells.  That is to say, get comfy.  


April 20, 2010

Breaking Bad: Episode 4 "Mas"

Episode-5-Jesse-Pinkman-Aaron-Paul This episode was about temptation – the lure of “Mas”. Skyler is tempted by the promise of luxury, or at least comfort and material ease. Walt is tempted by Gus with the shiny new lab. Jesse is shown giving in to temptation wholesale at the strip club. And of course, the consequences of giving into temptation are shown when Hank tracks down a connection between Jesse, the RV and some fake boobs. Fake boobs will get you every time. 

Especially fake boobs with star pasties.


April 05, 2010

Breaking Bad Episode 3: "I.F.T."


This week: Walt moves back in.  Skyler objects with her entire body.  Hank starts going off the deep end.  Jesse mopes. Everyone struggles for power.  The link between Gustavo and the Death Twinz of Death is revealed.


March 29, 2010

Breaking Bad: Episode 302 - "Caballo Sin Nombre": Stacy and Palinode Put a [Re]cap in Someone's Arse

Breaking Bad Episode 302 Bryan Cranston Wherein Stacy and Palinode shoot the shit about Breaking Bad.  Shoot the meth would be a better pun, but our moms read this. And I don't want her knowing about my meth problem.

This week: Walt attempts to leave the drug business behind and reunite his family.  Jesse leaves rehab and totally p3wns his parents.  Hank is totally clueless. Skyler faces perfidy and corruption at home and work.  The silent guys from Mexico with skull-capped boots arrive in Albuquerque.  They have an axe.


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